Quick Tips to improve Aerial photography with Drones

Quick Tips to improve Aerial photography with Drones
Aerial photography with personal Drone results in amazing photos, but this photography is not any
one cup of tea. Hard practice, dedication and often multiple shots requires to achieve the perfect
breathtaking photo.
However, there are many fundamentals, tip and tricks to learn aerial photography so that you can
cover all the bases so that you can end up with a fabulous final shot.
So here I am sharing some tips that will help you in achieving your goal to master aerial photography
with a drone.
Tip #1 – Increase Your Altitude
Tip #2 Time of Day:
Best Time for Capturing photography is Morning and Evening 
Source: trainyourdrone.co
Tip #3 Weather & Location:
Tip #4 - Balance your propellers:
Propellers of the drone should be balanced properly in order to maintain the balance while in air.
Improper balance can lead to drone accident or malfunctioning of drone
Tip#5: Use a FPV System for Better Shots
FPV commonly known as first person view system. To accurately frame you photos FPV system should
be used for real time and live preview.
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