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Waitlisting Tutorial
What is Waitlisting?
Waitlisting is a Web self-service feature that provides students the ability to sign
up on a list to wait for an open seat in a class that is full.
Waitlisting will be available to students until 10 p.m. on the evening prior to the
start of the semester.
Waitlisting provides many advantages to students, instructors and administrators:
 Convenient for students by sending an email notification when a seat becomes
available and registration can be done online. Seats will be offered on a firstcome, first-served basis.
 Helpful to instructors by eliminating the need to manually sign students into a
full class before the first day of class.
 Useful for administrators by allowing them to track the demand for certain
courses and better manage curriculum offerings.
Waitlisting Overview
 Students who attempt to register for a class that is full may put themselves on a
waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis, if the course offers that option. Not
all courses will offer this option.
 When an open seat becomes available, an email will be sent to the rocket email
address of the next student on the waiting list.
 The student will have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to go online and
add the class. During this 24-hour time period, the student can add and drop
the waitlisted class by selecting the Add or Drop Classes link in the portal.
 After the 24 hours has expired, if the student did not register for the waitlisted
class, the next student on the waiting list will be notified and have 24 hours to
add the course.
 Registration Holds will prevent the student from adding a waitlisted class, even
if the student receives the notification email.
Waitlisting Instructions
 Log into the myUT portal at myut.utoledo.edu
Enter UTAD
username and
Waitlisting Instructions
 From the Student Tab, click Look Up Classes in the My Toolkit section
 Select the Term and Click Submit
Waitlisting Instructions
 Select Subject/Course details and Click Class Search
Waitlisting Instructions
Cap: Number of students that can register for the class
Act: Actual number of students registered for the class
Rem: Remaining seats available
WL Cap: Number of student permitted on the waitlist
WL Act: Number of students already on the waitlist
WL Rem: Number of seats still available on the waitlist
Waitlisting Instructions
 Write down the CRN for the class you want to waitlist
 Click Add to Worksheet button
 Type the CRN you wrote down into the CRN box
 Click Submit Changes
Waitlisting Instructions
 After you click submit changes, the screen will indicate “Registration Add
Waitlisting Instructions
 Click on the drop down box
 Select Waitlist
 Click Submit Changes
Waitlisting Instructions
 After submitting your changes you will be able to view the classes for which you
are registered and waitlisted.
Indicates you
are on the wait
Waitlist Positions
 Once a seat becomes available, the student at the top of the waitlist receives an
email notification in his/her rocket email address.
 The student has 24 hours to register for provided he/she has no registration
holds or course restrictions.
Waitlist Sample Email
Deadline to register for
the course.
You requested to be waitlisted for CRN 34112 History 1010 section 001 and a seat is now available.
You must officially register for this class no later than 29-NOV-2011 04:00 PM. If you receive this notification less
than 24 hours before the first day of instruction you must officially add this class no later than midnight of the
first day of class.
To officially register for this class:
1. Go to myut.utoledo.edu
2. Log in to the portal using your UTAD username and password
Sample of waitlist
3. Go to the Student tab, My Toolkit, Register/Drop/Withdraw Classes link
4. Select Term and click Submit
5. Select "Register" in the Action box
6. Click the "Submit Changes" button
Any registration holds that you may have on your student account will prevent you from registering for this class.
If you fail to take action, you will automatically be removed from the WAITLIST on 29-NOV-2011 04:00 PM.
The University of Toledo Registrar
[email protected]
Register For Previously Waitlisted Class
 Log into the myUT portal (myut.utoledo.edu)
 From the Student Tab, MyToolkit, click Register/Drop/Withdraw Courses
 Click the drop down arrow on the waitlisted class
 Select **Web Registered**
 Click Submit Changes
 Please check that your registration changes were processed successfully
Drop Waitlisted Course
 Click the drop down arrow on the waitlisted class
 Select Web Drop/Delete
 Click Submit Changes
 Read the page carefully to ensure your registration changes were processed
Waitlisting Additional Details
When you receive a waitlist email notifying you that you can now add the
waitlisted class, there are specific steps you must take:
Verify that you have no registration holds on your student account that would
prevent you from registering.
Are you already registered for the same class but a different section? If so, you
need to drop the section you are in so the waitlisted section can be added.
Register for the waitlisted section before the deadline given in the email
notification. If you fail to take action, you will automatically be removed from
the waitlist.
Are you waitlisted for other sections or courses that you no longer want?
PLEASE drop any unwanted waitlisted courses so other students can move up
on the waitlist.
Waitlist Summary
 Log into the myUT portal.
 Be sure that any Registration Holds are cleared as soon as possible to prevent
any registration problems.
 Register for classes.
If classes are full, add yourself to a waitlist.
IMPORTANT: To be added to the waitlist for a class, you must meet all
course requirements and restrictions (i.e., class level, co- and pre-reqs,
minimum test scores, etc.)
 Check your rocket email at least once a day to watch for a waitlist notification.
 When you receive a waitlist notification, register for the course within the 24
hour window or drop the course so another student can have the seat.
 Please be courteous to other students and do not remain on the waitlist of
a course you have decided not to take.

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