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The NMP: An Introduction
Amy Getz, Manager of Community College Services
an initiative of the Charles A. Dana Center and the
Texas Association of Community Colleges
 Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin
 Over 20 years of state and national leadership in mathematics
 Led development of original Statway and Quantway curricula
in partnership with the Carnegie Foundation
 Staff comprises math educators, policy experts, student
success experts
 Texas Association of Community Colleges
 Represents all 50 community college systems in Texas
 Represents the interests of community colleges in state
policymaking and budgeting
A systemic approach to improving student success and
completion by reforming developmental and gateway
mathematics based on four fundamental principles:
1. Multiple pathways with relevant and challenging
mathematics content aligned to specific fields of study
2. Acceleration that allows students to complete a collegelevel math course more quickly than in the traditional
developmental math sequence.
3. Intentional use of strategies to help students develop skills
as learners
4. Curriculum design and pedagogy based on proven
Dana Center’s Role: State Level
Broadly support reform based on the four principles:
 Work with TACC, state agencies, and two- and four-year
institutions to address policy obstacles
 Leverage resources and build support through collaboration
with partners:
 Other reform initiatives
 Professional organizations
Dana Center’s Role: Institutional Level
Build tools and services that help colleges implement
systemic reform
 Detailed implementation guide
 Data templates
 Tools and strategies to help train advisors and plan for
student recruitment
 Services that support planning
Dana Center’s Role: Faculty & Classroom Level
Develop materials and services to support on-the-ground
 Course materials
 Professional learning opportunities – general and specific to
the Dana Center’s course materials
 Online modules, workshops, institutes, and written support materials
The development process is based on input from and
engagement with community college faculty and staff.
Working with Colleges
Codevelopment partners:
 Participate in original development of materials and
 Are the first to implement and test materials
 Mentor other colleges
2013-2014: Implementing the statistics pathway and helping
develop the quantitative reasoning pathway
Working with Colleges
Active Learning Sites:
 Implement one to two years later
 Prepare for implementation through a mentoring
relationship with codevelopment partners
2013-2014: Most active learning sites will work with mentor
colleges to prepare to implement in Fall 2014
Working with Colleges
Capacity Building Sites:
 Implement three to four years later
 Focused on informing faculty and building buy-in
2013-2014: disseminate information provided by the Dana
Center, hold at least one event focused on the NMP
Resources: Institutional Support
Implementation Guide
 Outlines the process, how to engage stakeholders, key
issues to consider
 Provides planning tools, templates and examples
Mathematics Pathway Transfer Resource
 Lists mathematics requirements for programs of study at
20 four-year colleges in Texas.
Policy FAQ
 Provides vetted information in response to queries about
articulation, applicability, TSI, etc.
Resources: Faculty Training
Webinars specific to the NMP curricular materials
 About the NMP: Mathematics Focus
 About the NMP: Student-Success Focus
Online modules (not specific to NMP curricular materials)
 Introduction to Strategies for Supporting Active Learning in
 Introduction to Mindset Factors in Student Success
CASP Pre-Conference Institute
 New Mathways Project Institute for Newcomers
 Date: TBD (prior to opening of Oct 1-4 conference)
Accessing Resources
Information about accessing and using NMP
resources will be sent to college NMP contacts. The
resources listed above will become available in
We will be starting a “Texas Only” monthly update in
October. Announcements about new resources and
events will be posted in this forum.
The NMP Courses
Delivery and Costs of Curricular Materials
 Mathematics course materials will be developed in an
online platform.
 Similar to an e-textbook except that lesson activities will be
supported through the platform
 Online homework and gradebook system
 Students pay a fee for access to the materials in lieu of a
 Fees are still TBD, but we anticipate they will be lower than
the price of standard textbooks
Faculty Involvement -- Frameworks
 Curriculum Design Teams with Texas and national
faculty leaders:
 Established design principles
 Wrote initial learning outcomes and course outline
 Development teams with faculty from 19 colleges:
 Outlined each of the 4 strands
 Reviewed lessons
 Faculty teaching in the fall will provide in depth
information for revision after field-testing
Faculty Involvement -- Math
 Curriculum Design Teams with Texas and national
faculty leaders:
 Established design principles
 Wrote initial learning outcomes
 Faculty from codevelopment partners:
 Advised on materials organization and structure
 Reviewed lessons
 Will provide in depth information for revision after fieldtesting
Timeline for Development and Implementation
Available to
all Colleges
Frameworks for Mathematics and Collegiate
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning
Fall 2013
Fall 2014
Statistical Reasoning
Spring 2014
Spring 2015
Quantitative Reasoning
Spring 2015
Spring 2016
STEM-Prep and bridge course
Spring 2016
Spring 2017
*A PDF version of the Frameworks course will be published for open use.
College Enrollments in the NMP
Codevelopment Partners
Austin Community College
Brazosport College
El Paso Community College
Kilgore College
Lonestar College (Kingwood)
Midland College
Northwest Vista College (Alamo System)
South Texas College
Temple College
College Enrollments in the NMP
Active Learning Sites
Coastal Bend College
College of the Mainland
Frank Phillips College
Grayson College
Lamar State College-Orange
McLennan Community College
Northeast Texas Community College
Paris Junior College
Southwest Texas Junior College
Tarrant County College District
Texarkana College
Texas Southmost College
Trinity Valley Community College
Victoria College
College Enrollments in the NMP
Capacity Building Sites
Amarillo College
Angelina College
Blinn College
Brookhaven College
Central Texas College
Cisco College
Clarendon College
Collin College
Hill College
Howard College
Lee College
Lone Star College-Cy Fair
Lone Star College-Montgomery
Lone Star College-North Harris
Lone Star College-Tomball
Lone Star College-University
Eastfield College
North Central Texas College
Galveston College
Odessa College
Panola College
Ranger College
San Jacinto College
South Plains College
Tyler Junior College
Vernon College
Weatherford College
Western Texas College
Wharton County Junior
How to participate
 Sign up for monthly updates; review materials as they
become available
 Encourage others to sign up for updates
 Find out who the NMP contacts are at your campus
 Help disseminate information and organize events at
your college
 If your college is not enrolled, talk to your president
 Participate in NMP events and activities
Contact Information
 General information about the Dana Center:
 Higher Education work:
 To receive monthly updates about the NMP, contact us
at: [email protected]
Contact Information
 General information about the Dana Center:
 Higher Education work:
 To receive monthly updates about the NMP, contact us
at: [email protected]
Staff Contacts
 Amy Getz (general project issues):
[email protected]
 Connie Richardson (math course development):
[email protected]
 Nancy Stano (student success course
development): [email protected]
 Tom Connolly (professional learning opportunities):
[email protected]
 Erica Moreno (website, materials, information
about events): [email protected]

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