Flowers for Algernon Pt.2

Flowers for
William Chanthavisouk
Willie Cotton
Karoline Roman
Charlie’s Tone
 Charlie’s
tone in part 2 changes because
now he learns many more words and how
to spell them. He sounds very happy now
that he is learning new things. He still
sounds like a child, but he is growing.
Charlie’s Diction
 Charlie
begins to use bigger words in this
part, he begins to have fun spellings
words and learning them from everyone.
For example he learns what subconscious
and what conscious means. This changed
from the beginning because he used to
use smaller words, he still spells words
phonetically though but he is learning to
spell them correctly.
Charlie’s Syntax
 Charlie’s
syntax is improved immensely
from when he started. His grammar has
improved and he learns how to use
punctuation from his teacher, Miss
Kinnian. For example he now uses comas,
apostrophes, question marks,
parentheses, semi colons and
exclamation points.
 “(Punctuation, is; fun!)” – Pg. 7
Charlie’s Relationships
• Charlie's relationship with Miss Kinnian is at
this point a teacher, student relationship. She
helps him read and teaches him punctuation.
• Charlies relationship with the doctors Nemur
and Strauss is strictly professional. Nemur
runs Charlie through tests and writes his
progress and Strauss is the doctor who
recommended him to be the one for the
Charlie’s Relationships
• Charlie's relationship with his friends from
work, Frank and Joe at this point is strange. He
believes that they like him and respect him .
He doesn’t really understand all the time why
there laughing or why they say things. For ex.
Joe told him to show the girls how he mops at
work. He doesn’t really realize what there
doing to him.
 Charlie’s
conflict in this part of the
story is that he is becoming very
frustrated because he doesn’t feel as
if the operation did anything to him.
Charlie learns that comma are used in
places where needed and not after
every word because is not proper
grammar. Also Charlie learns that his
“friends” are not really his friends and
that this whole time he thought they
were being friendly they were really just
making fun of him. Also he realizes that
the people he always trusted were not
really who he thought they were .
Some major events in this chapter is when Charlie beats
Algernon , also another even that takes a very important part
in this story is when Charlie realizes that his friends are not
really his friends in contrary they really just make fun of him
and have a good time talking about his stupidity. Charlie gets
really upset and he feels very ashamed. Also a major event in
this part is when he learns how to use punctuation because it
teaches him to spell and use his spelling.
In part 2 of Flowers For Algernon we can see
that Charlie progress is started to work. In part 1
when Charlie races Algernon he loses but in
this section of the story he actually beats him.
Charlie is learning how to use his brain, he is
starting to learn how to identify things like when
he realized that his “friends” were not really his
friends and when he realizes that some of the
things his learning he was using them in the
wrong way. Also Charlie’s spelling is becoming
much better and he is using his intelligence to
make sentences and to have a better way of
making sense in his writing .

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