Data Security in Cloud Computing
Dr. Kui Ren
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo
About Me and My Research Lab
• Kui Ren, Associate Professor
• Director, Ubiquitous Security
& Privacy Research Lab
• The research I do:
• Security for Cloud Computing: Data and
Computation Outsourcing Security
• Wireless Security: IoT, CRN, PHY Layer, Mobile
Social Network, Smart Grid
• Smart Phone Security: Secure NFC
• Smart Phone & Crowdsourcing-enabled Smart Living
About Me and My Research Lab
• UbiSeC Lab Members & Alumni
Prof. Cong Wang, City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Qian Wang, Wuhan University
About Me and My Research Lab
• UbiSec Lab Members & Alumni
Dr. Bingsheng Zhang, UB
Mr. Kan Yang, CityU of HK
Mr. Zhan Qin, UB
Mr. Si Chen, UB
Mr. Piers Wang, UB
Mr. Zhen, Xu, UB
Lecture Outline
Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Secure Access Control for Cloud Data
Private Information Retrieval for Cloud Data
Privacy-preserving Search over Cloud Data
Secure Computation Outsourcing in Cloud Computing
Focus: Problem Identification and Formulation!
If there is any take-away from this
It will be:
Working on NEW & Important Problems!
Of course, if you need advices on how to enjoy life in
various North America cities, you can ask me too !
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Internet for the educational purpose only. The
lecturer does not claim any credit for them and the
copyrights belong to the original authors.

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