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The Teaching File:
Professional Development
and Practice Portfolio Comp A & B (GTK & GTL)
Organising your teaching file
• Your file will be checked at
every observation by either
your mentor or your tutor
• Your file must bear a title page
clearly marked PGCE PCET
Professional Development
and Practice Portfolio, with
your name, main teaching
subject, and the name of your
placement college.
• Use the Teaching File
Guidelines (form FT3) to
organise each section
Section 1 – your current observation
• Used during observations by your
mentor or university tutor
Include :
• A prepared plan for the session (form FT8)
• Copies of handouts or other materials for
the session
• The relevant scheme of work, showing
where this session fits into the overall
• Plans of all previous lessons taught by you
in this scheme.
Section 2 – all previous observations
After your observation ,
transfer the session plan
to section 2...
...and add:
Completed mentor / tutor written
feedback forms
(FT9 & FT11)
A completed post session self
appraisal (FT12)
Section 3 – Mentor meetings
Section 4 – University Tutor meetings
Section 5 – record of observations
• Include here:
All observations by
tutor, mentor and
peer, which should
be signed during
their visit (form
Section 6 – a log of your teaching hours
• A log of 75 teaching hours
required for the first practice
unit UTXGTK-15-3
(form FT6) and signed by your
• A log of 75 teaching hours for
the second teaching practice
unit UTXGTL-15-3
(form FT7) and signed by your
Section 7 – teaching timetable
• Provide your university tutor with your teaching
timetable at the start of each term so they can
book your observations
(form FT2 or similar)
Section 8 – The Professional
Development Record (PDR)
A working section that is updated regularly by you.
Shows your progress as well as new areas for
development as they emerge
Turn now to your separate PDR guidelines
Section 9 - Microteach
• Feedback from micro teaches for
UTXGHG-30-3 and UTXGTH-30-M/3 (Comp A)
Section 10 - Research
• Include here any ideas, discussions or notes
relating to your research project title
(UTXGTH-30-M/3 and UXTGTJ-30-M/3 Comp B)
All the forms you need for your Teaching File and PDR are
available online – accessible without the need for a password.
From the UWE homepage, in Partnership Documentation

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