BIOMOD-2015 - Dresden DNAmic

Febuary 3rd, 2015 – Competition Overview and Tips
Review of what is BIOMOD
• BIOMOD – Biomolecular Design Competition
hosted by Wyss Institute at Harvard University and
organized by Shawn Douglas
• Competitors typically make us of DNA/RNA
structures to create novel technologies, i.e. DNA
nanotechnology and DNA origami
2014 Winners
1st – Team EchiDNA
2nd – Dresden DNAmic
2013 Winners
1st – Team LMU
2nd – Team Dresden
Judging Criteria
• Relevance: Has the team made a strong case that their project
idea is scientifically and/or technologically interesting? (5 points)
• Specification: Are the project goals well-defined? (i.e. Does the
team explicitly state what criteria need to be met in order to
consider the project a success?) (5 points)
• Feasibility: Was the proposed solution feasible? (i.e. Was it
reasonable to expect that the solution could be implemented by a
BIOMOD team in one summer?) (5 points)
• Merit: Is the proposed solution a good one? Is it particularly
elegant or innovative? (5 points)
• January–March: Team organizers should recruit team members: post flyers
and email announcements, interview interested students, and send
notifications early while everyone is still finalizing their summer plans.
• April–May: Register your team. Students should begin independent
background reading to start learning about topics that may interest them.
Organize brainstorming meetings to determine project topic.
• June–August: Do the project! Also, start planning the YouTube video as
early as possible. Book travel arrangements and apply for Visas if necessary
• September–October: Complete project wiki, video, and presentation.
Register for Jamboree.
Good Project!!
• What??
• How??
Project Deliverables
• Wiki
• Video
• Presentation
• Clear idea
• Comic
• Software
Should not follow the IDEAL pattern
How to finance your project?
Materials vs. Money:
• Contact companies by phone.
• Most companies give specific materials for free/discount.
• Ask your supervisor/group leader if they have contacts.
• Most institutes let you use their instruments for free.
• Cash money is more difficult but possible.
Institutional sponsors in Dresden:
Biotec, Cfaed, DIGS-BB, CRTD, GFF, (Stura), ((Forschungspool))
-> present in group leader meeting (start of every month), be prepared..
TU Dresden Accounts
• You need a PSP-Element account for donations!
• Contact Biotec Administration early! (Experience, PSP account available).
• Ask for donations not for sponsoring (includes taxation, contracts).
• You need to fill out TU Dresden forms in German.
• Make sure you use the money in agreement with TU Dresden rules.
• Keep all receits (eg. Boarding passes) + Bank transfer statements.
Reimbursement is slow! The clearer your documents, the faster!
People who know about Biomod
• Biotec: Juliane Hoth and Andrea Dünnebier
• Cfaed: Susann Gierth and Tatjana Sereda
• TU Dresden: Kati Almai
How to choose your team?
Unfortunately this year restriction to 8 students.
Less students -> better coordination -> less travel costs
Suggestion: Define positions and find the most motivated people for it.
(Eg. 3 Experimentals, 1 Modeller, 1 Designer, 1 Organisator
Exclusion criterion: Available in summer holidays.., responsibility.., time..

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