IITG - CIT Slide Stack

Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
SUNY Distance Mentored Undergraduate Research:
Leveraging System Expertise to Enhance Learning
Lori Bernard, Geneseo
Jack Croxton, Director of OSCAR (Office of Student Creative Activity and
Research), SUNY Fredonia
Shashi Kanbur, Department of Physics, SUNY Oswego
Creates high impact learning and mentoring experiences via distance
collaboration – allowing more students and faculty to participate in
undergraduate research
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Developing a SUNY-wide Transliteracy Learning
Collaborative to Promote Information and Technology
Trudi Jacobson, University at Albany
Thomas Mackey, Dean, Center for Distance Learning, Empire State College
Mark McBride, Coordinator of Library Instruction, Buffalo State
Michael Daly, Public Services Librarian, Fulton Montgomery Community College
Michele Forte, Assistant Professor, Community and Human Services, Center for
Distance Learning, Empire State College
Jenna Hecker, Instructional Developer, University at Albany
Ellen Murphy, Director of Online Curriculum, Empire State College
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Enviropedia: A Serious Game
about Beverage Container Choices
Lori Scarlatos, Stony Brook University
Alexander M. Orlov,
Material Science
and Engineering
Arnout van de Rijt,
David J. Tonjes,
Technology and Society
Stony Brook University
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
SUNY Co-laboratory on Immersive Virtual Environments
for STEM Learning
Peter Shea, University at Albany
Jianwei Zhang, U Albany
Alan Oliveira, U Albany
Dan Goodwin, U Albany
Mathias Vuille, U Albany
Jennifer Goodall, U Albany
Roberta Johnson, U Albany
Bina Ramamurthy, U Buffalo
Edward Bever, Old Westbury
Jim McElwaine, Purchase
Larry Dugan, Finger Lakes CC
Suzanne Hayes, Empire State College
Alexandra Pickett, SLN
Kim Scalzo, SUNY CPD
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Initiating Conversations About the End of Life: The
Advanced Illness Decision Simulation Environment
Deborah Waldrop, University at Buffalo
Mary Ann Meeker, DNS, Associate Professor, UB School of Nursing
David Milling, MD, Senior Associate Dean, UB School of Medicine
Steve Sturman, Instructional Designer, UB School of Social Work
Karen Zinnerstrom, PhD, Coord., UB School of Med. Clinical Competency Center
Tony Guzman, UB School of Social Work, Director of Online
Modules that teach students how to approach and conduct conversations about
patients’ end-of-life care, followed by a patient-family-provider simulation that
develops skills in a safe learning environment
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (6 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Observations of Students in Clinical Settings via iPads
Pam Youngs-Maher, Upstate Medical University
Dr. Ann Botash, MD, FAAP, Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Vice Chair for
Educational Affairs, and Course Director for the Pediatric Clerkship at Upstate
Dr. Gene Bailey, MD, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and Course Director
for the Family Medicine Clerkship
Dr. Patricia Powers, DNP, MPA, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP, Assistant Professor of Nursing,
and Course Director for the Family Nurse Practitioner Program (FNP Track)
Dr. Carol Recker-Hughes, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Clinical
Education, and Vice-Chair of the Physical Therapy Education Program
Mr. Joseph Smith, M.S., Director of Educational Communications
The more observation/feedback cycles we can conduct with students in clinical
settings; the stronger our graduating health care professionals will be in
effective communication skills when interacting with patients.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Learner eXperience Designers (LXD) Exploring the
Feasibility of Badging
Beth Burns, Buffalo State College
Mark McBride, Buffalo State
Ken Fujiuchi, Buffalo State
Meghan Pereira, Buffalo State
Jason Welborn, Buffalo State
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Improving Student Performance in SUNY Orange
Placement Assessment and Developmental Courses
Through the Use of Video Presentations
Mary Ford, Orange County CC
Stacey Moegenburg, Associate Vice President, Business, Math,
Science and Technology Division, SUNY Orange
We are helping create a more seamless education pipeline for high school
students… we are improving the quality of instruction for our developmental
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Enhancing Student Success in Potsdam's
Hybrid History Courses
James German, Potsdam
Natalia Veinott, History Course Coordinator, SUNY Potsdam
Students used Facebook as a forum for discussion with each other about the
course rather than just addressing questions to the teaching staff.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Electronic Portfolios to Enhance Experiential Learning
and Assessment in Internship Courses
Gary Halada, Stony Brook
