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Home Automation Products Introduction
‫‪Home Automation Products‬‬
‫تقنية البيوت والمكاتب الذكية –األجهزة المستخدمة‬
System Illustration
Main Products
Smart Switch Series
 Smart Socket Series
 Smart Remoter Control Series
 Long-distance Control Series
 Home Automation Control Center
 Smart Module Series
Smart Switch
Wireless Control: The user
uses remote controller to
control light’s ON/OFF.
Remote Control: Can be
controlled by internet or
telephone by home
automation control centre or
telephone controller
Luminous Indication:
Indicate the location of switch
in darkness.
Smart Dimmer Series
Wireless control on/off and dimming
of the lighting
The switch will save the status and
return to the brightness next time the
switch is turned on.
Scene control.
Combining with telephone controller,
home automation control centre,
network system to realize long-distance
Smart Socket Series
Remote control or manual control
Combining with remote controller
and smart touch panel to realize
long-distance control of lightings
and home appliances.
Support at most 13A
Approximately 30 meters Control
distance indoor
Frequency for RF is 315Mhz or
RF&IR Smart Remote Controller
 IR home appliances control
Smart RF control for lighting systems
Smart Scene control
Remote Bright/Dimming Control
IR remote control for TV,DVD, Air-condition,
IR learning capabilities
Built-in Alarm Clock
Back-lit lights
Elegant LCD Display
Indicate time and temperature
Scene Remote controller
Controlling switches/sockets installed
in the house
12 Ways Lighting Control
6 smart scenes options
All-On, All-Off function selected by one
Elegant design & nice hand feel
Standby electric current: 4μA
Transmit Power: 3dBm
Transmit frequency: 433.92 MHz
Power source: DC3V
Enhanced Scene Remote Controller
28 ways wireless lighting
• 5 smart scenes remote
• Standby electric: 1μA
• Transmit power: 6dBm
• Transmit frequency: 433.92
• Power source: DC3V
PC USB Controller
PC USB controller is designed to enjoy
smart home system by computer
It is very convenient to remote control
lightings and home appliances with
only a mouse click. As long as you
plug the controller into the USB port
and run the software on the computer,
you can start enjoying your smart
home life immediately!
Outdoor Vidicon
Video intercom for visitor
& owner
Each house can
communicate with each
Unlock the door for the
Intercom between Owner &
Leaving the video and
message when the owner
is not at home.
VOIP based
Lobby video
door station
Home Automation Control Center
Home Automation Control Center
Home Automation Control Center
RF/IR transceiver
Receive RF signal and change it
into infrared to control home
 It can store at most 8 kinds of
home appliances which each one
has 32 control codes.
 Just plug in the socket to charge
Security Module
Combining with the touch panel, it
connect with the security sensor to
create the security system.
Long-distance control by
telephone/ mobile phone.
out to info the house owner as
soon as receiving the warning
command from touch panel
Management center
Input the room number to
call in
Monitor the outdoor
vidicon, lobby video door
Check the call-in & callout list of visitors
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