P. argus

Lobster Training
Revised 05/2009
Harvest Methods
Typical Main Lobster Boat
Lobster Trap
How a trap works
Harvesting lobster in Maine
Lobster Definitions
American Lobster / North American Lobster
Cold water lobster from the north Atlantic
Species is Homarus americanus
Live Lobster
North American lobsters (H. americanus) that are
transported live and cooked whole
Rock Lobster / Spiny Lobster
Wide variety of warm water lobsters from the Equatorial
regions of the globe; usually only in tail form
Most famous regions: Brazil, Bahamas, Nicaragua,
Honduras, South Africa, Australia
Also available from: Mexico, Ecuador, Oman,
Madagascar, Cuba
Chemical Abuse
Sodium Tri-Poly Phosphate
Evidence of tri-poly abuse.
Notice how the meat still looks
raw after cooking.
Sodium Tri-Poly Phosphate (STP) is used to retain moisture in a variety
of seafood products
Although legal for use, the over-use of the chemical causes product to
become rubbery and remain translucent when cooked
Can impart a metallic flavor
Lobster Pack Styles
Individual Poly Wrapped (IPW)
Dry N. A. Tail
Dry WW Tail (IPW)
Lobster Species
Bahamas #2 (P. argus
Bahamas #2 Tail
Black belly
Yellow meat
Shell defects
Lobster Species
Brazil Species
Brazil has 2 species
that are fished
P. argus
P. laevicuda
These are not
interchangeable but
may end up in the same
box as a method of
reducing price
P. argus is the more
desirable and higher
priced species
P. argus
P. laevicuda
Lobster Species
Costa Rica
P. argus
Lobster Species
Ecuador Red Shell
P. pencillatus
Lobster Species
P. argus
Lobster Species
Mexico Red Shell
P. interruptes
Lobster Species
Mexico Species
P. argus
P. Interruptes
Red Shell
Lobster Species
Nicaragua Species
P. argus
Lobster Species
Oman Species
P. homarus
Lobster Species
Pacific Species
P. gracilis
Lobster Species
Panulirus argus Species
Lobster Sizing
•Stated net ounces; 4-5 = 4 to 5 ounces each
•Glaze should be removed before weighing
Live / Whole
•Stated net weight
•Usually in ½ pound increments
Lobster Evaluation
Check net weight
Confirm species
Confirm counts against actual weight, not stated weight
Confirm ingredients and labeling
What Makes Lobster Cheaper?
Seller long on inventory
Seller needs cash
“Loss leader” or “buying the business”
Illegal Harvesting
Taking “egged Females”
Taking undersized Lobster
Lobster Tricks
I can buy my lobster cheaper from someone else . . .
Species substitution / mixing
Incorrect counts
Heavy glaze
Mislabeled size
Short weight
Excessive bi-sulfites or STP
Excessive defects-broken shell, missing flippers, blackbelly, etc.
Decomposition, age, off flavors, etc.
If it isn’t
, it has to go!
Revised 05/2009

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