The value of e-portfolios to industry is clear; as more mentors from industry
become involved in the process; new collaborations are sure to result.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
The E-Textbook Opportunity:
The Time is Now for SUNY
Dean Hendrix, University at Buffalo
Developing centralized SUNY e-textbook infrastructures could save students
65%-85% off their textbooks costs with zero drop in student learning
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Big Data on a Small(er) Campus: Use of Large-Scale Text
Analysis by a Comprehensive Primarily Undergraduate
Brian Lowe, Oneonta
Gregory M. Fulkerson, Assistant Professor of Sociology
James Greenberg, Director, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center
Brett Heindl, Assistant Professor of Political Scienc
Achim Koedderman, Associate Professor of Philosophy
William R. Wilkerson, Associate Professor of Political Science
Key Partners: Penn State, IBM, UB Center for Computational Research
Providing undergrads exposure to cutting-edge social scientific methodologies to
expand data analytics into social science research.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
SUNYport: Portfolio site for SUNY students
Mark Ludwig, University at Buffalo
A. Ben Wagner, University at Buffalo
Dean Hendrix, University at Buffalo
Andrew Perry, SUNY Oneonta
Pilot Implementation of VIVO as an e-Portfolio service for students.
We have built an online space where SUNY students can show off their work;
market their skills and get a taste of open access scholarship.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Alternate Reality Simulations as Learning Tools
Ulises Mejias, Oswego
Developing a template that can be used for supporting interdisciplinary
'alternate reality' simulations that are collectively played by students
using the Web
We will provide access to a website where users can download a Wordpress
template to conduct their own alternate reality games
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Development & Validation of SUNY Prep: Learner
Preparedness Survey
Melissa Miszkiewicz, Buffalo State College
Christine Kroll, Assistant Dean, Graduate School of Education, UB
Kelly Marczynski, Assoc. Dir., Center for Health & Social Research, Buffalo State
William Wieczorek, Dir., Center for Health & Social Research, Buffalo State
Tom Mackey, Dean, Center for Distance Learning, Empire State College
Craig Lamb, Dir, Academic Support, CDL, Empire State College
J. Goodlet McDaniel, Assoc. Provost, Distance Education, George Mason
A validated survey to determine learner readiness for college education
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Open SUNY Textbooks
Cyril Oberlander, Geneseo
Dean Hendrix, University at Buffalo
Charles Lyons, University at Buffalo
38 Proposals received from SUNY Faculty. 15 Open Textbooks available will be
available in Open Monograph Press; cataloged in OCLC/WorldCat & Open
Textbook Catalog
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Virtual Study Abroad: Student Engagement &
International Interaction Using Meeting & Mobile Tools
Lorette Pellettiere Calix, Empire State College
Patrice Prusko Torcivia, Empire State College
Oscar Leon, Quality Leadership University (QLU) – Panama
Researching and promoting learner engagement in cross-cultural and
international interactions
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Creation, Implementation, and Assessment of Anatomy
and Physiology Online Laboratory Modules
Adam Rich, Brockport
Chris Price, SUNY Brockport
Kanchana Mendes, SUNY Brockport
Kathleen Reagan, SUNY Brockport
Jeremy Browne, Brigham Young University
Christopher Loretz University at Buffalo
Marirose Ethington, Genesee Community College
Gary W Glaser, Genesee Community College
Examines the usefulness and effectiveness of brief online videos to substitute for
face-to-face instruction during lab sessions
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Crowdsourcing Commentary
Paul Schacht, Geneseo
Joe Easterly, Electronic Resources and Digital Scholarship Librarian, Milne Library
Project builds collaborative textual annotation, enabling individuals across
multiple courses, campuses, levels of expertise, and intellectual approaches to
engage in rich, vibrant, multi-layered conversation around a single text.
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
4C-CITI: Four-College Consortium
for Innovative Technology Integration
Shufang Shi, Cortland
Kathleen Gradel, Language, Learning and Leadership Department, SUNY Fredonia
Sharon Raimondi, The Exceptional Education Department at UB/Buffalo State
Chris Widdall, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department, SUNY Cortland
Karl Klein, Computer Studies Department, Onondaga Community College
Mutual mentoring among collaborators and digital backpacks for dissemination
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Development of an Interactive Case Study Capability
Christopher Urban, SUNYIT
Glenn E. Van Knowe, Ph.D., MESO, Inc.
