CITI Training

Danielle Davidov
 The
purpose of CITI Training is to prepare you
to conduct research with human subjects
 This
training will educate you on the
protection of human research subjects and
research ethics
 You
must complete this training and turn in
your completion report before you can
conduct research at WVU!
Go to:
Click on the “New Users: Register Here” Link
Under the Institution selection, scroll to “West
Virginia University” under “Participating
Create a Username and Password (using your
Microsoft Outlook Email username will allow us
to keep better track of your training)
Fill in the rest of the information and click
 You
will now be asked to select which
training course you wish to take by answering
several questions:
 Question 1: Responsible Conduct of
 Question
 Question
2: Check “Conflict of Interest”
3: Choose “Social & Behavioral
Research Investigators (Human Subject
Research)” or “Biomedical Research
Investigators (Human Subject Research)”
 After
you answer Question 3, leave the rest
of the questions blank and click “Continue”
at the bottom of the page.
 You
should now be in the CITI website’s Main
 The
courses you previously selected should
be under “My Courses”
 Click
“Enter” under “Status” beside the
 Now
you are ready to work through the
saves your progress after you complete
each module quiz, so you can log out and log
in multiple times to complete your training
 You
do not have to complete the training in
one sitting
 Click
and Complete the The Integrity
Assurance Statement before beginning the
 Continue
 Read
on to “The Belmont Report”
the module, then take the quiz at the
 Continue
for each module listed
 You
can take each quiz as many times as is
necessary until you get a passing grade
 Beware
 After
that the answers do switch around
your first stab at the quiz, if you did
not have a high enough score to pass, click
“view module again” and re-read the module
to find the correct answer to the quiz
 After
you have scored a passing grade on
each module, you will have completed CITI
 After
you have finished, you are ready to be
added to IRB protocols and conduct human
subjects research

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