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Higher Education
Coordinating Board Update
Fall Tour 2011
Washington Council for High School-College Relations
September 13-23
What does the HECB do?
Administers state financial aid and
college access programs. The HECB:
• Awards nearly $300 million to
Washington students annually.
• Serves middle and high school students
through GEAR UP and College Bound.
• Oversees the GET program.
• Approves programs for veterans’ benefits.
What does the HECB do?
Provides vision, leadership, and coordination
for public higher education in Washington
• Develops a Strategic Master Plan for
higher education and System Design Plan
to meet capacity needs.
• Sets admission standards.
• Reviews and authorizes degree-granting
institutions in Washington under the state’s
Degree-granting Institutions Act.
Financial Aid in Washington
In 2009-2010…
• $2.2 billion - state & federal aid awarded to
needy students.
Top 3rd state - Washington’s rank for needbased grant aid to undergraduate students.
Four out of 10 enrolled students received
need-based aid.
WA Legislature committed $289 million to
state student aid for 2011-12.
The College Bound Scholarship offers
the promise of tuition and books to
qualifying 7th and 8th graders in Washington.
• College Bound is essentially an early commitment
of an enhanced State Need Grant award.
• This scholarship combines with State Need Grant to cover
tuition (at public college rates), plus a small book
• It can be used at two- or four-year public and private
colleges and universities in Washington that administer
state need grant funds.
College Bound Scholarship Students
College Bound Scholarship Completed Applications
Graduation Year
Eligible Students*
Complete applications
Percent of eligible
*The majority of eligible students are those who are eligible for the free/reduced-price lunch program.
CBS awards begin in 2012
• The first cohort of College Bound students (nearly 16,000)
graduate high school in 2012.
• To ensure full funding from the State Need Grant, these
students must file their Free Application for Federal
Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1, 2012.
• Training and resources will be provided to counselors
and access partners, to assist students and families with the
financial aid process.
• “Preparing for the Freshman Class of 2012” workshop held
for college staff and partners covered:
 Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars Program
 Other college success programs
Resources for counselors and partners
• Webinar: Oct. 11 9:30-11:00 or 11:30-1:00. No registration
required; login information will be sent in early October.
• PowerPoint: “On the Road - What College Bound Students
Need to Know About Their Scholarship” - for students and
families - available on the HECB website.
• Lists of your district’s CB students: are being sent to
middle and high school principals.
Checklist - to receive the scholarship, you must:
 Have a complete application on file at HECB.
 File the FAFSA on or shortly after January 1.
• You must file by February 1.
 Graduate high school with a 2.0 GPA or higher.
 Be a good citizen with no felony convictions.
 Enroll within one year of high school graduation in
one of the 68 eligible institutions in Washington.
 Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen (required for
FAFSA filing.)
College Bound Partners
The College Success Foundation provides
outreach to eligible students and families for
sign up, support, and FAFSA completion.
Additional partners with the same mission
Community Center for Education Results
Seattle College Access Network
Alliance for Education
Office Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tacoma College Support Network
Washington College Access Network
College Bound Counselors
• One College Bound Counselor is located
in each ESD.
• College Bound Counselors organize and support
College Bound outreach -- supporting College Bound
• Attend ESD clock hour training and learn strategies to
incorporate outreach and support of College Bound
Scholars into your existing activities.
Passport to College Promise
for Former Foster Youth
In the 2010-11 academic year, served 380 students
at 58 colleges throughout Washington.
Program provides comprehensive assistance through:
A $3,000 scholarship per year for college costs.
Incentives to colleges for providing specialized support
services such as tutoring, mentoring, resource libraries.
Educational planning and assistance through the SETuP
program for youth between the ages of 14 and 18.
College Success Foundation offers support to students
and campuses.
Foster youth and alumni of care can complete a
consent form to determine eligibility for Passport
Washington State Opportunity Scholarship
(OS) Program
Provide scholarships to low- & middle income students
Encourage residents to study and work in Washington
Earn bachelor’s degrees in high employer demand fields
(e.g. science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health care
and other fields determined by OS Board)
OS Board to be appointed by the Governor
Funds provided through a private-public partnership
Year 1 – expected to be awarded to students in college
Year 2 – high school seniors in 2011-12 expected to be included
in applications available 2/1/2012 for 2012-13
 College Success Foundation (CSF) selected as planning
State Merit Scholarships
Washington Scholars
• 2012 Washington Scholars will be honorary recognition only;
no monetary scholarship due to legislative state budget
• Recognizes academic achievement, leadership, and community
• Selections are made from nominations of the top 1% of each
high school graduating class.
