Texas Pakistani Students Association University of Texas at Austin

Texas Pakistani Students Association
University of Texas at Austin
1. To provide a cultural, historical, and political link to
Pakistan for students and faculty of UT Austin, and the
community at large.
2. Serve as a body of information and guidance to any
individual concerned.
3. To exhibit Pakistan and its people in true spirit through
social, cultural, and educational events and forums.
4. To provide a platform where Pakistani and nonPakistani individuals can learn from each other in a
comfortable and cordial atmosphere.
Executive Committee
 Mubariz
Hayat- President
 Samara Faisal- Vice President
 Sanam Farooqi- Secretary
 Hamza Rashid- Treasurer
 Arsalan Nasir- Ambassador
 Anusha Ayub- Publicity Director
 Hasaan Rauf- Logistics Director
 Nabeel Abid- Webmaster
Membership Benefits
 Free
 Discounted tickets for PSA and other
Pakistani events in Austin
 Free access to all social events
 Unique networking opportunities
 Leadership opportunities
Eid Banquet
 November
Quadrangle Room
 Dress up and celebrate
Eid with Texas PSA!
 Meet with the Pakistani
community and Austin
 Enjoy live entertainment
and great food!
Buy your tickets now!
Career Trends Event
November 15th:
Quadrangle Room
Panel Speakers from top
business, medical, and
engineering professions
Internship and career
Future professional
opportunities in BP, Dell,
Volt, Broadcom
Mock Mehndi
December 1st:
SAC Ballroom
Spectacular show
including live dhol,
music, singing,
and dance
Dulha Dulhan
Pakistani “Mehndi”
The Citizens Foundation
 Formally
adopted premier charity for
Texas PSA
 501 3C; Largest Non-Profit in Pakistan
 Mission of education through widespread
building of schools
 5 star rating on Charity Navigator
 We raised $350 for charity thanks to you
Join a Committee!
Performance Committee
 Committee
Heads: Samara Faisal &
Arsalan Nasir
 Responsibilities:
1.)Contact performers for events
2.) Organize show programs and
3.) Make show scripts and get a chance to
MC a show!
Logistics Committee
 Committee
Heads: Hasaan Rauf and
Hamza Rashid
 Responsibilities:
1.) Arrange logistics for events
2.) Contact companies for lights, sound, a/v
3.) Prepare set-up on the day of the event
Publicity Committee
 Committee
Heads: Anusha Ayub and
Mubariz Hayat
 Responsibilities:
1.) Make flyers, table, and organize publicity
efforts for events
2.) Update Facebook page, website, etc.
3.) Arrange flash mobs and promo videos
Dance Committee
 Committee
Head: Sanam Farooqi
 Responsibilities:
1.) Perform dances for events
2.) Help coordinate dance performances
3.) Attend dance practices
Dues & Reminders
 Dues:
20$ for the year with FREE T-shirt
 Sign up for Texas PSA listserv to receive
regular updates
 Like our page on Facebook! “Texas
Pakistani Students Association”
 Check out our website!
 Get involved! Join a committee!
 Announcements
Shirt Design
Pizza and Chai are now served 

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