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McKenzie Lumbar Classification: Inter-Rater Agreement
by Physical Therapists with Different Levels of Formal
McKenzie Post-graduate Training
Mark W. Werneke, PT, MS, Dip. MDT,
Daniel Deutscher, PT, PhD,
Dennis L. Hart, PT, PhD (deceased),
Paul Stratford, PT, MSc,
Joel Ladin PT,
Jon Weinberg, PT, Dip. MDT
Scott Herbowy, PT, Dip. MDT
Linda Resnik, PT, PhD
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Israel McKenzie Reliability Study
 Purpose
was to:
determine if the level of formal McKenzie postgraduate training (Parts A& B, C, and D) was
associated with inter-rater chance-corrected
agreement for classifying patients with LBP into
the following McKenzie classification levels:
 Main
McKenzie syndromes
 Presence of
 Reducible
lateral shift
and irreducible derangement
 Directional preference
 Centralization
Israel McKenzie Reliability Study
 Results and Key Points:
 Results indicate below acceptable agreement for
judging all levels of the McKenzie classification
system between physical therapist raters completing
McKenzie post graduate training Parts A-D.
 The unacceptable agreement levels raise questions
about the clinical utility of the McKenzie classification
system at these training levels.
 Future research is warranted to examine the
implementation and educational processes required to
obtain adequate agreement in the McKenzie
classification system.

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