2014 Tinker Bell
Packet Pick-Up Authorization Form
(Please Print Your Full Name)
( Please Print Your Bib Number)
I have made every effort to pick up my own race packet, but am unable to do so.
I authorize:
(Print name of person you are authorizing to pick up your items.)
to pick up my Race Bib, Participant Shirt, gEAR Bag, and, if applicable,
my pre-purchased Commemorative Items.
I have provided my representative with:
A copy of my valid drivers license or photo identification card; and
My original signed event waiver (which I certify I personally signed);
and I further authorize my Representative to surrender such copy of my valid
drivers license or photo identification card and original signed event waiver to
Disney without further limitation, approval or consent. I understand that Disney is
relying on the foregoing authorizations and agree to indemnify and hold harmless
Disney for any damages associated with such authorizations and/or as a result of
Disney’s reliance on such authorizations to its detriment.
My Representative is aware that he/she must present their own valid photo ID in
order to pick up my race items.
(Signature of Race Participant)
(Signature of Representative)

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