All For You Children in Action PowerPoint presentation

Introduction to
Children in ActionSM
What is Children in Action?
CA is a fun-filled,
missions organization
for girls and boys in
grades 1–6 that helps
children develop
spiritually toward a
missional lifestyle.
In Children in Action, children learn:
• a biblical worldview that encompasses the
• ways to demonstrate the love of Christ to
• how God is working around the world.
• that they are a part of God’s plan.
Children in Action Motto
Send Me!
Children in Action Pledge
As a member of Children in Action,
I will pray for missions,
give to missions,
learn about missions,
and do missions
through the power of Christ.
Children in Action Scripture
I can do everything by the
power of Christ. He gives
me strength.
—Philippians 4:13 (NIrV)
Basis for Children in Action
• The foundation of Children in Action is the
meetings. Here, children journey together as
they learn about and do missions with their
• The yearly curriculum is designed to give
children a broad view of how God is working
through missions around the world.
• Children discover a variety of missions needs
and ministries. They participate in projects that
make a difference in their communities and
around the world.
Getting Started: Step One
This is the guide for starting
Children in Action.
One book per leader is
Children in Action Leader
This is the leader guide to
weekly teaching plans. It
includes activity posters
and banners.
One guide needed per
Children in Action Leader
• Children in Action Leader provides
monthly plans for Children in Action
groups to learn about a different missions
• Sessions provide ideas for leading all
children, grades 1–6.
• Sessions encourage children to learn
about and actively participate in missions
opportunities at home and around the
Children in Action Leader
• Includes
session plans
interactive games
. and much more!
Session One
Introduces the biblical basis
of the month’s topic:
What does the Bible say?
Session Two
Introduces the need being addressed by one
of the month’s featured missionaries:
What is the need?
Session Three
Introduces the need being addressed by the
second featured missionary:
What is the need?
Session Four
Provides a project (a hands-on ministry idea)
related to the unit:
How can I help meet this need or a
similar need in my own
What does a
Children in Action
lesson look like?
Each lesson is only a
page long and is
planned to be
presented in a 45
minute – one hour
The opening is a fun,
introductory activity that
utilizes posters from the
curriculum or common
classroom materials
found in many churches.
It is designed to get a
child’s attention and
draw him or her into the
Story Time
Using posters provided
in CA Leader, leaders
can teach children
about current work
happening on the
missions field in North
America and around
the world.
Closing activities wrap
up the lesson with a
closing thought, craft,
or movement activity
that helps a child
remember what he or
she has learned.
Prayer time
A simple prayer
suggestion closes
each week’s
Missions Expedition
This is the individualized
achievement plan for
Children in Action.
One book is needed per
Children can work on
missions projects during
the fourth week’s lessons
each month or at their
own pace.
Missions Expedition
• This optional plan is designed for use
once every month. Missions Expedition
helps leaders customize projects that help
children grow spiritually and mature in
their understanding of missions.
• Badges are awarded upon completion.
Getting Started: Step 3
• WMU® provides every church with tools to plan
and promote Children in Action. These include:
WMU Year Book 2014–2015
personal consultation and training through state
WMU offices
Social Media Connections
Planning for 2014–2015
State WMU Offices
• Each state has a WMU office that will provide
training and consulting to churches and
• Many states provide state or regional
• Use the contact information at to contact your state WMU
Getting Started: Part 4
Children in Action Extras
See Children in Action Guide for Leaders and or for more
information about the following resources:
All For You Promotion Pack (2014–2015)
Children’s Ministry DayTM
Identity Items
Missions idea books for church and home
Children in Action Resources
• To order a subscription to
• Children in Action Leader, call WMU
Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301 or
Thank you for viewing this
For additional assistance, send us
an email at [email protected]

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