Connected Chapter 9

Chapter 9
The Whole is Great
Since the Beginning…
Since the beginnings of human civilization, connections have
shaped and aided our development as a race.
Even the Bible refers to
the strength of ties in
passages like the Tower
of Babylon and the
story of Jericho.
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Since the Beginning…
Theorists from Hobbes to Rousseau have speculated about “social
contracts” and what would make the best form of human interaction.
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The Human Superorganism
By joining together, humans are
able to accomplish feats otherwise
unimaginable, just like ants
cooperate to make an ant hill.
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The Human Superorganism
Cooperation is key.
Networks of cooperation can lead to self-sustaining “organisms,”
whether it be cells in a human body or human bodies in a
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The Human Superorganism
With this cooperation, networks can do great things.
However, the power and influence of networks can also be
On balance, the impact of networks is for the good of us all.
Habitat for Humanity Volunteers
Shoes taken from victims
during World War 2
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Social Network Inequality
The connections we have with others can influence us to do
many things from giving more to charity to stealing a car.
Our connections depend on where we are located in our social
There is “positional inequality” -- not because of who we are but
because of who we are connected to.
Social Network Inequality
If you are connected to the right people,
you may have opportunities to get jobs,
gifts, or other extra benefits.
If you are connected to others you could
be influenced to commit crimes or eat
unhealthy food.
Position matters.
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Social networks seem to have so much power and influence
over us…
But remember:
Social networks are not just about the influence other have
over us, but also about the effect we have on others!

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