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The little water droplet falls rapidly to the ground, but uh oh!
They got stuck on a leaf! Why are we stuck to a leaf? adhesion
causes us to stick to other objects like this leaf.
As we wait to slide off, more and more of our friends
fall through the clouds and land right beside us.
For some reason, the leaf began to bend, as all of our
friends came to meet us. The bubble that we made up
slowly edged to the end of the leaf. We hung there
waiting for one last person.
Why weren’t we falling? Cohesion was happening,
keeping us stuck together like a friendship between us
all. Polarity is the reason that cohesion occurs; water
has opposite charges so they stick with each other
Finally we all jumped off together and joined up with
another group heading towards a lake.
as the river became calm, a gecko ran on top of our
heads. Ow! Ow! Ow! How did he do it? Surface tension
causes it; water like us can act like we have a plastic
layer running on top.
Finally! After 2 hours of riding with my friends we arrive
at the town of Great Lake. Night is falling and we are
getting chilly. It becomes cold and colder and colder.
We grow big to create more heat and we become solid.
Why are we separated? This is because of water’s
density. Liquid water is more dense than ice, so our
brothers up north can float above others.
It is morning and the sun warms us up and we don’t
have to fatten up anymore and turn into liquid. Oh no!
we were being sucked up into a pipe!
Why were we being sucked up? Capillary action is
occurring! A water property that explains the tendency
of water to rise in narrow tubes.
Wow! Isn’t that neat?
After hours of traveling through a
narrow pipe with my nearby friends,
we finally found ourselves flowing
through a cold metal faucet into a pot.
Soon we were beginning to heat up
gradually since our specific levels were
higher than most other common that
exist substances with 1 degrees Celsius
As soon as we were warm enough to
dissolve substances, we found
ourselves falling again onto another
cup which contained some mysterious
As soon as I touched the brown
powder, I found myself blending in
with it and soon I was no longer
bonded with the other droplets, I am
now a bazaar, brown substance.
I am able to dissolve into the brown
substance because before I was
transformed into this weird substance,
I was a universal substance in which I
can dissolve almost any other
I was soon dumped into a sink because
of my impure nature and soon was
travelling down another narrow pipe
In an instant, I found myself back into
ocean where I was purified again.
The sun was high in the sky today and
soon I began to slowly rise up into the
sky as I was slowly turning into a gas
because of my high specific heat.
Soon, condensation took its place and
me and my friends started to begin to
take the shape of a cloud.
I began to grow heavier and heavier as
more and more of my family came to
meet me. We condensed to make the
cloud bigger.
Once again we all dropped through the
sky; also known as precipitation; and I
fell on something hard. What is this! A
leaf?! Not again!!

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