Investor Presention - Plasma Igniter Round One

Plasma Igniter, LLC
The Plasma Ignition System
The Plasma Ignition System
supercedes current spark
ignition systems in Internal
Combustion Engines.
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Basic Spark Ignition System
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Distributor-less Ignition System
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Plasma Igniter’s Ignition System
One-for-one component
Plasma Ignition System is
composed of:
Plasma plugs
RF Generator / Amplifier
Shielded cabling
Control module
Plasma Igniter, LLC
How It Works
The Plasma Ignition Technology
• Plasma Plug is a Quarter Wave Coaxial
Cavity Resonator
– Electromagnetic waveguide
– Magnifies a small RF signal into a
cylinder-sized coronal discharge
– Can be built and tuned for any frequency,
any operating condition
Plasma ignition results in nearly complete,
high-speed combustion…
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Timed Discharge Pattern
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Stoichiometric Condition Burn (φ=1.0)
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Lean Condition Burn (φ=0.8)
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Why It’s Better
PI’s Plasma Ignition System is a dramatic improvement
over existing ignition systems.
• Increases fuel economy (more complete combustion)
• Reduces emissions (cooler combustion)
• Combusts multiple fuel types and mixtures
Requires minimal change to existing engine designs while
providing retrofit capabilities
The Plasma Ignition System also has a profound
additional advantage…
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Game Changing Technology
Our Plasma Ignition System provides in-cylinder
feedback that creates
Integrated Intelligence
Real-time, cycle-to-cycle performance data
under all operating conditions will
revolutionize engine design and capabilities!
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Underlying Science
• The result of a 20 year on-going R&D program at WVU
– 2 Patents Issued, 1 continuation-in-part, plus 3 additional
invention disclosures for global submission
• Produces a true microwave plasma, not spark ignited
ionized gases
– Magnified radio frequency (RF) resonance and acoustic wave
propagation drives energy into the cylinder
• Allows customization for specific engines and load
– Responds to operating conditions cycle-to-cycle, maximizing
Real-time combustion data will be a game changer!
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Existing Market
• The market for automotive ignition systems is
nearly $4 billion
• Industrial, stationary, recreational, etc.
engines all have ignition systems and are all
multi-billion markets
• PI offers greater performance, plug & play
technology at similar cost
• Should command a premium price vs. current
Plasma Igniter, LLC
A number of small niche spark plug companies have
emerged but they just modify existing technology
• Pyrotech uses domed electrode to spread spark
• Enerpulse (2010) uses pulse power to increase spark
discharge from 500w to 5MW.
– Has raised over $20m in four investment rounds
– Plans $30m IPO late 2013
– Sells under Pulstar brand as a Premium replacement spark plug
Independent testing at Wright Patterson AFB has proven
the superior performance of Plasma Igniter’s technology
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Others are working on corona discharge plugs:
• Champion: Advanced Corona Ignition System
• Borg-Warner/BERU: Electrically Controlled Combustion
Optimization System (ECCOS) was purchased from Etatech
in 2009 for $15m
• Both use different technology than Plasma Igniter
Both systems use an electrical voltage, not RF/acoustic wave
Produce ionized gas that ignites fuel mixture
Have more parts and are more complex
No in-cylinder sensor capability
Major ignition system producers will need competitive
technology, and will need licenses from PI
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Market Acceptance
• New Product introduction in the ICE and vehicle
markets is costly
• Existing vendors and tier suppliers have well
established relationships and product pathways
• OEMs have recognized the need for improvement
• Traditional and current solutions will not meet future
needs (regulations, emissions, energy security, etc.)
