TATRA in Mongolia

TATRA in Mongolia
Mongolian –Czech Business Forum
11.5.2011, Ulaanbaatar
an official representative of
TATRA in Mongolia
About CHONO Group
Chono Group is a privately-owned Mongolian
investment holding company, which strategically
invests in real estate, mining, hospitality,
agricultural, logistics and wood processing sectors.
Founded in 1992, Chono Group is making a
significant contribution to shaping the landscape
of Ulaanbaatar city into what it is today. Through
the years, Chono Group has successfully completed
numerous projects varying from hotel and
residential developments to business park and
high-end mixed-use complex and has been lauded
for the properties’ visionary concepts.
Chono Group has eager interest in further
development of prospective, mineral rich deposits
of the country to bring value for economic
development and is performing satisfactory
exploration processes.
It also enjoys the benefits of vast territory of
Mongolia by growing organic wheat and potatoes
in fertile lands with the help of advanced
The firm recognizes the importance of connecting
clients in different geographical location in and out
of Mongolia. Synergy-creating freight forwarder
investee of Chono Group carries out this task
Misheel Center
Misheel Business Park
Misheel Expo
- Concentrates 65% of the city’s furniture
sales market by floor area
- Displays over 100 special theme pavilions
and amenities spreading over an area of
- One of the most desired commercial spaces
in Ulaanbaatar, with constant 100%
occupancy rate.
- Misheel business park is a premier
business complex
- Designed as a multi-purpose site
- Offers business and industrial
rental space of 42,000m²
- Office space of 2592m²
- Spreads over 112,000m² prime site
in Khan-Uul district, UB
- Home to more than 100
- “The Best Business Entity of the
State” award in 2007.
- The biggest player in the
Exhibition and Convention industry
of Mongolia since 2004
- Over 5500 square feet of exhibition
- Free parking for over 600 cars
- Every year as many as 25 trade
exhibitions are displayed,.
Chono Properties Co., Ltd is a property developer company, established in 2001. The first big-scale project that it undertook was
Orgil town, the very first complex of townhouses with which Mongolians got acquainted with the concept of town house
complex. Next, it developed Hugjil town, a five-hundred unit apartment complex consisting of three condominiums and situated
in a busy commercial district of Ulaanbaatar.
Beehive residence
- 98 homes
- Completion date: Sep 2011
- Ground floor area: 8838m²
Orgil Town
Hugjil Town:
- Town house project
- Site area: 7,076m²
- Parking lot for 40 cars
- 500-unit apartment complex
- Floor area: 35,000m²
- Site area: 110,000m²
Facilities in Beehive:
Facilities in Orgil Town:
Facilities in Hugjil Town:
•Lobby entrance
• Outdoor seating area
• 24/7 security
• Concierge
• Ground floor retail
opportunities including cafe,
laundry service etc
• Playground
• Security boot
• Basketball field
• Garage
• Location: Khan-Uul district, the
rich neighborhood of the town.
• Garage for 108 vehicle
• Playground: 1,450m²
• Parking lot: 2,500m²
• Own heating and electricity
• Terrace: 3,300m²
Fine dining:
- Western restaurant
- Japanese restaurant
- Chinese restaurant
- A 25-storey and 110m high
- Functions:
- prime executive offices
- luxury hotel
- residential penthouses.
- Lobby lounge
- Sky lounge
- Night club
- Luxury boutique shops
- Features 200 hotel guestrooms,
- 9,947 square meters of office
- 12 residential units
- Enclosed ground level parking
- Additional amenities include
meeting, entertainment, dining
and recreational facilities.
- Wet spa with sauna and Jacuzzi
- Fitness center
- Swimming pool
Blue Sky Tower offers a breathtaking view
of the entire city of Ulaanbaatar. Located
in front of Sukhbaatar square, the very
heart of Ulaanbaatar city. Windows facing
the north, east & west treat viewers to the
Sukhbaatar Square and views to the south
include the Bogd Khan Mountain range and
Zaisan park.
- Ballroom and conference hall
- Board meeting rooms
- Banquet facility
- Air ticketing office
- Bank
- Business center
- World class Erdenet CuMo, Boroo
Au mines are in full operation
within the same metallogenic belt
- 14 years of solid hands on
experience in dozens of coppergold, uranium, oil projects while
with International Uranium Corp,
Fortress Minerals Corp, Phelps
Dodge Corp and Freeport
McMoran Copper & Gold
Exploration Corp.
- Proximity to Russian border
- Only 65 km from Trans Siberian
railway line and paved highway and
close proximity to the second
largest city of Mongolia
- Iron ore deposit
- Proximity to Chinese border
- Completed a number of field
programs with desirable results
- High potential for metals
- Located in the Southern
Mongolian region where Oyu
Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi projects
are being developed
The mining arm of Chono Group
began its footprint in 2009 by
acquiring several exploration licenses
including iron-ore , copper and gold
in the country. Its vision, in the long
term, is to become a world recognized
miner with track of successes
including building infrastructure,
benefiting local community with
attitude of responsible corporate
citizen and to contribute to the
development of Mongolia. MZAK
Co., Ltd and Erin Gobi Co., Ltd are
subsidiaries of Chono Mining. Hence,
the assets and projects of the two are
under 100% Chono Mining’s
- A four-star hotel and restaurant operator
- An exquisite four-star hotel that
- Offers guestrooms with king-size beds, large marbled bathrooms, big-screen TVsets and everything else you ask for comfort and convenience.
