Supporting a greener and more energy efficient construction

Supporting a greener and more
energy efficient construction industry in
Overall objective
Through promoting sustainable growth, to
contribute to economic prosperity and
poverty reduction in Mongolia and to the
mitigation of climate change.
The project seeks to address the environmental impact
of the construction boom that is now taking place in
Recycling the fly ash from the coal power
plants (around 1 million tons of ash are
produced each year).
Reinforcing the production capacities of
Mongolian SMEs, and their share of the
market (currently 50% of construction
materials are imported).
Expanding and strengthening existing
regulations relating to health and
environmental protection.
Creating financial incentives for construction
companies to use green materials and adopt
green practices.
Target groups:
Small & Medium
sized Enterprises
The project promotes sustainable
production , consumption and behavior
among SMEs producing construction
Training Schools
and Universities
VTS and some selected universities are
being enabled to teach green
construction practices.
Supporting government bodies
responsible for construction and
environmental policy standards to gain
awareness of the benefits of green
construction practices.
Specific objectives:
Ash products: To identify, through
a research process, at least 5
construction products that use ash
from the coal power plants (PP3,
PP4, PP of Darkhan and PP of
Erdenet) in their composition.
Green construction practices: To
evaluate the existing practices and
regulations of the construction
industry and to propose greener
innovative solutions.
Improved legal framework and
green producers group: To ease the
process of switching to greener
construction practices.
Project activities
1) Ash products:
International research
(selection through an
international call for
Production of ash
based products by
Mongolian SMEs
Cross checking
research with local
production units
Training sessions for
the interested
Form a producer’s group, assist them to
organize a large scale fly ash collection and
transportation system, advertising campaign
Official approval of
new standards
(based on EU
Conferences to
introduce findings to
all SMEs in the sector
2) Green construction practices:
Research on existing
regulations and
Acknowledgement of
green practices through
new regulations
Identification of
Training sessions for
the interested
Training of the teachers of the Vocational
Training schools and of the Universities
Preparation of training
content for construction
professionals (designers
and workers)
Conferences with all
the SMEs of the sector
3) Creation of a favorable legal framework and
of a green producers group:
Production of ash
based products by
Mongolian SMEs
Advocacy towards
government bodies
to pass incentive laws
Advertising campaign
Acknowledgement of
green construction
practices through new
Creation of green
producers group
Conferences and seminars
- So far, 9 conferences have been organized by
the MNCCI about Sustainable Consumption and
- 1 pilot training about Green Construction
Practices has been provided by IVL
- 1 training of trainers about Green Construction
Practices, also provided by IVL
The project identified 12 potential trainers for
SMEs’ staff, Vocational Schools and Universities
A total of 68 additional
conferences will take place
Training will be organized in the
SMEs who required it
Contents will be given to
Universities and Vocational
Expected impact of the project on
the Mongolian legal framework
• New standards for construction
material that include fly ash
• Training of SMEs’ staff about green
construction practices and ash based
products production
• Regulations to encourage green
construction processes and practices
• Green construction incentive laws
• Mongolian National Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (MNCCI)
• Swedish Environmental Research Institute
• Caritas Mongolia
In association with
• The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development
• The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Green Development
• The Municipality of Ulaanbaatar and the districts (Chingeltei,
Bayangol, Sukhbaataar...)
• The Agency for Metrology and Standardisation
• The Power plants 3, 4, in UB and the power plants in Darkhan and
• The Building Material Manufacturers’ Association of Mongolia
• The Mongolian University of Science and Technology
• The Construction College of Mongolia
• The UN Building Energy Efficiency Project
• EBRD, Support to SME Development in Mongolia Program
• Construction Development Center and Design and research
Thank you
For further information contact:
Thibault Chapoy
[email protected]

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