Research Participation Presentation

Research Participation Program
Department of Organizational Studies
Anderson School of Management
to the Department of Organizational Studies’
Research Participation Program!
The Research Participation Program (RPP) allows students to
participate as subjects in ongoing research projects conducted by
the Department of Organizational Studies.
This program offers a unique experience for advanced BBAs and
MBAs, providing an opportunity to enhance personal, academic
and career growth.
Regardless of your concentration, this
experience imparts knowledge that can be applied to multiple areas
of business.
arn credit
All students enrolled in MGMT 306 and MGMT 506 are required to
complete 2 research participation credits during the semester.
Students can earn credits by:
1) Participating in research:
30 minute and 1 hour study options available
1) Research Participation Alternative:
Write brief papers that summarize theory, methods and results of published
No partial research participation credits will be granted.
Completing the RPP requirement is “all or nothing”.
ogin with your user ID and password
ccess information, sign-up and check credits on SONA
here is the OB Lab located?
Enter the main doors on the
second floor of ASM on the
East side. Seat yourself at
any of the tables in the
lobby outside of ASM
At your scheduled session
time, a Research Assistant
will escort you to the
ow do I participate?
Be at least 5 minutes early to your scheduled
• Please wait in the lobby outside room
ASM 2141
• -1 credit will be assigned for missed sessions
or late arrivals
• You can cancel or reschedule via SONA
systems up to 24 hours in advance of your
egative Credit
A research participation credit value of "-1" will be
assigned for either:
• Missed sessions
• Late arrivals
It is important to note that we cannot accommodate participants who
arrive late to sessions. Even 1 minute late is considered a "late
arrival" and will result in a value of -1 being assigned to the
participant's account. For that reason, it is always a good idea to
arrive a few minutes early for your session.
inal thoughts
Sign up for your lab session early – Don’t wait!
• Limited amount of hours per semester
We’re here to help
• If you have ideas or questions – we’re here for you
Check out:
Email us:
[email protected]

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