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Tips and Techniques for Making an Effective Symposium Poster-The Title Can Have One or Two Lines
Erik Sloane, Nannie Street, Milagros Chery, Ted Courtois, Sharron Dwight, Catesby Saunders
Technology Learning Center, University of Richmond, VA 23173
Poster Printing at the Technology Learning Center
This outline can be used by all departments when creating presentation posters. Phasellus
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The Technology Learning Center is located on the third floor of Boatwright Library. Poster
printing appointments for the 2010 Student Research Symposium are to be scheduled
online. At the end of registration, students presenting a poster will be emailed the link to
sign up for printing appointments. Posters will not be printed without an
appointment. If you have any questions or problems creating your poster, please email
[email protected] to have someone walk you through the process.
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Design Guidelines
This PowerPoint file is designed to create a 56x34 inch poster. The margin around the
outside is 1in and each of the design elements are spaced 1in apart. Each of the text
boxes are 17.3 inches wide. To edit the length of the text boxes, simply click on the
bottom edge and drag it up or down. When you have finished your poster, please make
sure that you have removed any of the place holding text from this template.
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urna metus lacinia lacus, ut dignissim risus nulla eget ipsum. Fusce scelerisque felis vitae
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Ut facilisis.
The image shown here is a screen shot of the
University website, the inspiration for this
Poster design. Please feel free to edit the
Layout of this poster in any way.
Insert any
Campus Images
 We recommend PowerPoint for our users since it is available in all public labs on
campus. The poster can be created in PowerPoint or Photoshop, but if a different
application is needed, please contact [email protected] before creating the
poster. We cannot print Keynote posters.
 The final size of the poster file needs to be fewer than 400 MB.
 The typical size of a poster is 34 inches by 56 inches. One side must be 59 inches or
 Late appointments will not be printed and will be rescheduled as time allows.
 Stay with your poster until it is finished printing and do not leave your poster in the
TLC. The TLC is not responsible for posters left in the lab.
 Expect to print only 1 poster per appointment time. Those with multiple posters
should have 1 appointment time per poster.
Ryland Hall
North Court
 Make sure to size your poster before arranging your text and graphics.
 Please view the poster at 100%. Quite frequently, people will not see problems in
their poster when they only view the poster at 15% of actual size.
 We do not recommend using web images since the quality is too poor to print well.
 If scanning, you may want to use around 300 dpi resolution. When in doubt about
quality and size of an image for a poster, ask a TLC Consultant on duty for assistance.
 Please be aware that it is not possible for the poster printer to have every font
installed. Please contact the TLC if you have a special need.
 In PowerPoint, resize images from the corners of the pictures and not from the sides.
Resizing pictures in PowerPoint from the sides changes the proportions of the image.
Objects may appear wider or thinner than their original size.
 Bring your poster in a .ppt file format from PowerPoint and also save it from
PowerPoint as a .tif image file
Gottwald Center
Library Tower

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