February 13, 2013

WP3: 3D Internet
Professor Timo Ojala
University of Oulu
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
MediaTeam Oulu research group
Feb 13, 2013
NIMO (Nordic Interaction and Mobility Research Platform)
• http://www.nimoproject.org
• Timespan: 6/2011 – 5/2014 (36 months)
• Consortium
• Luleå University of Technology, Sweden (LTU) (coordinator)
• University of Oulu, Finland (UO)
• University of Lapland, Finland (UL)
• Total budget: 1.45 MEUR
• Main public financier: Interreg IV A Nord program
• UO budget: 285 kEUR
• Co-funders: BusinessOulu, OBP Research Ltd.
UO objectives
• Open 3D virtual model of Oulu
city centre (”Oulu3D”)
• Pervasive city game for youth
”Open 3D Internet City Laboratory” project
• UO gave Prof. Ojala 598500 EUR strategic research infrastructure
grant ”Open 3D Internet City Laboratory”
• With 25% co-funding total budget is 798000 EUR
• Small part of the co-funding is contributed the NIMO project
• Grant is facilitated by the groundbreaking work done in the NIMO project
• Three objectives to be implemented in 2013-2014
• Expansion of the Oulu3D model
• Add 40 blocks to the high fidelity city model
• Create low fidelity regional model
• Create indoor models of selected buildings
• Design and implement functionalities and interfaces supporting
research use of the model
• Purchase equipment supporting research use of the model
• Internal and external calls for use cases (scenarios) for the model in JanFeb 2013
”Open UBI Oulu” FIRI 2013 funding application
• Academy of Finland’s call for updating the Finnish research
infrastructure roadmap 2013
• Infrastructures selected to the FIRI roadmap get substantial funding in
2014-2019 (25% matching funding)
• Two stage call
• Stage 1: Plan of intent (6 pages, Feb 2012)
• Reviewed by the national FIRI committee
• Stage 2: Full application (20 pages, May 2012)
• Reviewed by international panel
• Oulu3D virtual model is one of the infrastructures included in
the ”Open UBI Oulu” application
NIMO: UO project team
• Leader: Professor Timo Ojala
• Project team on NIMO’s payroll
Research assistant Daniele Zanni
Research assistant Toni Alatalo (75%)
Graphical designer Teijo Räty (part-time)
Trainee Lasse Annola (5-8/2012, partly supported by government traineeship
• Program manager Marika Leskelä
• Project secretary Elvi Hiltunen
NIMO: Advisory group
Kari Autio, UO/CIE
Janne Heikkilä, UO/CSE
Seamus Hickey, UO/CIE
Tommi Hollström, Adminotech
Jonna Häkkilä, UO/CIE
Jussi Kangasoja, OUAS
Jarmo Laitinen, City of Oulu / Center of Youth Affairs
Uki Lahtinen, City of Oulu / Technical Centre
Tony Manninen, Ludocraft
Ville Mickelsson, Cyberlightning
Juhani Miettunen, Oulu3D
Pekka Nisula, OUAS
Ilpo Okkonen, Oulu3D
Jyrki Okkonen, Oulu3D
Johannes Peltola, VTT
Harri Pesola, CubiCasa
Jani Pirkola, Cyberlightning / realXtend Foundation
Jukka Riekki, UO/CSE
Mika Sorvisto, CENTRIA
Christian Sundell, Business Oulu
Eero Tervo, Evocons
NIMO: UO WP3 objective #3-1: Oulu3D
• Joint initiative to build open interactive 3D virtual model of
downtown Oulu atop the realXtend platform
• Outdoor modeling of selected blocks
• Indoor modeling of selected key buildings
• Hosting of the model in public Internet
• Division of activities
Data (photographs, blueprints, laser scanning)
• Phasing of the model
• Phase #1: ”9” (available in 2012)
• Phase #2: ”50” (resourcing by ”Open 3D Internet City Laboratory” project)
• Phase #3: ”City”
realXtend - Open source platform for the 3D Internet
Client-server architecture
Tundra SDK, Naali viewer
Extensible scene architecture
Example shared presentation
Alatalo T (2011) An entity-component model for extensible
virtual worlds. IEEE Internet Computing 15(5):30-37.
