Longyuan Mulilo DeAar 2 North (Pty) LTD

Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 WEF
138.96 MW Onshore Wind Energy Facility
Presented by:
Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 North (Pty) Ltd
Constantin Hatzilambros
Project Information
Shareholding Information
Project Technical Information
Financial Information
Economic Development Information
Anticipated CODs
Project Information:
Project Name:
Project Company:
Project Size:
Project Technology:
Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 North WEF
Longyuan Mulilo De Aar 2 North (Pty) Ltd
138.96 MW Contracted Capacity
Onshore Wind Energy, 3 Bladed Horizontal
Wind Turbine Generators
Property Details:
Project site consist of several farms, 20 km
north east of De Aar, in the Philipstown
Regional District.
Project Locations
Longyuan Mulilo De
Aar 2 North WEF
Shareholder Information:
Equity Repartition
Mulilo Wind Enterprises
Longyuan SA Renewables
Mulilo De Aar 2 North Wind Community
Ule Energy
Shareholder Information: China Longyuan Power
Group Corporation Limited
China Longyuan Power Group Corporation was established in January
1993 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of China State Power Corporation.
By the end of June 2009, CLYPG has developed more than 50 wind
energy facilities distributed in 17 provinces and regions; its wind power
installed capacity has exceeded 3000 MW.
The brand “Longyuan Wind Power” has been awarded “The Most
Valuable 500 Brands in Asia” by Asia International Famous & Fine Brand
Attestation Intendance Center and other institutions after their joint
review. Today, Longyuan ranks first in Asia and fifth in the world in
terms of wind power installed capacity.
Shareholder Information: China Longyuan Power
Group Corporation Limited
Longyuan Wind Energy Facilities
Technical Information:
Contracted Capacity (MW)
138.96 MW
Maximum Export Capacity (MW)
Wind Turbine Generator (WTG)
Type & Nameplate Capacity
WTG Model Number:
3 Bladed, Horizontal Axis 1.5MW
Hub Height (m)
WTG Rotor Diameter (m)
Number of WTGs
Planned voltage connection level:
Planned connection point:
132 KV
Eskom-Build from the WEF Substation to the Hydra
Substation. The Line will be owned and operated by
Eskom and the Point of Common Connection is thus
the WEF Substation on the HV side of the
United Power UP86 - 1500
Financial Information:
The project is expected to be funded via a project finance agreement,
with a 75/25 debt/equity split.
Debt financing will be funded by Nedbank Limited acting through its
Nedbank Capital Division, and the Industrial Development
Corporation of South Africa Limited.
Debt (75%):
1. Nedbank Capital
2. IDC
Equity Repartition
Mulilo Wind Enterprises
Equity (25%):
1. Mulilo Wind Enterprises
2. Longyuan SA Renewables
3. Mulilo De Aar 2 North Community
4. Ule Energy
Longyuan SA Renewables
Mulilo De Aar 2 North Wind
Ule Energy
Economic Development Information:
• The Project has maximised the components of economic development in
line with the guidelines of the DOE.
• The jobs created during construction and operations are substantial and a
considerable amount of in house training for employees will be done during
• The local content is high and the project will use locally manufactured
• The black ownership by the local community is 12.5%, and 7.5% is owned
by black women who have active involvement in the energy sector.
• The management control for the Project Company and EPC and O&M
contractor will be predominantly black female in accordance with the
employment criteria.
• The Project has provided a preferential procurement plan which will be
formulated into a detailed plan prior to financial close. The Project has
identified numerals sustainable outsourcing opportunities especially during
the operations period.
Economic Development Information:
• The Project includes a high level enterprise development procurement
which will translate into a range of opportunities for enterprise for the
region. We have offered substantial financial resources and believe that
this level of commitment is required to provide a sustainable enterprise
development model.
• A community assessment report has identified the many social issues
which are typical in the historically disadvantaged regions of our country.
The Project has committed a sizeable financial resources, which we
believe will make a huge difference to the entire community. The Project
will engage top economic development consultants to guide this process.
The members of the Consortium have a long term vision to developing
renewable projects in South Africa. We believe this Project represents a
good balance between price and economic development, and
encapsulates all the guidelines of the Department of Energy’s REIPP
Procurement Programme.
Anticipated Commercial Operation Date:
The Project expects to achieve COD by:
25 March 2016
This timeframe depends on the expected Eskom commissioning timeframe
to be published in the Budget Quote by end of June 2014.
Thank you for your time.

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