A short presentation
Standard mail record keeping
Most companies these days receive and send a lot of
paper mail. Too many of them keep records of this mail in
physical form.
This makes it very hard to keep track which mail was sent
to whom. Not to mention the time spent searching through
the records. Adding sent or received attachments to the
book of records complicates things even further.
Why Delovodnik PRO?
 Simplifies incoming/outgoing record keeping
 Fast searching through the entered mail
 Easy attachments adding
 Modifying the program for your own preferences
 Automated or manual backup of the database
 Support for multiple users
 Many more features
Example of adding new
incoming mail
 First off, the user needs to enter a new company. He
needs to fill some company details such as their title,
address etc.
 In the next step, the received mail can be stored
Searching for the saved mail
 Searching can be performed at the saved post or
 The user can set search filters (date, mail type, mail
content etc.) that narrow down the results.
Delovodnik PRO has several other modules available:
 Adding foreign countries along with their post numbers
 Printing the saved mail
 Grouping other users (administrators, regular users,
 Database archiving
 More features that are coming in future releases
Requirements to run
Delovodnik PRO
There are a couple of free programs, that need to be
installed, before the application can be used. We have
created a setup installation, that takes care of this. Most
of the process is automated.
Required applications:
 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Studio Express
 Microsoft .NET 4
 Microsoft Report viewer
The license for Delovodnik PRO must be renewed every 3
years. The basic license can be used on one computer.
Additional licenses can be bought separately. In this
period, you are entitled to the following:
 Starting introduction and help with program usage
 Full support
 Updates and fixes

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