2013 RFS AMCLC Wrap-Up and Overview

American College of Radiology
Annual Meeting & Chapter
Leadership Conference
Resident and Fellow Section
2013 Recap
Washington Hilton
Washington D.C.
The American College
of Radiology
“Quality Is Our Image”
What is the ACR?
 Originally established in 1923 as an honorary society to
recognize “Fellows” with distinguished academic careers
 1930’s – “advancing the science of radiology by means of the
study of the economic aspects of radiology and the
encouragement of improved educational facilities for
 The ACR has been the primary organization representing the
socioeconomic and professional practice issues of radiology
since it’s foundation
ACR Mission
To serve patients and society by
 Maximizing the value of radiology, radiation oncology, interventional
radiology, nuclear medicine and medical physics
 Advancing the science of radiology
 Improving the quality of patient care
 Positively influencing the socio-economics of the practice of radiology
 Providing continuing education for radiology and allied health professions
 Conducting research for the future of radiology
ACR Overview
 Over 34,000 members
 Oversees accreditation
 Organizes activities by
five pillars of excellence
 Publishes the JACR &
Appropriateness Criteria®
 Advocacy
 Clinical Research
 Economics
 Education
 Quality and Safety
 Promotes Image Wisely &
Image Gently campaigns
 Administers the AIRP
(former AFIP), Radiology
Leadership Institute and
other CME activities
American College
of Radiology
Resident and
Fellow Section
“Lead from the Beginning”
Resident & Fellow Section (RFS)
 http://rfs.acr.org
 All radiology residents are
automatically members during
 Focuses on education &
resources for residents
 RFS e-news
 RFS Toolkit
 The largest and most active
RFS section among radiology
 ACR Fellowships
 Represents the future of the
 Health Policy Milestones in
Modern America
 Business Concepts in Radiology
Lecture Series
 Resident and Fellow
Journal Club
AMCLC 2013
 “Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference”
 Held at the Washington Hilton, in Washington D.C.
 Resident & Fellow Section Meeting – Saturday May 4th
& Sunday May 5th
 ACR Council – Monday May 6th & Tuesday, May 7th
 Capitol Hill Visits - Wednesday, May 8th
 Attended by over 300 residents
Resident & Fellow Section
 21st annual dedicated RFS meeting
 Opportunities:
 Learn about the ACR’s legislative and advocacy efforts
 Learn about future business models in radiology
 Leadership development
 Learn about international outreach opportunities
for radiology residents
 Network with colleagues nationwide
 Meet senior leaders in the ACR
 Participate in the ACR Council
4th Annual RFS Poster Session
 49 posters on display
 Can be viewed online @ the AMCLC RFS portal
 Categories:
Advocacy & Government Relations
Economics & Health Policy
Clinical Research
Quality & Safety
RFS Poster Winners
 Clinical Research
 Lead Author: Eric Monroe
 Program: University of Washington
 Title: Emergent embolization of ruptured hepatic angiosarcoma: a single center
 Case Based
 Lead Author: Chris Lazo, MD
 Program: University of Florida College of Medicine
 Title: Now you see it, Now you don’t: Comparing two cases of gallstone ileus
 Economics & Health Policy
 Lead Author: Mary Wood, MD
 Program: Eastern Virginia Medical School
 Title: Examining barriers for mammography screening compliance within an urban
hospital and an underserved primary care clinic in Santiago, Chile
RFS Poster Winners
 Advocacy & Government Relations
 Lead Author: Florian Fintelmann
 Program: Massachusetts General Hospital
 Title: Novel Advocacy Platform to Reach Junior Residents: Teaching Essentials for
Independent Call
 Quality & Safety
 Lead Author: Aarti Luhar, MD
 Program: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
 Title: Reducing Unnecessary Pelvic Imaging in Trauma Patients: A Residents-Driven
Quality Improvement Project
 Education
 Lead Author: Andrew Bunney, MD
 Program: University of Minnesota
 Title: Improving Medical Student Radiology Education Through Development
of a Focused Ultrasound Moodle
RFS Meeting Highlights
Radiology Advocacy Network Overview
Dr. David Rosman
AMA Overview and Update
Dr. Alex Ding
Lunch with ACR Leaders
RFS International Outreach
Subcommittee Info Session
State RFS Leaders Networking Breakfast
Dr. Alexander Norbash FACR
Separate Radiology and Radiation
Oncology Young Physician Panels:
Transitioning to Life after Training
Dr. Richard Duszak FACR
Healthcare Reform/PPACA Discussion
Drs. John Patti FACR and Paul Ellenbogen FACR
Setting a Strategic Course- RLI MiniSession
Dr. Lawrence R. Muroff FACR
Q&A with ACR Leadership
Radiology Risk Management: Improving
Quality through Expectations and
Dr. Lawrence R. Muroff FACR
Radiology Leadership Institute Overview
Dr. Andrew Wu
What You Didn’t Learn in Residency
***Video highlights from the meeting will be posted on the RFS website***
RFS Meeting Highlights
 New for the 2013 RFS Meeting
 Dual Track Programming
 First-Time Attendee Track
Senior Resident Involvement Panel
Leadership in Practice
 Dr. Richard B. Gunderman FACR
Business of Radiology
 Dr. Frank Lexa
 Return Attendee Track
Advocacy Engagement Panel
Economics & Coding Session
 Dr. Geraldine McGinty FACR
Making a Career Out of Quality
 Dr. Paul Nagy FSIIM
 Point/Counterpoint - Is eliminating
fee for service reimbursement good or bad for radiology?