Kenneth T. Waight, Ph. D., Sun Dog Science, LLC
Students will recognize clean energy and how to capitalize on the smart grid
through real world simulations
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
SUNY Healthcare Island: Exploring a Virtual SUNY
Community of Healthcare Learners
Hope Windle, Ulster County CC
Renée Gecsedi, MS, RN, Director of Education, Practice and Research, New York
State Nurses Association
Alexandra Pickett, SUNY Learning Network
The project aligns existing Second Life Healthcare facilities and resources
previously designed by SUNY Ulster with other SUNY schools eager to explore the
next generation of learning in a virtual world.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Design Digital Concierge for SUNY Learning Commons:
Pedagogical Rich Reusable Learning Object
R. Hope Adams, Empire State College
Rosalyn Rufer, School for Graduate Studies, MBA SUNY Empire State College
Designing, developing, and implementing pedagogically rich reusable learning
objects (RLO), that will be shared through the SUNY Learning Commons
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
SUNY Geneseo Neuroscience Cyber Technology
Laboratory (CTL) Course
Terence Bazzett, Geneseo
Investigate Educational Resources in Neuroscience (ERIN) for use in related
courses (e.g. Biopsychology, Behavioral Pharmacology, Behavior Genetics);
determine feasibility of use in online/hybrid courses and for primary assignments
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Eternal France: An Interactive Historical Simulation
for College History Classes
Edward Bever, Old Westbury
Develop & Prototype an interactive solitaire computer game for use in Western
Civilization and European history courses in which students will guide the
development of France from the time of Clovis to the present day.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Presentations Unplugged:
Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Tom Blake, Binghamton University
Testing consumer-oriented products (eg: "Apple TV") with a displays to enable
faculty wireless, full freedom of movement within the classroom using hand-held
devices (e.g. iPads, iPhones.)
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Science and Engineering
Everywhere, at Anytime, and for Everyone
Monica Bugallo, Stony Brook
This pilot program engages undergraduate students in authentic science and
engineering by developing and using modern cybertools & mobile apps gather
data for a cosmic ray experiment
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Developing an Informed Community of People Who Are
Interested in Advancing 3D Virtual World Instruction
Developing 3D Virtual World Instruction
John Cabra, Buffalo State College
John F. Cabra – Cyndi Burnett – KnowInnovation
Success Stories continued…
Background Data
Dr. Cyndi Burnett, KnowInnovation
Creative Studies faculty members John Cabra and Cyndi Burnett and
sponsoring partner KnowInnovation were granted a SUNY Innovative
Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) to conduct an action research
study designed to develop an informed community of people who are
interested in advancing 3D Virtual World instructional tools. This study
will involve 1) the design and coordination of a Conference Workshop to
be held in a 3D virtual world called Qube. Faculty members from a
variety of disciplines from across SUNY Campuses will be invited to
participate in the workshop to try out Qube and then provide feedback to
improve Qube for its use in varying disciplines; 2) this workshop would be
delivered three times over the course of the 2013 inter semester; 3)
conduct a qualitative study to identify participant learning experiences
and best practice patterns among the disciplines; and 4) to create best
practice training resources to inform the SUNY community.
Pot ent ial I deas for t he use of Qube?
School of Arts and Humanities
“ Which best pr act ice case st udies will aid in inf or ming SUNY facult y
in how t o manipulat e Qube t o t each in t heir r espect iv e disciplines?”
