America: The Story of Us: World War II

U.S. Is Drawn Into the War
1. What was the intent of the Japanese when they
attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?
They want to destroy the American Navy.
Aerial Photo of Pearl Harbor
Japanese Aerial Advantage?
2. What were Japanese planes called?
Japanese Expansion
Japan has built an empire across _Korea_,
_Manchuria_, and _Hong Kong_ but it wants the
whole _Pacific Ocean_.
Pearl Harbor
4. Why was the U.S. fleet “sitting ducks.”
The whole fleet was stationed in one little area.
Pearl Harbor: A Comedy of Errors?
5. How could the attack have been stopped? Why wasn’t
Radar had picked up Japanese planes coming in but
they were ignored because a group of American B17’s was expected at any time.
The Aftermath
6. All _8_ battle ships were put out of action, _1178_ were
wounded, and _2403_ were killed.
America’s Response
7. The attack of Pearl Harbor was called “a day that will
live in _infamy_.”
America: The War Machine Awakens
8. After the attack, what happened to American
It awakened American industry that had been
idle during the depression.
Transportation in WWII
9. What vehicle was invented to be used in WW II?
The General Purpose Vehicle or GP, also known as a
Women and the War?
10. What was the best kept secret weapon of WW II?
American Women
U.S. Economic Upturn
11. Because of women working in factories, tax returns
jump from less than $4 million_ in 1941 to _$42
million__ in 1945.
The Cost of War
12. World War II will cost the government
_$300 Billion Dollars_.
Rosie The Riveter
 13. Women’s salaries set off a war time _consumer
American Air Power
14. __300,000__ aircraft come out of U.S. factories
during the war.
Daylight and Nighttime Raids
15. The _United States_ used high altitude precision
bombing during the day while the _British bombed
at night.
America by Day
British by Night
Saturation Bombing
16. What important event took place on August 17, 1942?
The first high altitude bombing during the day
took place over Germany with American planes.
“Precision Bombing”
17. What did the U.S. use to aid their bombing?
The Norden Bombsight
The Casualties of War
18. What grim fact becomes a reality during World War
II because of air bombing?
Many of the planes and men will not make it home
from their raids.
Tactically Superior Numbers
19. America’s goal was to overwhelm the enemy with
_machines_ and _manpower_. By 1943 _10 million_
Americans have been drafted into the military.
Segregation and the Military
20. The American military remained _segregated_
during World War II and did not allow blacks and
whites to serve together.
“A Great Undertaking”
21. General Dwight D. Eisenhower took command of the
biggest amphibian invasion in history, code named
”Operation Overlord”.
D-Day: The Beginning
22. To the world, the Normandy landings were known as
23. Over _5.4 million American soldiers invaded Europe
during World War II.
24. What happened on June 6, 1944?
The D-Day invasion of Normandy began in France.
Getting off the Beach
25. The American’s main invasion during D-Day took
place at _Omaha_ Beach. By 9:00 A.M. there were
__5000__ Americans on shore and _2000_ U.S.
casualties on Omaha Beach alone.
D-Day +3, 4, 5
26. The invasion of Normandy was a logistical miracle
but the cost was staggering with _126,000_ Americans
killed, wounded, or missing during the battle of
The War in the Pacific
27. While the U.S. was winning the war in Europe,
Americans were still dying while fighting the
The U.S.’s Secret Weapon
28. On July 16, 1945, American technology changed the
world forever when _the first atomic bomb was test
in the desert of New Mexico_.
29. The _”Manhattan Project”_ was the secret code
name for the building of the first atomic bomb.
The Atomic Bomb
The Flash Seen Around the World
30. When atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, 120,000 people were killed instantly. Over
the days, months, and years that follow, Another
80,000 are killed slowly, A day after dropping the
second bomb, the Japanese surrender, ending World
War II.
The Aftermath of the Atomic Bomb

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