Welcome to Re-Fresh
You have expressed in recent “Pulse” surveys your high expectations for robust and rich appraisals and we hope that
this new online system will provide you with a truly valuable experience, that helps you build on your performance.
Although feedback should be ongoing, it is good to receive once or twice a year a formal feedback from your
manager through a qualitative process, and have a written document that you could refer to with your goals and ongoing development plans.
Your annual appraisal is your chance to have an in-depth discussion with your manager on your contribution to the
agency success, review your past achievements, hear how you are doing in your job, discuss your on-going
professional and personal growth, and share your career expectations. It is therefore critical that you properly
prepare for it and optimise your learning's from the process.
However, you might not find this easy to do.
This document is providing you with guidelines to help you to get started, clarifying the appraisal process step by
step, and tips and tools useful to have a successful appraisal. Also included next to each step of the appraisal process
is the navigation guide for where to input that part of information into our online appraisal system Re-Fresh.
Why are appraisals soimportant?
You are actively in charge of your career. The appraisal process is an opportunity for you to work
on yourself, acknowledge your strengths and identify your key areas of development . It should
help you improve, learn and grow, and in turn, actively manage your career.
Appraisals help align people growth and success to our company growth and success. It is your
chance to share with your manager your queries on the agency/your department strategy, clarify
part of your role and responsibilities, and confirm your priorities and focus. The appraisal process
should help you see clearly how you contribute to the agency overall strategy and success. When
people grow and shine, the agency grows and shines…
ZenithOptimedia aims at developing and nurturing a performance culture across the
organisation (feedbacks, recognition, acknowledgement, rewards… ), high quality annual
appraisals are an important step to build that culture.
Re-Fresh and Live ROI
Re-Fresh: Applying the LIVE ROI philosophy to our brand
We believe we should apply the same LIVE ROI process internally to our people annually during
appraisal time.
Active Understanding - Building a culture of feedback
We listen to what our people have to say, their feedback and expectations- we build an understanding of what they
value, what they’d like to change and what they’d like to improve.
Dynamic Engagement – Applying the vision of the company to the individual contribution
From the employees appraisal, managers take the time to understand what the employees values, what they want to
change and improve. From here they can give constructive feedback to employees and work together with them to
formulate a plan for the coming year.
Real Time Measurement - Providing clear goals and KPI’s to drive success
Throughout the year, employees can work towards their goals whilst simultaneously recording accomplishments in
the system. In some markets, they may review the appraisals bi-annually and in others, achievements will be noted
on an informal basis before the formal appraisals begin again.
Why do we use a global appraisal system?
A Global Performance Management approach is critical in order to:
Contribute to strengthening
our “Global Brand”
Develop a common
understanding of
Cement our global values
and culture by incorporating
those into a consistent set of
global competencies
Provide a consistent and
familiar employee
experience – regardless of
We have therefore chosen a web solution that has been used in our Brand and in the
Groupe for several years, and offers a data-protected environment, with a very intuitive
and user friendly interface.
The full appraisal process
Training the team Employees,
Managers and Exec
Active Understanding
Real Time
Employees work
towards goals
discussed in
Re-Fresh goes live
Rest of year
Managers and
Employee meet for
Managers and
Employee meet for
Managers complete
Dynamic Engagement
Performance Appraisal -a 4 step process
Step 1: Preparing your Self Appraisal
Goal Review
Aspirations and
Next Year Goal
Step 2: Meet with your manager
Use this meeting time to go through your appraisal and hear your managers thoughts and feedback on how you are doing in your job and
how we could support you moving forward to be a brilliant performer. For example; you should discuss your achievements and your areas of
improvement. You should make sure you have a proper understanding of what the company is expecting from you in your job and how you
can contribute to the companies success.
Step 3: Conclude
After your meeting with your manager, take the time to go back to Re-Fresh to view your manager comments. Take the time to properly
understand his feedback and think about the year ahead. You will be invited to input your final comments and then agree or disagree with
your appraisal. If you choose to disagree with your appraisal, HR will follow up with you afterwards.
Step 4: Follow Up
The Appraisal Cycle
Goal Review
Throughout the guide you will see this cycle in the
bottom right corner to guide you on where you are
in the process of your online appraisal.
Goal Setting
What is a self-appraisal?
To begin the performance appraisal process, you will need to complete your self assessment
where you will reflect on yourself over the past 6-12 months. You will complete a series of steps
within the Re-Fresh system which will then be available for your manager to comment on. This
first step is very useful for both parties as it:
• Helps managers understand employees’ perspective and aspirations
• Familiarizes managers to what employees have worked on prior to possible re-organisation
• Reminds managers of employees’ accomplishments
• Allows employees to market themselves, and “build their case”
• Lets employees contribute to goals for the upcoming year
• Helps managers balance his views / own assessment
• Helps to establish a richer conversation when meeting to discuss
Self ratings
Throughout the appraisal process you will be asked to rate yourself from one of the below ratings and
you will receive an overall rating from your manager at the end of the appraisal process.