• Nomination materials are distributed to high school principals
in late November 2011.
• Candidate applications are due to the HECB postmarked by
January 17, 2012.
• Three Scholars and one alternate will be chosen in each of the
state’s 49 legislative districts (147 Scholars/49 alternates).
Federal student aid updates
• Campuses are required to post a “net price calculator” on
their websites – to provide information to students &
families based on their circumstances.
• Families who have filed can have their tax information
retrieved from the IRS. However, they can submit the
FAFSA prior to completion of taxes and revise later.
• Provides publications,
training, and workbooks.
• MyFSA for students & families Savings calculator,
scholarships, college finder.
GET, Washington’s 529 prepaid tuition plan, lets
you buy future college tuition now, with a
guaranteed return.
• Guaranteed: Washington State guarantees that your
account will keep pace with rising tuition.
• Use it anywhere: GET units can be used at colleges,
universities and vocational schools nationwide.
• Tax Exempt: GET accounts offer tax free growth and
• Flexible: Units can be transferred, put on hold, or even
refunded if family circumstances change.
Enrollment begins November 1
Visit or call 1.800.955.2318
Smarter scholarship searching
 Successful January 2010 launch; more than $40 million
offered via since its inception.
 Nearly 30,000 scholarship seekers and 125 providers
are registered.
 Lists more than 600 scholarships.
 Available scholarship funds peaked at more than $14
million in mid-March; scholarships are continually added.
 Continues to grow and develop for the benefit of
Washington’s students; version 2.0 in development now.
 Full demonstration at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon by staff.
Washington State GEAR UP:
 Provides year-round services to 4,300 middle and
high school students, and 24,000 through partnerships.
 Reduces need for remedial courses through rigorous
academic preparedness.
 Leverages state and local resources to help
students and parents, schools and communities prepare
and aspire for college.
 Proven to raise expectations, increase rates of high
school graduation, college enrollment, persistence and
 GEAR UP enters new funding cycle.
 Resources available for schools:
• Getting Ready for College and Career Readiness handbooks for 7th–12th grades at
• GEAR UP Facebook:
 GEAR UP West Conference in Portland, OR
on Oct 16-18, 2011.
Revised admissions standards
Minimum College Admission Standards (MCAS) and
College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)
• Intent - Help ensure students admitted to baccalaureate
institutions are academically prepared to enter college
and earn degrees.
• Represents the minimum level of preparation required
for admission; does not guarantee admission institutions may require higher standards.
• Students should be encouraged to enroll in challenging
coursework throughout their HS careers.
Revised admissions standards
MCAS/CADR - No changes in these areas for students
entering college in 2012:
SAT/ACT - required (encourage ALL to take).
2.0 GPA – required.
English - 4 credits including 3 of college prep composition or literature.
Mathematics - 3 credits including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra
II, or Integrated Math I, II, and III. One math-based quantitative course
must be taken in the senior year.
Science - 2 credits of laboratory science, including one algebra-based.
Social Science - 3 credits of history or other social science.
Arts - 1 credit of fine, visual or performing arts.
Local oversight - School districts determine which of their courses
fulfill the new college admission standards.
Up to 15% of freshmen may be admitted at each institution’s discretion
even if the students do not meet state minimums.
Revised admissions standards
MCAS and CADR - Minor Policy Revisions – 2011
• Students encouraged to complete at least three credits of
CADR coursework in each year of high school.
• Demonstration of competency to meet CADR. Students
may meet the World Language requirement (2 credits of
the same world language, Native American language, or
American Sign Language) by demonstrating competency on a
district approved assessment consistent with SBE policy and
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language
(ACTFL) proficiency guidelines.
• Greater flexibility in allowing high school-level sequential
courses taken in middle school to count toward fulfilling CADR.
Contact us for more information
Higher Education Coordinating Board
Vicki Merkel: [email protected] 360.753.7853
Rachelle Sharpe: [email protected] 360.753.7872
General HECB Number - 360.753.7800
Student Financial Assistance
College Bound Scholarship
Facebook for students:
I am College Bound
Facebook for counselors and
Washington is College Bound
Jim West- MCAS and CDAR questions
[email protected]
Mary Beth Lambert at
[email protected]
GET Program – 1.877.438.8848

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