Andy Blue: on behalf of the Glasgow
ATLAS upgrade group
• Replacing all the Silicon in the SCT
• Presentation will focus on the Si Strip detectors
• (also work at Glasgow on the upgrade to the pixel detectors)
• Major changes previous modules
• More Asics (now 20)
• Will be reduced to 10 @130nmCMOS
More Strips
However, no fan in/link between Si
Hybrids now glued directly ON to the Si
Taken from “Parameters of the phase2 ITK Draft 27.5.2012”
• Layer 1: 28 staves (at r = 412) [Short @ 2.4cm]
• Layer 2: 40 staves (at r= 555) [Short @ 2.4cm]
• Layer 3: 48 staves (at r=698) [Long @ 4.8cm]
• Layer 4: 60 staves (at r=866) [Long @ 4.8cm]
• Layer 5: 72 staves (at r=996) [Long @ 4.8cm]
• =248 Staves in total
• The number of modules in stave = 26
• 6448 modules in 3 years (150 weeks)
• 42.986modules per week
• 8.597 modules per day for all module building groups
• Assumes 100% yield!
• 1) Glue ASICS on to a FR4 strip (‘Hybrid’)
• Wire bonds for ASIC-ASIC
• 2) Glue 2 Hybrids onto a Si sensor (‘Module’)
• Wire bond from ASIC to Si Strips
• Goal is to accurately glue 20 Si CMOS chips on to a FR-4
based panel to make a Hybrid
• Place ASICs in holder (Machined acetal with metal top)
• Attach a vacuum jig to the holder
• Apply a stencil and spread glue evenly on back to leave 5
spots per asic
• Place vacuum jig on to FR4 board and apply a brass weight to
cure the glue
• Goal is to glue to Hybrids (shown before) to a Silicon sensor
Frame is placed on a jig, then Silicon sensor placed in frame (held by small lip
round edge of frame)
• A cardboard stencil is placed on top of the Si sensor and glue is
• Glue used is an epolite epoxy
• 2 hybrid pick up tools are then attached to the module jig
•Hybrid Building
•Wire Bonding
• Purchased and installed Bondjet 820
• Fully wire bonded our first hybrid panel
• Wire bonded 1st half of module
• Successfully bonded trial of new pitch for
modified module design
• HSIO FPGA development board
• Runs SCTDAQ software
• Can test
• Hybrids
• Modules
• Stavelets (multiple modules)
• Testing both hybrids and modules now at Glasgow
• Test hybrids bonded at Glasgow
• Begin construction of Modules
• Test
• Begin QA and full assembly structure
• Get ready for pre production

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