- 60 cozy luxurious rooms with classifications of presidential, deluxe, semi-deluxe
and standard rooms.
- Mainly features with business travelers.
- Since opening its door in 2000, it has
been favorably recognized among the
fans of Japanese cuisines for its fresh
meals and caring services delivered
each time of their visit.
- A restaurant during the day, a pub
during the evening and a night club
during the night
- Directly connected to the White House
Hotel and is designed with a touch of
“Rock N Roll” ambiance.
- Can comfortably seat up to 250 guests as
a restaurant and pub, and 400 people as a
night club
- Serves authentic tastes of Korea
- Located on the first floor of the
White House Hotel complex
- Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- A premier golf driving range and a
training center
- Situated only one kilometer from the
very heart of the city.
- Being the first professional golf
driving range in Mongolia, lessons for
every aspect of the game and every
skill level are offered by a professional
Korean trainer.
- The fully equipped facility has the
capacity to serve sixty four players at
a time.
- Restaurant
- Golf shop
- Coffee shop
- Locker room
- Massage room
- Golf training
- Massage
- Dining
Escape from it all with the scenic
terrace. Get a basket full of balls
and stroke at your convenience.
Have a pampering massage in our
massage room and let go all your
tensions. Or just sit in their coffee
shop’s comfortable couch and
watch the clouds float by. A sense
of understated peace and
tranquility will come over you.
In a busy city with a rare choice
of relaxing entertainment, ME
Golf is positioned to amuse the
customers while delighting their
senses and pleasing their appetite.
- Founded in 2006
- The vision is
- to become Mongolia’s major producer of agricultural products with top-notch technology and know-how
- to contribute to the domestic production of agricultural products
- to develop the export potential of Mongolian agricultural products overseas.
ISTA Co., Ltd is a agricultural producer and it currently owns over 5,000 hectares of agricultural land parcels
throughout Jargalant and Sumber soums of Tuv province.
Today, these land parcels support the company’s continuing agribusiness operations, including the cultivation of wheat,
potato, sea buckthorn and several types of vegetables.
The company continues to seek ways to enhance the value of its agricultural business by maximizing the utility of its
land holdings and by adopting agronomic best practices.
- Established in early 2005
- Specializing in local, regional and
international transportation and
freight forwarding services
- Located within the Misheel
Business Park .
- Possesses first-class personnel with
updated knowledge, professional
expertise and rich experiences in
logistics sector in Mongolia.
- On-site customs office
- Container freight station of
- Two-way railway connection next
to warehouses and CFS
- 50 tons payload crane
- Custom bonded warehouse of
- Heated warehouse of 834m²
- Temporary warehouse of 216m².
To its clients, the company offers variety
of services such as customs clearance,
international transportation handling,
international and domestic air freight
forwarding, forwarding agent,
warehousing and distribution, network
and door-to-door services and
professional consultancy.
In its early phase of its operations,
BLC was heavily focused on soundly
stabilizing its freight forwarding
business. Now that the goal is achieved,
next the company is set out to notably
develop its logistics business.
- Operating in wood processing
industry for 31 years since its
establishment in 1976
- The leading local dealer in terms of
its production capacity.
- In 2008, undertook an expansion
and upgrade project.
- With the investment of modern
technology and equipments, its
production capacity was increased to
1200m³ per month.
-The company’s headquarter
comprises of a 13,000m² facility
- Conveniently located in welldeveloped industrial area with
railway access.
- The factory building is 3500 m²
concrete structure, fully equipped
with all required facilities and
- Office complex is 1500 m² twostorey, three-level building.
Today, Shinest produces wide
assortment of high quality products—
window scantling, edge-glued furniture
panels, laminated wall beams, finger
jointed strips, profiled boards—made
from coniferous and deciduous wood
species imported from Siberia. Its
principal sales market is Europe, where
the company has also entered into a
long-term sales contract with wellestablished European importers with
extensive distribution networks.
The main equipments and machineries
employed at Shinest are primary wood
working equipments, secondary
woodworking equipments and saw
doctoring equipments.
Shinest delivers high quality products
and punctual delivery services to its
customers at favorable prices.
TATRA in Mongolia
• Since 1977:
in Mining, Construction
TATRA - The “Unbreakable” (20-25 years)
older Models are still in use
• Since October 2010:
Official Representative in UB
Mining: open pit carrier, country roads
Defense, Construction, Utilities, Firefighting…
TATRA in Mongolia
TATRA in Mongolia
TATRA in Mongolia
TATRA in Mongolia
TATRA in Mongolia
TATRA in Mongolia
• Tatra The Unbreakable:
unbeatable off-road performance
min. 20-25 years exploitation period
min. repair costs
30 years history
best suitable for harsh conditions such as
Siberia, Canada, Saudi Arabia
Thank you
Contact information
Chono Group Co., Ltd
Website: www.chono.mn
Email: [email protected]

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