Distance Programs
Social Networking
Poster Sessions
3D Virtual World Fusion with Real Life
Art Gallery of Student Work
School of Education
“What feat ur es and funct ions does Qube need t o of fer
for facult y fr om acr oss disciplines t o use it in t heir cour ses? ”
Success Stories to Date
• China
• Australia
• United States
• England
Ted Malwitz
Master’s Project on Bullying
New Product Development
Teach topics from a distance to elementary school children in Colombia or Chile
School of the Natural and Social Sciences
Ethnographic Observation
• Chile
• Mexico
• Brazil
• Argentina
• Venezuela
Psychology: Group Profile
Cognitive Style Preferences
Biology: Sculpture Recreation of DNA
School of the Professions
New Product Development
Design Thinking Training
Nutrition: Personal health
communication to a distributed audience
Criminal Justice:
Distance Mock Trials
SRCC poster template provided by Instructional Resources and Office of Undergraduate Research
Test, develop and study the use of
Qube™ a 3-D virtual world –
in teaching a creative studies class –
with potential expansion to other
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Synergy & Systemness: Making the Most of
Innovative Technology & Collaboration
Francesca Cichello, Empire State College
Richard Bonnabeau, Visiting Professor, SUNY Empire State College
Ender Suvaçi Vice Rector, Research and Int’l Affairs, Anadolu University, Turkey
Bilge Kagan Ozdemir, Asst Professor - Economics, Anadolu University, Turkey
Phyllis Herdendorf, Prof of Business – MBA pgm, SUNY Empire State College
German Zarate-Hoyos, Chair & Assoc Prof - Economics, SUNY Cortland
Özgür Yildirim, Coordinator for International Academic Programs, Faculty of
Education, Anadolu University, Turkey
Mary Schlarb, M.P.S., Director of International Programs, SUNY Cortland
Betsy Braun, Curriculum Design Specialist, SUNY Empire State College
Jon Rubin, Director, SUNY COIL Center
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Engaging Students in Information Literacy and Digital
Literacy through Emerging Technologies
Jessica Clemons, Syracuse Environmental Science & Forestry
Stephen P. Weiter, Director, College Libraries, SUNY ESF
We reached nearly 100 students during the initial pilot. We have also created a
bit of a buzz on campus about using newer technologies in the classroom.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Dreaming in Languages: Politics, Pedagogy and
Technology for Language Instruction
Juan De Urda Anguita, Fredonia
Chiara De Santi, Visiting Lecturer, SUNY Fredonia
Carmen Rivera, Professor of Spanish, and Chair of the Dept. of Modern
Languages, SUNY Fredonia
One day workshop, followed by a website that examined the political climate
around language teaching, and current theories on language acquisition and
pedagogy – including technological innovations to support language instruction
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Development and Assessment of Mobile Device
Instruction in STEM Education at K-21 Level
Katharina Dittmar, University at Buffalo
Bina Ramamurthy, Computer Science and Engineering, University at Buffalo
Jessica Poulin, Biological Sciences, University at Buffalo
Taking a typical STEM subject “Population Genetics“ - and use a cyberinfrastructure enabled virtual gaming platform as a teaching and learning
environment. Includes App development for iOS and Android
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Non-Profit Community Partner Service Project
Amy Dohm, Clinton CC
Nathan Franklin, English Dept., Clinton Community College
Working to engage first-year writing students in collaboration with community
partners by assembling cooperative; voluntary networks focused around
innovative knowledge-making.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
IL Fox – The Virtual Toolbook for Information Literacy
Initial Research
Carol Anne Germain, University at Albany
Tor Loney, University at Albany
John Pardavila, University at Albany
IL Fox helps young learners, high school students, college students and lifelong
learners gain the essential vocabulary to begin exploring the digital world; and
gain advanced knowledge of concepts and principles of information literacy
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Evaluating Geologic Mapping Tools for the
Undergraduate Curriculum
Martha Growdon, Oneonta
Dr. Les Hasbargen, SUNY Oneonta
Evaluation of digital (mobile) mapping tools with undergraduate students to
determine a standardized method of geologic information collection and
presentation to better understand the geologic and natural resources in New
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
An Undergraduate Research Experience: Using
technology to Monitor Japanese Beetles Related to
Changing Climate Conditions, Across New York State
Linda Jones, Empire State College
Nikki Shrimpton, Dean, Central NY Center, SUNY Empire State College
Sadie Ross, Dir. of Environmental Sustainability, SUNY Empire State College
Jeremy Stone, Instructional Technologist, SUNY Empire State College