Oulu3D: Phase #1 area (”9” blocks)
Oulu3D: Phase #2 area (”50” blocks) (tentative)
Oulu3D: Modeling process
Oulu3D: Photographing of building facades
Pakkahuoneenkatu 14 facade south
Oulu3D: Photographing of blueprints
Pakkahuoneenkatu 14 facade south
Oulu3D: Photographing of blueprints (2)
Pakkahuoneenkatu 14 floorplan
Oulu3D: Laser scanning
Laser scanning equipment
3D visualization of Puistola
block from laser data
(30 seconds, disk)
Oulu3D: Laser scanning example (1)
Oulu market: Scan #1
Oulu3D: Laser scanning example (2)
Oulu market: Scan #2
Oulu3D: Laser scanning example (3)
Oulu market: Scan #3
Oulu3D: Laser scanning example (4)
Oulu market: Scans #1-#3 merged
Oulu3D: Laser scanning phase #1 (fall 2011)
50 scanning points
Oulu3D: realXtend modeling example
Which part is realXtend model and which part is photo? 
Differences between realXtend model (low polygon) and
CAD models (high polygon) have to be understood
Oulu3D: Current ”9” block realXtend model
Optimized low-fidelity version of the phase #1 model has also been created in
collaboration with the CIE researchers, targeted for lightweight web/mobile clients
Oulu3D: realXtend indoor modeling of buildings
Byström’s house
selected as pilot for
indoor modeling
Oulu3D: Hosting
NIMO purchases hosting from Adminotech (uses Amazon cloud)
Oulu3D: Recent progress
• Creation of best practice recommendations for
• Design of Oulu3D licensing model
• Design of Oulu3D O&M model
• Oulu3D Ltd. selected as administrative operator by 3DIA
• Utilization of Oulu3D model in various R&D activities
Oulu3D: Best practice recommendations for modelers
• Prepared in collaboration with the CIE researchers
• Based on the lessons learned in the modeling of phase
#1 model and in the subsequent optimization of the
• Peer reviewed by modeler community in Jan-Feb 2013
• When accepted, sets technical requirements for all
future Oulu3D modeling activities
Oulu3D: Licensing model
• Source materials: CC Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
• Any modifications have to be shared
• realXtend materials: CC Attribution 3.0
• Facilitates free use by attributing the licensor
Maximize utilization of the Oulu3D model by the community
3D Internet Organizations
Oulu3D: O&M model
CorpX www.corp_x.fi/3D
CorpX www.corp_x.fi/3D
CorpX www.corp_x.fi/3D
CompX www.compX.com/3D
CorpX Scene
CorpX Scene
CorpX Scene
Server Instance(s)
(hosting operator)
(hosting operator)
NIMO Scene(s)
MCT Scene(s)
City of Oulu Scene(s)
Server Instance(s)
(hosting operator)
Server Instance(s)
(hosting operator)
Server Instance
(hosting operator)
(Univ. of Oulu)
Commercial services
Nonprofit services
Administration (administrative operator, Oulu3D Ltd.)
Root Scene
Root Model (Creative Commons)
Company B
City of Oulu
Company C
Organisation A
REX Contributions
realXtend Server (hosting operator)
Oulu3D: Example of utilization in research (UO/CIE)
Service Fusion: Real-world online services are ”fused” into Oulu3D
Hickey S, Arhippainen L, Kuusela E, Pakanen M, Pouke M & Karhu A (2012) Service
Fusion: Interactive 3D user interface. Proc. MUM 2012, Ulm, Germany, article no. 58.
