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Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins Bio
► Tony
Robbins makes it his business to know why
we do the things we do. The pioneering life coach
has spoken to millions of people through his bestselling books and three-day seminars. What's less
known about the iconic motivational speaker is the
range and stature of his personal clients. From
CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes, a wide
swath of high-performing professionals (who are
already plenty motivated, thank you very much)
look to him for help reaching their full potential.
► “Why
We Do What We Do”
► Presentation by Tony Robbins
Emotion is the Force of Life
► What
Drives You?
► We have 6000 words for different emotions.
► People usually have a repeating 12 different
dominate emotions they feel during a week.
Half of those emotions don’t make you feel
very good.
► Which emotions drive you to your own
personal happiness
Emotions Continued
► This
gives us basically 5 or 6 dominate
emotions that make us happy on a given
► The quality of our lives is the quality of our
emotions. ~ Robbins
Effective Leaders
► “These
people have the ability to
consistently move themselves and others to
action because they understand the
“invisible forces” that shape us.” ~Robbins
Two Master Lessons in Life
► 1.
The Science of Achievement
 How do you make something happen
 How you make something invisible visible
► 2.
The Art of Fulfillment
 This is about your appreciation and contribution
 You can only feel so much by yourself
When people fail what is the reason?
► Most
people will claim that there is a lack of
The REAL reason why people fail
► “It
is never resources why people fail it is
► It is how people communicate with their
► If we get the right emotion we can get
ourselves to do anything.
► We can get through to anybody with the
right resourcefulness.
What is Resourcefulness?
► Resourcefulness
Three Decisions that will shape your
► 1.
What am I going to focus on?
 Focus=feeling
 Past/present/future
► 2.
What does it mean?
 Is the end or the beginning
 Meaning will create the emotion
► 3.
What are you going to do?
 Emotion will create the action
 Give up or move forward
If you can look at these three things
with your decisions you will gain
► 1.
Emotional Fitness
► 2. Psychological Strength
What shapes you?
► 1.
Our State
 Our “in the moment” personality
 Emotionally or physically
► 2.
Our Long Term
 Our model of the world
 The shape of meaning emotion and action.
How to look at Goals
► Mr.
Robbins calls them Targets
 Not your desires or wants but your actual targets.
► Map
 How are you going to get there?
 What is your path?
 What is your time?
► Fuel
 What type of emotions are you going to use to propel
you on your journey?
Human Needs
► 1.
 Certainty to avoid pain
 Need to be comfortable
 Need it to be easy, but not totally certain
because then things become boring
Human Needs
► 2.
 We need surprises
 Not just the ones we want
 People need variety in their lives
Human Needs
► 3.
 We need to feel important to someone or
 We have to find a way to be unique or special
Human Needs
► 4.
Connection and Love
 Every person needs this
 Most people stick to connection because love is
too scary.
 There are different ways to attain it
Human Needs
► 5.
 If your not growing your dying
 We grow so that we have something to give of
Human Needs
► 6.
Contribute to something bigger than
 To love someone more than you love yourself
 To be apart of something that is more
important that you.
 Secret to living is giving.
 People get excited to contribute once they have
experienced it, not just talked about it.
Human Needs
► Every
person finds a way to meet the first
four needs. These are the needs of the
► They can do it constructively or
► The last two needs are called the needs of
the spirit.
► Only if you reach the last two can you gain
fulfillment in your life.
Tony Robbins Presentation
► What
does this all mean to you personally?
► How are you going to start managing your
► Write a list of your targets/map/fuel?
► Can you make it happen?

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