• Plasma Igniter, LLC has a defined licensing strategy
The timing is right…
Plasma Igniter, LLC
The Perfect Storm
Fuel Economy
Greenhouse Gas
Plasma Igniter
Energy Security
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Business Model
• Plasma Igniter, LLC will have an exclusive license
– Technology developed at West Virginia University
– Licensed by ATA, LLC (Jim Smith, principal)
• PI, LLC will sub-license to OEMs and Tier suppliers
• Sub-licenses could be based on market segments
Construction & agricultural equipment
Recreation vehicles
− Automotive
Marine vehicles
− Aircraft
Stationary industrial engines
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Key Take Aways
Plasma Igniter’s Ignition System provides:
1. Superior Performance to all known competitors:
better fuel economy, lower emissions, multi-fuel
2. Fine ignition control based on real-time data
3. Customizable ignition system using software
4. In-cylinder data will unleash new creativity
5. Potential market is multi-billion
6. Replacement of the current ignition system is
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Call to Action
In 2013, PI, LLC will complete development;
conduct independent, EPA recognized
performance testing; market and negotiate sublicenses.
• Asking $2m in return for 30% ownership
• PPM and related documents were issued
March 2013
• $260k raised to date
Plasma Igniter, LLC
This is our opportunity
to have an enormous…
It’s In Your Hands!
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Use of Proceeds (ROM)
ATA License / Assignment Fee
Intellectual Property, patents, legal fees
Equipment and supplies
Vehicle and Field Testing
Administrative, marketing, and operating costs
Consulting and Professional fees
Operating expenses
Personal Services
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Development Plan
• Task 1: Plasma Plug Prototype ($100k)
– Identify manufacturers, fabricate suitable plugs, verify
proper operation
• Task 2: Ignition Support Electronics ($100k)
– Identify industry suppliers, select and acquire
electronic systems, verify proper operation
• Task 3: Integration into Test Engine ($300k)
– Acquire test engine and interfaces, develop fueling
and ignition interface, verify baseline operation
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Development Plan
• Task 4: Plasma Ignition System Engine Testing ($375k)
– Install and tune plasma ignition system
– perform lean-limit and multi-fuel tests
– compare to conventional systems
• Task 5: Complete Documentation, Prepare Commercial
Report ($75k)
– Report will be used to formalize and complete licensing
• Task 6: System integration for vehicle and field testing
– Acquire commercial partner for product integration / field
Plasma Igniter, LLC
• James Smith, Ph.D.—inventor, co-founder,
President, PI LLC. Has refined the technology over
20 years.
• Tom Mahoney—co-founder, CEO, PI LLC. 15 years
as President of successful industrial consultancy.
• Andrew Lowery, Ph.D.—10 years experience
improving PI technology. Knows underlying
• Advisory Board will include strong automotive,
engine maker experience and contacts.
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Plasma Igniter, LLC
National / Global Realities
Growth in ICE demand will maintain pressure on
global energy supplies and emission reductions
• US CAFE standards: 54.5 mpg by 2025
• EU emission standards tighten again in 2014
• In China, 40% of passenger vehicles must have
engines 1.5 liters or less by 2020
• California has implemented emission control
standards on Small Off-Road Engines
Plasma Igniter, LLC
National / Global Realities
Countries are not meeting carbon emission
reduction goals; trend is up, not down
• The average passenger vehicle produces 5.1
metric tons of CO2 annually, almost 10
grams/gallon of petrol
• Global carbon emissions rose 2.6% in 2012
• Shift from coal to natural gas for electricity
production helps, but methane has 25x more
Greenhouse Warming Potential than CO2
Plasma Igniter, LLC
National / Global Responses
Tighter emission standards, higher fuel prices,
and CAFE are driving huge investments in new
technologies, including:
• Hybrids and all electric vehicles (EVs)
• Alternative fuels, especially bio-fuels and
mandated ethanol use
• Growing use of natural gas to fuel industrial
engines and vehicles
Plasma Igniter, LLC
National / Global Responses
All of these responses have serious drawbacks!
• EV technology is not yet good enough
• Alternate fuels remain costly, supply is
minimal, and distribution very constrained
• LNG/CNG use is growing in response to price
and supply advantages, but distribution
infrastructure is poor
• Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and
combusts poorly using standard spark ignition
Plasma Igniter, LLC
National / Global Responses
Most Importantly,
None of these responses impacts the millions,
maybe billions, of existing engines and the
millions still to be introduced.
Plasma Igniter, LLC
Development Plan
Plasma Igniter, LLC

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