Oulu3D: Example of utilization in research (UO/CIE)
Reality vs virtual reality in mobile AR UI
• Comparison of camera-based
augmented reality UI and
3D virtual model based UI
• Wizard-of-Oz testing at
downtown Oulu with
simulated location-based
mobile services
Oulu3D: Example of utilization in public service
City of Oulu: Urban planning (1)
Oulu3D: Example of utilization in public service
City of Oulu: Urban planning (2)
Oulu3D: Example of utilization in business
Cyberlightning Ltd.: CyberSlide
Oulu3D model as a virtual 3D presentation environment
Oulu3D: Demonstrations on multi-touch surfaces
Porting of Service Fusion onto UBI-wall and UBI-table
demonstrated at the establishment dinner of the University of
Oulu’s Donors Club, in collaboration with the CIE researchers
Alatalo T, Zanni D, Goncalves J & Ojala T (2013) Porting a 3D tablet interface onto a wall-sized display. CHI 2013 workshop
POWERWALL - International Workshop on Interactive, Ultra-High-Resolution Displays, Paris, France, to appear.
Oulu3D: Other R&D utilizations
• As test content in technology development
• Porting of realXtend Tundra SDK to Android (CIE/Chiru project & Ludocraft Ltd.)
• Development of lightweight web browser client for realXtend targeted for
tablets and mobile phones (CIE/Chiru project & Playsign Ltd.)
• Creation of 3D marketing video of downtown Oulu
• Environment for virtual sports in 3D Live project (FP7 STREP)
Oulu3D: Ongoing and upcoming activities
• Define O&M practices with Oulu3D Ltd.
• Commence the”Open 3D Internet City Laboratory” project
Establish management group
Collect use cases from the stakeholder community
Update requirements for the Oulu3D model
Complete Byström house’s model
Commence indoor modeling of other buildings
Commence expansion of high-fidelity city model
Commence modeling of low-fidelity regional model
Commence design and implementation of functionalities and interfaces
NIMO: UO WP3 objective #3-2: Pervasive city game
• Pervasive gaming ~ seamless integration and
interaction of real world and game world
• Design and implementation of incremental
prototypes of pervasive games for youth utilizing the
3D virtual model
• Evaluation via game play by significant number of
real players in authentic urban setting
• Close collaboration with the upcoming MESSI project
of City of Oulu’s Centre of Youth Affairs
First pervasive city game ”Street Art Gangs”
• Teams of players try to create virtual graffitis around
downtown Oulu, at the same time stopping other
teams from creating graffitis
Street Art Gangs: Conceptual architecture
Street Art Gangs: Recent progress
• Game server
• First functional prototype completed
• First scalability tests with larger number of players completed
• Porting of 3D game world from Google Sketchup to local Oulu3D model
• Mobile game client
• First functional prototype on Android completed
• Porting to Windows Mobile and Apple iOS started
• Desktop game client
• Implementation has been started
• Graphical (re)design if UI views continued
Street Art Gangs: Mobile client screenshots
Real (physical) game world at downtown Oulu
Game is played with a mobile client
Game objective is to create virtual graffitis around downtown
Street Art Gangs: PC client screenshots
Virtual game world in Oulu3D model
• Game is played in the Oulu3D model on a PC
• Players guide their teammates at downtown via instant messaging
Street Art Gangs: Snapshots from 3D world
Street Art Gangs: Ongoing and upcoming activities
• Porting of mobile game client onto Windows Mobile and
Apple iOS platforms
• First field testing of Android game client
• Porting of game world from local Oulu3D model to hosted
Oulu3D model will be started when realXtend platform
supports web sockets
• Continue graphical (re)design of UI views
Oulu3D has brought the players together!
• Open
• Community-based
• Comprehensive
• Realistic
• Business
• Public service
• R&D
Visible landmark for
• Oulu’s 3D Internet competence
• realXtend platform

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