Developed a Citizen Science project template to engage students in science and
sustainability by monitoring Japanese Beetles – then hosted a SUNY Citizen
Science workshop
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Integrated Early Career & Transfer Engagement
OWL for Online Adult Learners
Robert Knipe, Genesee CC
Deborah Stayer Kelly; Jayne Peaslee, Corning CC
Colleen Gentry; Martie Dixon, Erie CC
Maureen Owens; Larry Dugan, Finger Lakes CC
Judie Littlejohn; Bob Knipe, Genesee CC
Cori Dunagin, Jamestown CC
Peggy VanKirk; Terry Keys, Monroe CC
Developing web-based orientation training materials and internal procedures for
career and transfer exploration and assistance for online degree-seeking
students occurs from day one of their college studies (aka “Digital Concierge”)
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Gestural Melody: New Learning Tools
for Musical Composition
Keith Landa, Purchase
Peer Bode, Professor of Video Arts, Alfred University
Jim McElwaine, Professor of Music, Purchase College
Paul Thayer, Instructional Support Associate, Purchase College
The Gestural Music Interface captures melodies quickly and clearly using hand
gestures on a digital tablet in a digital audio domain that allows for overdubbing
and compilation.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Hybridization: Transforming to a Hybrid Foreign Language
Instructional Model
Rose McEwen, Geneseo
Felisa Brea, Lecturer of Spanish, Languages and Literatures
Bill Heller, Lecturer of Spanish and Department's Assessment Coordinator,
Languages and Literatures
Transforming beginning-level courses from traditional, face-to-face
teaching/learning formats to a hybrid, Quia-powered online model by adopting
ACTFL-based proficiency measurements to design and assess learning outcomes,
curricula, and paradigms
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Multimedia Recording Suite
Lisa Melohusky, Fredonia
T. John McCune, MultiMedia Team Leader, ITS Multimedia Team, SUNY Fredonia
Dawn Eckenrode, Director - SUNY Fredonia Professional Development Center
A multimedia recording suite for file creation to support “flipped classrooms” to
support online and hybrid courses.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Design and Testing of
Laboratory Instruction Management System (LIMS)
Alexander Nazarenko, Buffalo State College
Introduced a Laboratory Instruction Management System by implementing
electronic notebooks and computerizing data acquisition as part of student lab
experiment designs.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Giving/Getting Access
to Scholarly and Instructional Material
Mary Jo Orzech, Brockport
Andrew Perry, SUNY Oneonta
Conference Resources available:
A one-day conference to help faculty and researchers understand and safeguard
intellectual property rights in producing and consuming information.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Student Mediated Video Lecture Capture
Ronald Sarner, SUNYIT
Rosemary J. Mullick, Professor, SUNYIT
Jorge Novillo, Professor, SUNYIT
Christopher Urban, Lecturer, SUNYIT
Nick Merante, Instructional Support Assistant, SUNYIT
Piloted Stanford developed ClassX, an open-source system that enables viewer
selection any portion of the image, such as the screen or board for enlargement,
and can dynamically change the selected portion.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
DCrit: Digital Critiquing Platform
Steven Schneider, SUNYIT
Digital Critique Platform accepts submitted projects for critique; assigns
participating faculty, professionals and peers to conduct rubric-based critiques of
specific student projects.
Archives student work and critical assessments in a single database, facilitating
review and assessment of both individual-level and aggregate-level progress
towards specific educational objectives.
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand
Discovery Learning Professional Development
Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, University at Buffalo
Beth Burns, Buffalo State
Kathleen Gradel, SUNY Fredonia
Shufang Shi, SUNY Cortland
Cherie van Putten, Binghamton Univ.
Cindi Tysick, University at Buffalo
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Supporting the needs of 21st Century Learners:
Faculty Development with Tools of Engagement
Nathan Whitley-Grassi, Empire State College
Patricia Hoefler, Empire State College (Co-PI)
Mark Lewis, Empire State College (Co-PI)
Jase Teoh, Empire State College (Co-PI)
Michael Fortune, Empire State College (Co-PI)
Evren Eryilmaz, Empire State College (Co-PI)
Sheryl Coleman, Empire State College (Co-PI)
A Faculty Development Program to be rolled out to ESC's seven regional centers
in the Spring of 2013. The program will consist of four module-based blended
training units
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Using Visual Communication Tools
to Enhance Teaching and Learning
Harrison Yang, Oswego
This project has great significance in that it is the first time a training model of
integrating visual communication tools in Curriculum and Instruction MSED
program at SUNY Oswego.
