Navy Child and Youth Programs - 4

2013 4-H Military Partnership Meeting
6 February 2013
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
• Brent A. Edwards [email protected]
• School-Age Care/Youth Program Coordinator
• Terri Dietrich [email protected]
• Child and Youth Outreach Program Coordinator
• Carol Fink [email protected]
• 4-H Youth Development Specialist
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
Navy Shore Bases (70) By Region (12)
N61075 CNR Korea (1)
- N32778 CFA Chinhae
N61076 CNR Japan (6)
- N61056 CFA Okinawa
N68742 CNR Northwest (4)
N61463 CNR Mid-Atlantic (12)
- N00620 NAS Whidbey Island
- N61066 NAVMAG Indian Island
- N68436 NAVBASE Kitsap
- N68967 NAVSTA Everett
- N61054 CFA Yokosuka
- N61058 CFA Sasebo
- N61057 NAF Atsugi
- N61060 NAF Misawa
- N68539 NSF Diego Garcia
N61040 CNR Midwest (3)
-N00128 NAVSTA Great Lakes
-N00639 NSA Mid South
-N61018 NSA Crane
N61077 Singapore Area
Coordinator (1)
- N00129 SUBASE New London
- N32411 NAVSTA Newport
- N32414 NSA Mechanicsburg
- N32443 NSS Norfolk Naval Shipyard
- N32446 NSY BOS Portsmouth
- N50092 JEB Little Creek-Fort Story
- N57095 NSA Hampton Roads
- N60191 NAS Oceana
- N61011 NSA Saratoga Springs
- N62688 NAVSTA Norfolk
- N69212 WPNSTA Yorktown
- N69213 WPNSTA Earle Colts Neck
N61128 CJR Marianas (2)
- N41557 NSA Andersen
- N61755 NAVBASE Guam
N00171 CNR NDW (6)
- N33355 NSA Bethesda
- N47608 NAS Patuxent River
- N61142 JB Anacostia Bolling
- N61151 NSA South Potomac
- N61152 NSA Annapolis
- N68469 NSA Washington
N61449 CNR Hawaii (2)
-N61064 PMRF Barking Sands
-N62813 JB Pearl Harbor Hickam
N3049B CNR Europe Africa
Southwest Asia (6)
- N3379A Camp Lemonnier Djibouti
- N62588 NSA Naples
- N62863 NAVSTA Rota
- N62995 NAS Sigonella
- N63005 NSA Bahrain
- N66691 NSA Souda Bay
Updated 14 AUG 2012 - J. Paljug
N00242 CNR Southwest (10)
- N00245 NAVBASE San Diego
- N00246 NAVBASE Coronado
- N47609 NAWS China Lake
- N60042 NAF El Centro
- N60495 NAS Fallon
- N61014 NSA Monterey
- N61065 WPNSTA Seal Beach
- N63042 NAS Lemoore
- N63406 NAVBASE Point Loma
- N69232 NAVBASE Ventura County Pt Mugu
N09697 CNR Southeast (17)
- N00204 NAS Pensacola
- N00206 NAS/JRB New Orleans
- N00207 NAS Jacksonville
- N00213 NAS Key West
- N00216 NAS Corpus Christi
- N40003 NA Puerto Rico
- N42237 SUBASE Kings Bay
- N50173 NSF Beaufort
- N60201 NAVSTA Mayport
- N60241 NAS Kingsville
- N60508 NAS Whiting Field
- N60514 NAVSTA Guantanamo Bay
- N61007 NSA Orlando
- N61008 NSA Panama City
- N62604 CBC Gulfport
- N63043 NAS Meridian
- N83447 NAS/JRB Fort Worth
Chain of Command
Commander, Navy Installations Command
Regional Commanders
Regional Child and Youth Program Managers
Fleet and Family Readiness Directors
Installation CYP Directors
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
• What is the VISION for the future for Navy programs?
• What systemic issues have been identified?
• What are the Navy’s needs?
• What ROLE will 4-H play?
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
The Navy’s Vision:
• Customers: Improve Understanding of all CY Programs
and Build Resiliency for Total Force Preparedness:
• Navy Teen Council Program
• Navy Youth of the Year Program
• Navy Youth Sponsorship Program/Summits
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
The Navy’s Vision:
Process Improvement
• Process Improvement: Evaluate Program Operations,
Execute Changes, and Make Improvements.
• Youth Program Operating Manual (Policy)
• Youth Program Inspection Criteria
• Youth Feedback
• Professional/Intellectual Recapitalization
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
The Navy’s Vision:
Workforce Development
• Workforce Development: Provide Professional Growth and
Development of the Workforce.
• Teen Employment Program
• Military Extension Internship Program
• CYP Professional Development Institute
• Virtual Lab School
• Operating Manuals = Individual Development Plans
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
Systemic Issues Identified
Decreasing Fiscal Budgets
Increasing Travel Restrictions
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
Navy Needs = Role of 4-H
• Customers
• Focus: Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development
• Focus: A true “community club” that incorporates older
youth/teens, community, and other Navy partners.
• Workforce Development
• Navy CYP needs intentional, targeted training to sustain and
evolve our professionals for the delivery of high quality programs.
• Empower those that support our youth.