Moderator – Dr. Saurabh Jha
Presenters – Drs. Matt Hawkins and Neil Lall
ACR Council
 Councilors represent all state
and subspecialty societies
 Discuss business of the college
 Debate and adopt policies and resolutions
 Multiple lectures focused on socioeconomic
issues and radiology
AMCLC Keynote Speakers
 Robert D. Moreton Lecture
 Value, Variation, and Patient-Centered care: Building Radiology’s Future
 Brent James, MD
 Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute
 Promoting Relevancy and Value in Evolving Health Care Delivery Systems
 Richard Duszak, MD FACR
Capitol Hill Visits
 Visits were organized by the ACR and RADPAC
 More than 525 radiologists participated in the
2013 AMCLC Capitol Hill Day, an all-time
 Attendees distributed information regarding
our two MPPR bills, S. 623 and H.R. 846
 S. 623 gained 3 co-sponsors as a result of Hill Day
 H.R. 846 gained 12 co-sponsors as a result of Hill Day
 The Political Action Committee affiliated with the ACR
 Lobbies in DC to support the political interests of Radiology
 More than 400 contributors during the 2013 AMCLC including over 140
members in training!
During the Chapter Leader’s Breakfast on Monday of the AMCLC, RADPAC
presented the four winning states of the RADPAC March Madness Campaign with
$500 prizes
 The $500 is to be used to fund a resident to attend the AMCLC
 Congratulations to CA, IA, MO, and WY!
Donations can be made online at www.radpac.org
RFS members are encouraged to consider donating
$5/month to RADPAC to support our profession
Imaging 3.0
 A change process led by the ACR
 Recognizes the changes facing the profession
 Focuses on what we need to manage our practices, patient care, and the future
 A call to action to all radiologists to take a
leadership role in shaping America’s future
healthcare system
Beyond the AMCLC
Staying involved with the
ACR RFS throughout the year
ACR RFS on Twitter
 Follow the RFS @ACRRFS
 Use #radres for all tweets
radiology resident related
 Join the ongoing discussion
about the future of radiology
in the twittersphere
Visit the RFS website
• Numerous educational resources for residents
• Directory of state RFS
• Information on applying
for fellowships,
volunteering and more!
• http://rfs.acr.org
ACR RFS Virtual Journal Club
 Led by Dr. Geraldine McGinty FACR
 Chair of the Commission on Economics, Twitter @ gmcginty
 Next Journal Club – August 1st - Hosted by
Dr. David Levin on the topic of Self Referral
 Prior topics
 Reimbursement for radiology and radiologists – Dr. Ronald Evens FACR
 Imaging Utilization: RBMs vs Decision Support – Dr. Richard Duszak FACR & Jim Rawson FACR
 Imaging Utilization: The effect of price and policy – Dr. David Lee PhD
 Radiology Practice Models – Dr. Lawrence Muroff FACR
 Recaps from prior journal clubs available for download on
the RFS website
Membership Subcommittee
 Focuses on a variety of projects to benefit the
RFS membership.
 All projects remain on the RFS website.
 Anyone can become involved!
