Luke 9 -

Mission Twelve, 5K fed, Peter’s
confes’n, Txfiguration, Lunatic Boy
Viewing Luke Chapter Nine
Prepared by: Soon Siak. May 2009
Topics covered ...
Mission of the Twelve
Movie time
Why parables?
5,000 Fed
Peter’s Confession
The Transfiguration
The Lunatic Boy
Who is the greatest?
The Progress thru’ Peraea
The Three Followers
John Sung
What is the most important thing that
a teacher must do?
Mission of the Twelve (9:1-9)
To preach the kingdom of God and to
heal the sick.
“The harvest truly is plenteous but the
labourers are few” (10:2)
Note the differences between that of the
seventies (10:1-20)
Movie time (9 minutes)
The Man
5,000 Fed (9:10-17)
Challenge of Following (9:62)
Peter’s Confession (9:18-27)
The Transfiguration (9:28-36)
The Lunatic Boy (9:37-45)
Why parables? (8:4-21)
whether people genuinely wanted
to find out the truth about the kingdom of
God. The sincere seekers will persist in
asking for the meaning of the parables
while those who were shallow listeners
will not bother to pursue their meaning.
To make spiritual truths clearer to
hearers; to put truth in a form easily
remembered; to avoid offense with hostile
people who would not receive the truth;
and to declare judgment upon those who
were willfully blind.
5,000 Fed (9:10-17)
the account.
Time of an important festival, the
Passover, hence the great crowd.
Only miracle (besides the Resurrection)
recorded by the four gospels.
Another miracle over nature (see notes
on 8:22-25; 5:5-7))
This event shows that His ministry as One
who can satisfy more than man’s physical
need. That who believes in Him will not
die but have everlasting life!
Peter’s Confession (9:18-27)
After his confession, Jesus mentioned
that He was a “suffering” not a
“conquering” Christ of God (ie
Messiah/Anointed One/Deliverer).
9:23 1st mention of the death He was to
9:27 Kingdom of God – either
The Transfiguration or
Pentecost or
Destruction of Jerusalem.
Note the disciples’ reply to Jesus (v18-20).
The Transfiguration (9:28-36)
Note the incident well.
Another instance of God’s approval of Jesus was
during His baptism (3:22).
Moses representing the Law
Elijah representing the Prophets
They are handing over their office to the Lord ie
the old covenant replaced by the new.
The Lunatic Boy (9:37-45)
A miracle attempted by the disciples
without success.
Reason being the lack of faith
9:44 2nd prediction of His Sufferings
(Passion) (see pg 95)
Disciples could not understand. They were
expecting a “conquering” and not a
“suffering” Messiah!
Who is the greatest? (9:46-50)
Maybe b’cos of special treatment on the
three. They were expecting an earthly one
in their view of the Messianic Kingdom.
The Lord used a child to emphasise on
A Samaritan Village
Rejects Jesus (9:51-56)
because on way to
observe religious
festivals in Jerusalem.
Why? Pg 46 b’
A Samaritan Village Rejects
Jesus (9:51-56)
Samaritans was hostile b’cos of their
jealousy that Jesus, the Messiah was
going to Jerusalem and not Gerizim.
The Three Followers (9:57-62)
Note Jesus’ reply to them.
What does it say about following Him?
Discipleship is giving of yourselves
totally to God (unconditionally) and
counting the cost (costly).
John Sung (1901 - 1944)
"What does it profit a man if he gain
the whole world but lose his soul?"
Those words kept bouncing around
inside John Sung's head. The
brilliant son of a Chinese Methodist
minister, John was in the United
States to learn all he could about
the sciences. In just five years,
even while working to support
himself, he completed his Bachelor
of Science Degree, his Master of
Science and his Ph.D.
John Sung (1901 - 1944)
"Dr. Sung usually had one meeting
in every campaign at which he
would give an address on healing
and the necessity for sincere
repentance before inviting the sick
to come forward." Hundreds were
instantly healed of every kind of
ailment and disease. The blind
received their sight; the lame
walked, and the deaf and mute were
all wonderfully healed as John
Sung cried out to Jesus in prayer.”
Test on chapters 1-10 after your
May/June holidays on 17/06/07!

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