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The No 1 choice for Stone Cladding
Eazyclad Thin Slate
Eazyclad is one of the UK’s leading
provider of natural and manufactured
stone cladding veneers. We Supply
the UK and Ireland architectural and
bespoke design communities with the
latest developments in stone and
stone veneers for use on internal and
external projects.
Thin Slate
Eazyclad Thin slate is a natural
stone veneer that can be used
sparingly as an individual feature or
across a whole theme of different
fixtures and fittings in a project. The
ability to customise a new or
refurbishment project in a natural
Eazyclad Thin slate veneer is a natural
stone approx 2mm in thickness, it can be
applied to a wide range of materials such
as conventional block work, wood, glass ,
MDF, or any existing cladding system. As
well as a whole range of non traditional
surfaces. Eazyclad thin slate can be
applied to straight, curved and irregular
profiles. Not only is it flexible it can be
shaped, cut and even drilled.
Eazyclad Thin Slate Veneer
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