Please read these carefully before you begin the process to guide you on choosing the correct rating
Above Target
Very few REAL STARS are receiving this rating.
no more than
5% of the agency
Above Target
This rating is used for employees really over delivering,
beyond the normal level of expectation in their position.
10-15% of the
employees here.
On Target
Employees with an ‘On Target’ are doing a GOOD job, in
line with what we expect from them in their position. It’s
not an “Average” rating. It’s a positive recognition.
(50-60% of the
Below Target
Below Target
If you are an Average or a poor performer, you should know
about it and you will be asked to address this.
Very poor performers. These people need to be evaluated
on very specific KPIs and action needs to be taken to fix
the issue, in a way or another.
10-15% employees in
this group
no more than
5% of the agency
Re-Fresh System
Enter your username and password (for first time
users this is your email address for both)
Select your language and login
Use the top menu bar to access:
YOUR own personal appraisal – Employee
YOUR own personal career profiles
The Manager tab to see all of your employees – if
you are a manager
The Appraisal Process and System explained together
The following slides will take you through the appraisal process. You will understand how to answer each section of
the appraisal and will see the area of the system you need to be in.
Below is a key to some commonly seen buttons in Re-Fresh:
The PDF button will allow you to print off your appraisal
The Not Started icon will indicate you have not put any feedback into this section
The In Progress icon will indicate you have saved feedback in this section
Wherever you see this icon, you can hover your mouse over the top to see more information
After you complete a section please save it otherwise it will be lost when you log out!
Transfers comments in the employees appraisal over to the managers view
Step 1: Preparing your Self Appraisal
Goal Review
Goal Review
• If you completed your self assessment in Re-Fresh in 2013 your 2013 goals will be available in
the first section ready for you to complete your goal review.
• If this is your first appraisal or if you were not given written/specific goals last year, try and
write down some in your self assessment, where you would cover what you feel were the
most critical projects you had to deliver in the past 12 months, knowing your clients requests,
your department business focus, what you know about the agency strategy, etc… Try and be
really specific when writing these “backwards” goals.
• Be specific on your positive achievements on this goals and the challenges you encountered. Be
honest with yourself…
Goal Review
Goal Review
Nb: If you did not complete the appraisal process in Re-Fresh last year you may need to input your goal here otherwise your 2013 goals will
Your goal will
appear here
(if you were not
appraised in
Re-Fresh last
year, you will
be able to input
your goals here
Input your self
assessment on
how you felt you
achieved this goal
in 2013 and select
the self rating
Competency Review
All of our people at ZenithOptimedia across the globe will be assessed on the same 6 Global
Competencies during the competency review.
There are 3 levels to each competency (individual contributor, manager, director and above)
If you are a manager of 3+ people you will also be assessed on an extra 3 Global Management
What are these competencies? They reflect the core of what we need to deliver in the industry we
belong too. They incorporate our Brand vision and value.
Competency Review
Has the functional and technical knowledge and skills to do his/her job at a high level of accomplishment,
in line with his/her position in the organisation and his/her seniority.
Has a good command of the field
Client Focus
Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of external and/or internal clients; get firsthand client information and uses it for improvements in product and services; acts with clients in mind;
establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
Strategic Ability
Sees ahead clearly; can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately; has broad knowledge and
perspective; is future oriented; can articulately paint credible pictures and visions of possibilities and
likelihoods; can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plan.
Drive for Results
Is action oriented and full of energy for the things he/she sees as challenging; not fearful of acting with a
minimum of planning; seize opportunities and is very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and
others for results.
Relationships and
Is seen as a team player and is collaborative, easily gains trust and support of peers; Encourage
collaboration; Can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all; can represent
his/her own interest and yet be fair to other groups.
ZO ‘’Live ROI’’
Lives ZO values and ethics; is Open to new ideas and change, Curious, and collaborative.
Actively builds his knowledge, skills and digital expertise in order to promote and deliver Live ROI: Search,
Social, Data & Analytics, Content, Mobile, Marketing.
Wider contribution, above and beyond role, to the overall agency.
Competency Review
Management Competencies
(Managers with a team of 3+ people)
Managing Vision &
Managing People and
Building Effective
Developing Direct
Report and Others
Communicates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; talks beyond today; talks about
possibilities; is optimistic; creates mileposts and symbols to rally support behind the vision; makes the
vision sharable by everyone; can inspire and motivate entire units or organisations
Provides challenging and stretching tasks and assignments; holds frequent development discussions; is
aware of each person’s career goals; constructs compelling development plans and executes them.
Pushes people to accept developmental moves; will take on those who need help and further
development; cooperates with the developmental system in the organisation; is a mentor and a people
Is good at establishing clear directions; set stretching objectives; distributes the workload appropriately;
lays out work in a well-planned and organized manner; maintains two-way dialogue with others on work
and results; brings out the best in people; is a clear and frequent communicator. Blend people into teams;
create strong morale and spirit in his/her team: shares wins and successes; fosters open dialogue.
