Maclean`s - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Regional Municipality of
Wood Buffalo
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Negative Media Coverage
“Alas, it's populated by skatepunks, itinerants
and drug addicts. Fort McMurray is home to a
thriving drug trade. Across from the civic centre
is the dodgy oil Can Tavern; a stone's throw in
the opposite direction is the Boomtown Casino,
which draws a big crowd on Sundays.”
Preville, P. (2006, Oct.). Down & Dirty in Fort McMurray. Chatelaine.
Negative Media Coverage
“Unfortunately, just like the gold-rush towns of
the 1800s, Fort McMurray – or Fort McMoney as
it’s now known – has become synonymous with
crime, an explosion in prostitution and the
tough, young, bored single men with too much
money and little to do, who are fuelling the
Hannaford, A. (2012). No country for young men. British GQ. London, United Kingdom.
Reported Crime Statistics
 Maclean’s: 8th most dangerous city in Canada
 Maclean’s: Among top 10 municipalities in
Canada for various crime rates
Aggravated Assault
Motor Vehicle Theft
Impaired Driving
Population Growth
Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (2008). Envision Wood Buffalo: Towards 250K – Regional Report.
Population Data
Uniform Crime Report Survey
 Actual incidents and rates per 100,000
population for the past 10 years (2003-2012)
 Crime rates (per 100,000 population)
 10-year trends
 14 crime categories
 Offence groupings
 Specific offences
Total Criminal Code of Canada Violations
(excluding traffic offences)
Total Violent
Criminal Code of Canada Violations
Total Property
Criminal Code of Canada Violations
Homicide Incidents
Impaired Driving
 Using more accurate population data and 10-
year trends produces a different depiction of
crime in Wood Buffalo
 Does not exhibit high rates of violent or
property crime, nor many specific offences
 Cocaine distribution and impaired driving are
the only offences that are somewhat elevated

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