CYP is a CNIC Quality of Life Program
Navy Reserve:
Naval Operations Support Centers (125)
REDCOM Northwest (11)
-NOSC Helena Ft Harris, MT
-NOSC Billings, MT
-NOSC Boise, ID
-NOSC Cheyenne, WY
-NOSC Everett, WA
-NOSC Portland, OR
-NOSC Spokane, WA
-NOSC Eugene, OR
-NOSC Kitsap, WA
-NOSC Fort Richardson, AK
-NOSC Whidbey Island, WA
REDCOM Mid-Atlantic (31)
REDCOM Mid-west (35)
REDCOM Southwest (20)
-NOSC Lemoore, CA
-NOSC North Island
-NOSC Honolulu, HI
-NOSC los Angeles, CA
-NOSC Port Hueneme, CA
-NOSC San Diego, CA
-NOSC Tucson, AZ
-NOSC Albuquerque, NM
-NOSC Phoenix, AZ
-NOSC Moreno Valley
-NOSC Alameda, CA
-NOSC Sacramento, CA
-NOSC Salt Lake City
-NOSC Reno, NV
-NOSC San Jose, CA
-NOSC Denver, CO
-NOSC Las Vegas, NV
-NOSC Pt Mugu, CA
-NOSC Fort Carson, CO
-NOSC Guam
-NOSC Minneapolis, MN
-NOSC Chattanooga, TN
-NOSC Tulsa, OK
-NOSC Little Rock, AK
-NOSC Green Bay
-NOSC Rock Island, IL
-NOSC Toledo, OH
-NOSC Milwaukee, WI
-NOSC Springfield, MO
-NOSC Des Moines, IA
-NOSC Decatur, IL
-NOSC Louisville, KY
-NOSC Grand Rapids, MI
-NOSC Lansing, MI
-NOSC Fargo, ND
-NOSC Cincinnati, OH
-NOSC Youngstown, OH
-NOSC Chicago, IL
-NOSC Knoxville, TN
-NOSC Memphis, TN
-NOSC Oklahoma City, OK
-NOSC Nashville, TN
-NOSC St Louis, MO
-NOSC Omaha, NE
-NOSC Indianapolis, IN
-NOSC Peoria, IL
-NOSC Wichita, KS
-NOSC Kansas City, MO
-NOSC Sioux Falls, SD
-NOSC Detroit, MI
-NOSC Battle Creek, MI
-NOSC Saginaw, MI
-NOSC Akron, OH
-NOSC Columbus, OH
-NOSC Madison, WI
REDCOM Southeast (28)
- NOSC Atlanta, GA
- NOSC JRB New Orleans, LA
- NOSC JRB Ft Worth, TX
- NOSC Augusta, GA
- NOSC Charleston, SC
- NOSC Columbia, SC
- NOSC Columbus, GA
- NOSC Miami, FL
- NOSC Orlando, FL
- NOSC West Palm, FL
- NOSC Tampa, FL
-NOSC Gulfport, MS
-NOSC Bessemer, AL
-NOSC Shreveport, LA
-NOSC Bangor ME
-NOSC Newport RI
-NOSC Plainville CT
-NOSC Farmingdale NY
-NOSC New York
-NOSC Syracuse NY
-NOSC Wilmington, DE
-NOSC Erie, PA
-NOSC Ebensburg, PA
-NOSC Eleanor, WV
-NOSC Wilmington, NC
-NOSC Greensboro, NC
-NOSC Pittsburgh, PA
-NOSC Avoca, PA
-NOSC Quincy, MA
-NOSC Baltimore, MD
NOSC Manchester NH
NOSC White river JCT VT
NOSC Rochester NY
NOSC Buffalo, NY
NOSC Schenectady, NY
NOSC New London, CT
NOSC Harrisburg, PA
NOSC Lehigh Valley, PA
NOSC Richmond, VA
NOSC Roanoke, VA
NOSC Charlotte, NC
NOSC Raleigh, NC
NOSC Norfolk, VA
NOSC Earle, NJ
NOSC Fort Dix, NJ
- NOSC Pensacola, FL
- NOSC Meridian, MS
- NOSC Amarillo, TX
- NOSC Austin, TX
- NOSC Houston, TX
- NOSC Corpus Christi, TX
- NOSC El Paso, TX
- NOSC San Antonio, TX
- NOSC Greenville, SC
-NOSC Waco, TX
-NOSC Jacksonville, FL
-NOSC Harlington, TX
-NOSC Tallahassee, FL
-NOSC Puerto Rico
Navy Reserve: Family Support Program Specialist
and Yellow Ribbon Program Specialist POC’s
Navy Reserve: Needs = Role of 4-H
• Focus: A true “community club” that incorporates older
youth/teens, community, and other Navy partners.
• Intentional lines of communication with Family Support
Program personnel that are currently reaching into their
Establish and offer available resources through the communication
Build relationships with the Ombudsman in your communities.
Navy Family Ombudsman
Ombudsmen are professionally trained volunteers who
serve as a vital two-way communication link between the
command and family members, providing information and
referrals. The Ombudsman Program enhances the exchange
of information between command leadership and their
family members.
• The Ombudsman Registry can be found at

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