Competency Review
Read the competency & assess yourself in the
‘self comment box’. Remember, your comments
should be more than a few words but less than a
book. Enough to express yourself and facilitate a
healthy conversation
Give yourself a
rating on each of
these competencies
In the “Stop/Continue/Start” section, you should reflect onto yourself and try and openly share
what you feel you should re-enforce or change in your behaviour, spirit and way of working, as
much as in the content of your job.
This should be your MANTRA for the coming year. You should be able to recite this to yourself at all
times. You should have 3 bullet points maximum per section.
Eg: Stop: Delaying Decisions, Spending all my time focusing on future projects and not present ones
Continue: Producing quality work by deadline,
Start: Taking a proactive approach to organizing weekly team meetings
If you have any specific job competencies you need to address in your appraisal you can use this
section to comment.
Enter in your (maximum) 3 bullet point per heading. This is your mantra.
Next Year Goal
Goal Setting for the next year
Well written goals are critical to be focused, and efficient. When thinking about your next year
goals, try and think of what it critical for your department and for the agency, and how you can
best contribute to the achievement of the Agency and your department's business objectives, in
your position. Try and write goals that are very structured and specific.
Goals should be: S
You will notice there are various goal categories which we encourage you to match your goals
Next Year Goal
Goal Setting for the next year
Use this section to record your goals for the
coming year. Please take the time to complete
the measurement criteria also.
Career Profile
You will have access to the career profile section in Re-Fresh in order to complete your online CV.
The information collected here can be viewed but not edited by your manager and will be used for
reference only by them.
You can insert information regarding any language knowledge, your past work history both at ZO and
elsewhere and you can list your top 5 areas of expertise.
Career Profile
You will find the career profile in the top menu
Input your language knowledge, work history and areas of expertise – your manager will be able to view this for reference
Step 2: Meet with your manager
Step 2: Meet with your manager
After you have input your self assessment in the previous 6 sections:
Goal Review
Aspirations and
Next Year Goal
You will come to this message:
If you are happy with your appraisal and everything you have entered you will need to select
‘Show my comments to my manager’. This will transfer your comments over to your manager so
he/she can begin to write your appraisal.
Preparing for your meeting
You will receive an invite for the face to face meeting with your manager. If you don’t hear from your
manager after you have finished your self evaluation, reach out to him/her and remind them that it
would be appropriate to book a date in the calendar without too much delay.
If the invite falls during your holidays, or during an extraordinary busy time (pitch…), let your
manager know immediately and reschedule. It is very important that you are fully “available” for
that meeting, not in a rush or under stress.
The meeting is designed to be positive, however it should not be too “casual” (avoid a lunch, avoid
interruptions, no calls/blackberry etc).
Allow enough time (1h30 average).
Bring your self evaluation with you, and your preparatory docs (appraisals from last year, clients’
Preparing for your meeting
First, review your self-assessment and gather all possible facts/evidence to support your views. Be
specific on your positive achievements and the challenges you encountered. Be honest with yourself,
talk openly of your areas of improvement.
Answer the following questions:
•How do you view your career so far?
• What type of career opportunities would enable you to advance your career aspirations?
• Why do you perceive your career aspirations in the direction described above?
• In your opinion, which are the performance criteria and achievements to date that best qualify
you for your desired career path?
• Which areas of improvement do you believe you should focus on to best qualify for your
desired career path?
• Do you feel your current role could provide you with greater challenge and fulfillment, and if
so, how
Tip for the actual face to face meeting
You should be ready to start talking first and present your self evaluation. Most likely, your
manager will start the discussion with a general question like “How do you think this year has
Use the appraisal sections as a conduit for the meeting – This way you will be sure to cover all the
Present your views in a positive way. Do not be aggressive, do not blame “others” or “the Agency”
for your failures. You can however be specific on the environment’s triggers, that have had an
impact (positive or negative) on your performance.
Listen when your manager shares a feedback– do not interrupt or argue. Ask for clarification or
examples, if you feel the feedback is too “generic” and not helpful;
Be open and willing to re-examine your data if your manager disagree with your assessment.
Share clearly your challenges, expectations and how your manager could support you better.
Make sure you end up the discussion with a clear action plan for the coming year.
Step 3: Conclude
Concluding your appraisal
After your meeting with your manager, you can log back into Re-Fresh to see your managers
You should read through these comments again. Make sure your understand your assessment –
your goals going forth and what the company is expecting off you.
You MUST select that you are happy with the process or you have expressed some concerns
with the process
If you have any comments to add about your appraisal or your thoughts going forth, please leave them in the ‘My Comment’ box and
select either ‘I have completed my appraisal and was satisfied with the process’ or ‘I have completed my appraisal and have expressed
some concerns with the process’
Step 4: Follow Up
Follow up
Once your appraisal has been finalised remember to follow up with your manager and
your HR contact on specific requirements including:
Training needs
Developmental assignments
To remember
Your Talent Team can provide assistance throughout the process -
Providing information of previous evaluations where appropriate
Guiding employees in their navigation & input into the system
Running proper evaluation workshop training
By ensuring proper follow up
We hope you have had a valuable appraisal for the 2013/2014 year!

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