EES & Port Capacity Project Environmental Management

Port Capacity Project
PLG Meeting No. 2
Environmental Management - 1998 EES and PCP
Presentation Overview
1. Webb Dock EES Project Scope
2. Webb Dock EES Process
3. PCP Project Scope
4. PCP Approvals Process
5. PCP Environmental Management Plan
6. PCP EMP Themes, Controls and Monitoring
1998 EES Project Scope
Dredging volume
1,500,000m3 (Webb Dock)
1,300,000m3 (West Gate Terminal)
Berthworks at WDE, WDW and Yarra River (West Gate
Construction of new roads
Waterside Rd (west of WD)
Dockside Rd and possible extension northward to
the M1, to signalised intersections
Buffers and screening
Removal of saltmarsh
Possible Dockside Road
extension to signalised
West Gate Terminal
(berths 1 and 2) and
dredging 1.3million m3
Coastal trade
Removal of saltmarsh
and dredging
1.5million m3
Car import/export
Webb Dock West
(berths 1, 2 and 3)
Container berths
Waterside Road
PCP Scope
Dredging volume
1,800,000m3 (Webb Dock)
Berthworks at WDE, WDW
Construction of new roads
Dockside Rd extension
New road along the northern boundary of precinct with
connecting road to coastal trade
Reintroduction of container terminal at WDE 4 and 5
Expanded automotive terminal and associated PDI
Provision of empty container storage and off dock terminal
Buffers and screening
Removal of saltmarsh
PCP Approvals Process
Approvals – Environment
• Coastal Management Act 1995 ( Vic) Consent
• Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwlth) Referral
Approvals – Planning
• Applicable planning schemes are the Port of Melbourne Planning Scheme and Melbourne Planning Scheme
• Approvals to be obtained under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic)
PCP does not trigger the requirements for an EES, as outlined in the Ministerial Guidelines for assessment of environmental effects under the
Environment Effects Act 1978 (2006)
PoMC has received confirmation letters from the current and former Minister for Planning that there is no requirement for EES or SEES and that
the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (Vic) is the appropriate mechanism for approval
• November 2009 from (former) Minister for Planning
• July 2012 from Minister for Planning
Coastal Management Act 1995 (Vic)
PoMC will submit a consent application under the Coastal Management Act 1995 (Vic)
Conditions of consent will include:
• Development of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
• To be approved by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change (or delegate)
PCP EMP is informed by:
98 Webb Dock EES
- Technical studies
CDP and Maintenance Programs
- Independent Panel
- Minister’s Assessment
- CDP 2008-2009
- Maintenance 20092011
- Maintenance (South
Channel) 2012
PCP Technical Studies
- Airborne noise
- Underwater noise
- Marine ecology
- Hydrodynamics and
- Flora and fauna
- Visual Amenity
- Air
- Traffic
- Cultural Heritage
- Marine sediments
- Vibration
Risk Assessment
Legal Framework
- Environmental
Risk Assessment
- EPA regulations and policies
(noise, waste, groundwater etc.)
- OH&S Acts and Regulations
- Planning and Environment Act
- Coastal Management Act
- Environment Protection and
Biodiversity Conservation Act
- Secondary approvals
Key themes:
• Dredging and marine environment
• Berthworks and construction activities
• Noise
EMP Controls:
• Consistent with the principles of CDP,
• Proven, effective and specific
EMP Monitoring:
• Monitoring during construction and
post-construction phase
• Environmental Monitoring (noise)
• Air
• Process Monitoring
• Perce White Reserve
• Management Performance Monitoring
• Westgate Park
• Independent third party monitoring of
• Visual and acoustic buffers and screens
• Saltmarsh
• Seagrass
• Community liaison
implementation of EMP

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