Pointers for 1st year Asst Referees

Keys to Success for an Assistant
What We’ll Cover
• The Night Before Your Match – Prepare to
Succeed Just Like a Center Referee
• Countdown to Kickoff – Assist Your Center
• Your #1 Job – Player Safety
• Starting the Match
• The Top AR Complaints From Coaches
• After the Final Whistle
The Night Before Your Match – Prepare
to Succeed – You May Have to Be the
• Lay Out Your Uniform & Equipment
– Jersey, Shorts, Socks, Shoes, Watch, Badge,
Whistle, 2 Pens, 2 Coins, Game Wallet with Filled
Out Game Sheet, Pre-Game Timing Cheat Sheet!
• Review
– Law Book and Modifications for Your Game,
Length of Each Half, Number of Players, Ball Size,
Field Location and Time of Game
Countdown to Kickoff – Assist the Center
• 30 min – arrive at field, stow bag behind a goal, inspect field especially
goal anchors, check goal wheels to make sure the front wheels are
pushed back, check corner flags
• 20 min – greet coaches, get game card from home coach and have
visiting coach enter their roster and sign, start player inspections when
all of 1 team is present; for U9-12 house matches, meet with field
marshal and have field marshal sign game card
• 5 min – coin toss & get 3 game balls from home coach
• 1 min – whistle out teams, count players (8 for U9-10, 11 for all else)
• 0 min – start watch, check that watch is actually started, point direction
and blow whistle (hard)
Your #1 Job – Player Safety
• Before the Match Ensure Goals Are Anchored
– Check Before Every Match, Not Just the 1st One
• Ask coaches to fix any dangerous situations
before the Match
• Ask Parents and Coaches to Move at Least 2 Yards
from the Touch Line
• Remind Coaches to Stay in the Technical Area
• Raise Your Flag if a Player is Injured
• If the Injury is Minor Remind the Coach to not
Enter the Field Until Invited by the Referee
Starting the Match
Count the Players on Your Half
Keepers in Position
Unfurl Your Flag When In Position & Ready
Start Your Watch at the Whistle
Look to Make Sure It’s Running
Hold you Flag at Your Side in Your Hand Closest to
the Center Circle
• Backup the Center on Time, Score and Cards
• Special Note: The Keeper is Included in
Determining Who the 2nd to Last Defender Is.
The Top AR Complaints From Coaches
• Not Calling Fouls – Raise Flag, Make Eye
Contact with Referee, Wiggle Flag, Point
• Not Calling Offside – Once an Offside Player
Participates, Raise Flag, Hold Position, After
Whistle Point Near, Far or Middle
• On Throw-ins – Both Point in the Same
Direction: Lead in Your Quadrant, Follow in
Centers Quadrant
After the Final Whistle
• Wait to Shake Hands with the Players & Coaches
• Agree on Scoring with Center Referee Before
Game Card is Filled Out
• If Your Mentor or Another Senior Referee Was
Watching Your Match Get Their Feedback
• Think of 2 Things You Want to Do Better Next
• At Home, Save Your Game Sheet in Case the
Coaches Disagree on the Final Score
What We Covered – Any Questions?
• The Night Before Your Match – Prepare to
• Countdown to Kickoff – Timing is Everything
• Your #1 Job – Player Safety
• Starting the Match
• The Top AR Complaints From Coaches
• After the Final Whistle
• Questions?

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