Early Colonies Have Mixed
Chapter 3 Section 1
Companies backed by investors,
people who put money into a
project to earn profits. Each
investor receives pieces of
ownership of the company called
shares of stock. In this way, the
investors split any profits and
divide any losses.
A written contract issued by a government giving the holder the
right to establish a colony.
1607- The first permanent English settlement in North America.
John Smith
A soldier and adventurer took
control of Jamestown when it was
failing. Declared to the Colonists
That “He that will not work shall
not eat.” Smith’s methods worked.
Indentured Servant
Men and Women sold their labor
to a person who paid their
passage to the colony. After
working for a number of years,
they were free to farm or take up a
House of Burgesses
Created in 1609, became the first representative assembly in the
American Colonies.
Bacon’s Rebellion
A revolt against powerful colonial
authority in Jamestown by
Nathaniel Bacon and a group of
landless frontier settlers that
resulted in the burning of
Jamestown in 1676

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