The project will lead to this unique and replicable pedagogical model ready for
replication in education programs at other SUNY campuses. The Students
loved it!
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (26 Awarded)
2012 – Round One
Automating Production of PowerPoint-Based
Algorithm Visualization Teaching Materials
Sen Zhang, Oneonta
James Ryder, SUNY Oneonta (Co-PI)
Increased the availability and accessibility of easily adoptable, standardized
PowerPoint (PPT) algorithm visualization (AV) presentation materials for
Computer Science students.
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (8 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Monica Bugallo, Stony Brook University
Exploring New Horizons:
Science And Engineering Everywhere, Anytime, For Everyone
Steven M. Gallo, University at Buffalo
Virtual Infrastructure for Data Intensive Analysis (VIDIA)
J Tomás Henriques, Buffalo State
LOOP: A Project in Creative Instruction for Music Technology [Learn-OperateOutreach-Perform]
Cyril Oberlander, Geneseo
SUNY Open Textbooks Renewal
Tier 3 - Up to $60,000 (8 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Peter Shea, University at Albany
Roberta (Robin) Sullivan, University at Buffalo
Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand Discovery Learning Professional
Development (Phase 2)
Patrice Prusko Torcivia, Empire State College
Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning Evaluation Project
Lijun Yin, Binghamton University
iTutor and iDemo: 3D Computer Vision/Graphics with Intelligent Avatar Interaction
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Nicole Adsitt, Cayuga CC
Math Course Redesign Project
Nina Bassuk, Cornell University
Integrated Online Database for Plant Identification and Use in the Landscape
Mark A. Bremer, SUNYIT
Integration of Virtual and Real Equipment Learning Tools Related to
Sustainability Education
Marty Christofferson, Tompkins Cortland CC
Student Success and Affordability through the use of Open Educational Courses
Susan Deane, Delhi
Impact of a Cloud-Based Program on SLOs in an Online Health Assessment Course
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Timothy W. Gerken, Morrisville
Cultivating a Composing Process: Growing Critical Thinking and Student Success
with ePortfolios
Thomas Giblin, Brockport
Rural Schools Virtual Project [RSVP]: Expanding Access to Advanced & Elective
Online Coursework
Paul R. Gould, Binghamton University
Integrating Mobile Technology to Enhance Geriatric Social Work Training
Dean Hendrix, University at Buffalo
The E-Textbook Opportunity: The Time is Now for SUNY, Phase 2
Changhyun Kwon, University at Buffalo
Developing an Interactive Web-Application for Instructions Involving Networks
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Jeffrey Linn, Brockport
Proposed Project: Developing Co-curricular courses that lead to critical thinking in
on-line and hybrid coursework
James M. Pitarresi, Binghamton University
A Hybrid Approach for Teaching Calculus
Christopher Rigby, Orange CC
Introducing Virtualization via OpenStack "Cloud" System to SUNY Orange Applied
Technologies Students
Rachel Rigolino, New Paltz
SUNY Writing Across the Curriculum Online Resource Center
Tier 2 - Up to $20,000 (16 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Mark Sullivan, Geneseo
Gift and Deselection Manager Online
Douglas H. Summerville, Binghamton University
Developing a Technology Platform to Support Blended-Online Learning
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (9 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Mohammed Abdallah, SUNYIT
Towards OPEN SUNY: A Novel On-line Learning Approach for ECE and ET Students
Celia Easton, Geneseo
Online Global Learning Communities in the Humanities: A Course Model
Christine Faraday, Nassau CC
Multimedia Innovation Instruction Technology (MIIT)
Jinseok Heo, Buffalo State
A Virtual Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (VIAL) for Buffalo State and Open SUNY
Susan P. Lieberthal, Suffolk CC
E-portfolios to Engage Student Veterans at Suffolk County Community College
Tier 1 - Up to $10,000 (9 Awarded)
2013 – Round Two Announcements
Jill Reese, Fredonia
iPads for Music Making and Music Teaching
Samara Smith, Old Westbury
Collaborative Media Lab Pilot
Kjersti VanSlyke-Briggs, Oneonta
Enriching Teaching Field Experience Through Technology
Krista Vince Garland, Buffalo State
TeachLivE from New York: Developing Innovative Practices
in Immersive Teaching Technology

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