Theology Questions

Theology Questions
• What is religion?
• What are some characteristics of God? Find
evidence from general and special revelation.
• Is there anything that God cannot do?
• How can God be three and one at the same
Philosophy Questions
• On what basis do we trust human reason and
• On what basis should we distrust human reason
and senses?
• Does ‘faith precede reason’ or ‘reason precede
• Why should we accept special revelation as true?
• What is the relationship between the natural and
the supernatural?
Ethics Questions
• Why are Christian ethics and theology
• On what authority do Christians base their
belief in moral absolutes? How specific is this
• Ethically, what are Christians called to do?
• What motivates Christian ethical behavior?
Biology – 5 marks
• What is life? – describe what it means to be alive,
think of everything that you can think of that you
would consider ‘living’ what do they all have in
common? (eg. trees, people, dogs, bacteria…)
• Explain Theistic Evolution
• Are there problems with the theory of theistic
evolution? Explain them.
• What aspects of the Christian WV were
foundational to the development of science?
Psychology – 5 marks
• Why should Christians not accept many of the
popular views of psychology as expressed by
Freud, Skinner, Pavlov…?
• Why should Christians bring God’s truth to the
discipline of psychology? (5.1.1)
• What is the Christian view of ontology (the study
of being)? What is “unity of identity?” (5.1.2)
• What is the key to healing non-organic mental
Sociology – 5 marks
• According to the Bible, what are the three basic
institutions of society? Why do sociologists differ
when describing the origin of these institutions
and their relationship to the individual? (6.1.1)
• According to Christianity, what is the source of
society’s problem.
• What scriptural references support the
institutions of family, church and state?
• What was the Fall, how did it affect the Imago
Dei? How does this relate to society?
Arts and Law – 6 marks
• Why do law systems that reject God as Lawgiver
ultimately fail?
• Why does public trust in law disappear if the
fundamental principles of law are undermined? How
could this affect other areas of life?
• Why do Christians believe that law exists? Why do
Christians believe it is possible to develop a just system
of law?
• In what two ways had God revealed his law to
• What are the 5 basic precepts of Christian law? (7.1.5)
Politics – 8 marks
• What political systems make sense according to the Bible?
• What should politicians not attempt to do? (Deut. 17)
• What two aspects of human nature did America's founding
fathers understand?
• Why does mankind need a civil government?
• How can mankind be protected from government abuses?
• What are some current government activities that go
beyond the limited sphere suggested by the text?
• What explanations can be made for why Christians are
hesitant to be involved in politics? What logically follows if
Christians retreat from political involvement?
Economics – 8 marks
• What is the distinction between socialism and the free
market system?
• What biblical support is offered for private property? What
happened when private ownership is denied?
• What is the principle of comparative advantage? How does
competition stifle mankind's sinful tendencies?
• What are two mistaken assumptions often made about the
• What is the relationship between freedom and the
economic system a country employs?
• What principles should guide business?
• GDP or GGL? In what sense are they not mutually
History – 7 marks
• How important is historical validation to Christianity?
• What are two common objections made against the
Bible's reliability? How do Christians respond?
• What external evidence exists to support the historicity
of Jesus Christ?
• Who witnessed Christ's resurrection? What effect did
his resurrection have upon the disciples?
• According to Christianity, what is the purpose of
• What are the three ages of history according to
Christian / Jewish thinking?

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