" Les Miserables " (1862) is the representative work of Victor Hugo

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The author
 Backgrounds
 Main characters
 Summary
 Value
 Theme
 Classical songs in movie
 My thoughts
Victor Hugo was a French poet,
novelist, essayist, visual artist,
statesman, human rights
activist .
In France, his literary
reputation rests primarily on
his poems and dramas and only
secondarily on his novels.
He is sometimes identified as
the greatest French poet.
Outside France, his best-known
works are the novels Les
Misérables and Notre-Dame de
Hugo began planning a major
novel about social misery and
injustice as early as the 1830s, but it
took a full 17 years for his most
popular work, Les Misérables, to be
realized and finally published in 1862.
Jean Valjean
the prisoner.
the policeman.
Fantine’s daughter.
Cosette’s lover
a woman cheated by a dissolute manage.
the couple raise Cosette at first, Marius’s father’s
elder daughter,love Marius very much .
Jean Valjean was
convicted for stealing a
loaf of bread, he is
punished in prison for
nineteen years.
Rejected as former
convict, Bishop Myriel
turns his life around. He
assumes a new identity
to pursue an honest life,
becomes a factory
owner and a mayor. He
adopts and raises
Fantine's daughter,
Cosette, and dies at an
old age.
 An obsessive police
inspector who
continuously hunts,
tracks down, and loses
Jean Valjean. He goes
undercover behind the
barricade, but is
unmasked. Jean Valjean
has the chance to kill
Javert, but lets him go.
Later Javert allows Jean
Valjean to escape.
Javert is in a situation in
which to act lawfully is
immoral. His inner
conflict leads him to
jumping into the River
A beautiful girl abandoned by her
lover, she leaves her daughter
Cosette in the care of the
Thénardiers. She finds work at
the factory runned by Jean
Valjean, but is fired by a woman
because she is an unmarried
mother. To meet the demands for
money from the Thénardiers, she
sells her hair, then her front teeth,
and finally turns to prostitution.
Jean Valjean learns of her
situation when Javert arrests her.
She dies before Jean Valjean is
able to reunite her with Cosette.
The daughter of Fantine, she
is raised by Jean Val jean
after her mother dies.
For the first few years she is
raised, she is used as a
worker and beaten by the
Thénardiers. She falls in love
with Marius , and marries
him at the end of the novel.
Marius An aristocrat
who fell out with his
royalist grandfather
after discovering his
father was an officer
under Napoleon. He
studies law, joins the
revolutionary ABC
students and later
falls in love with
They take in Cosette in
her first years,
mistreating and abusing
her.They end up losing
the inn and move to
Paris.Thénardier is later
the head of a criminal
gang called the PatronMinette.The family also
live next door to Marius,
who recognizes
Thénardier as the man
who saved his father at
 The Thénardiers' elder daughter.
She participates in her father's
crimes to obtain money. She is
also in love with Marius. At
Marius' request, she finds
Cosette's address for him and
leads him to her. She dies at the
barricades when she reaches out
her hand to stop a soldier's bullet
heading for Marius: she is
mortally wounded as the bullet
goes through her back and dies.
Her final request is that once she
has passed, Marius will kiss her on
the forehead. Of course ,he does.
The novel basic plot is Jean Valjean’s pitiful
life. He once is a poor background worker,
because the incomes can’t be enough for
the family members’ life, once upon a
time , he stole the bread and was arrested,
which makes him pass 19 years firm
bitter service life.
After the punishments , he uses an alias
Madland, works as the entrepreneur, and is
pushed for mayor. But soon and further because
his exposing , he was arrested again , after
another escape , he rescues the poor female
worker -- Fantin‘s daughter --Cosette. Then ,
he and Cosette have the peaceful life . When
Cosette grows up , she marries to a young
man called Marius . At last ,this old man dies at
an old age ,quiet,just like the angle .
The value
" Les Miserables " (1862) is the representative
work of Victor Hugo, as one of the famous
novels in the worldwide literature. It is the
representative work of realism and romantic
Classical songs in the movie/opera
I dreamed a dream-Fantine
One day more
Those who fight for liberty prepare the
courage to sacrifice.
Lovers who are looking for meeting again are
Lonely girl
Ignorant people
Opportunistic couple
Acute contradiction between Jean and Javert
Not everyone’ sacrificing has return
Because sacrificing itself is the value
Love others that is to prove the existence
of God
What is the meaning of today? Fight for
tomorrow selflessly.
One Day More。
Do you hear people sing?
The theme
 This
story tells us about kind.
 Hugo hopes the society
becomes clear and human.
 All these stories have
common that is the miserable
life because of the
persecution of the upper class.
In facts, Hugo was raging of
the present society.
My thoughts
kind, tolerance…
moved by Jean Valjean .
In this novel, Hugo thinks that
there are two kinds of laws .One is
the kindness, the other is the
punishment. Jean comes out of the
prison after about nineteenth-year’s
hard life. Then there are two kinds
of attitudes towards him . One is
the kindness from Bishop Myriel
which leads him to a peaceful
life.Another is the persecution and
punishment from the police—Javert
leading him to a more serious
life.At last, the police jumps into

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