 Contact [email protected] if you would like to
ACR Radiology Leadership
 Mission – “to prepare leaders
who will shape the future of
 Enrollment is FREE for residents
& fellows
 www.radiologyleaders.org
 RLI Annual Event at Kellogg
School of Management
 July 25-28, 2013 – Discount for
RFS members
 Upcoming free webinars
 Identify & Apply – June 18th
 Optimize your outcomes – June 24th
 Changing the culture – June 27th
 Is there a new payment model in your
future? – August 7th
 Multiple archived webinars
 Live meetings
Young Physician Section (YPS)
Mentor Network
 The YPS has partnered with the RFS to create
a network of young and early career
physicians that have volunteered to serve as
mentors for RFS members
 View the list of mentors –
 http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residentsand-Fellows/Resident-Resources/YPS-Mentors
Health Policy Milestones in
Modern America
 2011-2012 Membership
Subcommittee project
 Insightful perspective on how
politics and public opinion have
shaped and defined the delivery
of healthcare in the United States
 PowerPoint lecture series
 Selected Topics:
 The Formation of Blue Cross and
Blue Shield
 The AMA’s Defeat of President
Truman’s Health Care Proposal
 Shift to Employer-Based Health
Insurance in the United States
 The Creation of Medicare
 The History of Radiology in
 … and many more!
Business Concepts In
 Excellent resource compiled by
the 2010-2011 membership
 All lectures correspond to the
free video lectures compiled by
Dr. David Yousem MD, MBA
 PowerPoints http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residen
 Video Lectures –
 Selected Topics:
 The Management Expenses in
 Malpractice: What the Thinking
Radiologist Should Know
 Communication, Leadership, and
 The 411 of Employment
 Where does the money come
from in Radiology? An
application of RVUs
Dollars and Sense
 Online resource for residents and
fellows on non-technical issues that
affect the future of radiology
 Includes sections on
 Government Relations
 Reimbursement and Finance
 Imaging Informatics
 Legal Issues pertinent to Radiology
 Future plans: Interactive Q & A
sessions with ACR leadership
Getting Started Handbook:
A Guide to Radiology Residency
 Making the transition from clinician to consultant
 Contrast reactions and radiation safety
 Introduction to each rotation
 Dictations
 Resident resources
 Organized medicine and advocacy
 The alphabet soup of medical organizations
 An excellent resource when distributed to first year residents
prior to arrival
Career Handbook
 Resource created by the RFS Membership Subcommittee to
assist residents and fellows in the job search process and
making the transition from internship to Radiology residency
 Contents of the Career Handbook
 Fellowships
 Types of Jobs
 Interview Preparation
 Questions to ask
 Contracts
 Recruiters
Heart of Radiology Campaign
 Increase resident and fellow involvement in community
service activities.
Serving meals at a homeless shelter
Habitat for Humanity
Sponsor a team 5K for a local cause
 Combat the perception of radiologists as physicians who are
detached from the doctor-patient relationship and their
 Help build a better world!
How Can I Get Involved?
 All residents are free members of the ACR!
 Affirm your membership today at https://shop.acr.org/MemberAffirmation.aspx
 Visit the RFS Website
 Attend the 2014 ACR AMCLC
 April 26th-30th in Washington D.C.
 Submit a research poster
 Run for an executive committee position
 Join your state RFS chapter
Start an RFS if your state chapter is yet to exist!
 Join the Radiology Resident Advocacy Network
E-mail [email protected] for more information
Apply for an ACR Fellowship
 J.T. Rutherford Fellowship – Government Relations
 James Moorefield Fellowship – Economics and Health Policy
 Health Services Research Fellowship
 E. Stephen Amis Jr., M.D. Quality and Safety Fellowship
 Valerie Jackson Fellowship – Education
 Radiation Oncology Resident Training Fellowship – RadOnc Research
 Goldberg-Reeder International Travel Grant – Bringing Imaging to the
Developing World
 For more information: http://www.acr.org/Membership/Residents-and-Fellows/ACR-Fellowships
RFS Executive Committee
Jonathan A. Flug, MD, MBA
Florian Fintelmann, MD
A3CR2 Representative/Educational Liaison
Winthrop-University Hospital, NY
Massachusetts General Hospital, MA
Andy Moriarity, MD
Neil Lall, MD
AMA Delegate/Advocacy Liaison
Henry Ford Health System, MI
Ochsner Clinic Foundation, LA
C. Matthew Hawkins, MD
Nathaniel Margolis, MD
Immediate Past Chair
Communications Officer
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, OH
New York University Medical Center, NY
Ryan Brady, MD
Lauren Layer, MD
Radiation Oncology Representative
University of Minnesota, MN
University of Texas Medical Branch, TX
Contact us – [email protected]
Elections occur annually at the AMCLC, please consider running in 2014!
 E-mail the executive committee at [email protected]
 Visit http://rfs.acr.org
 Read the monthly E-News
 See you in 2014!

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