Week 2: The Diary of Anne Frank PPT

Remember to draw a line under Journal entry
#3 and label today’s entry as “Journal entry
Anne’s father tells her to remember, “There
are no walls; there are no bolts, no locks
that anyone can put on your mind.”
Respond to this quote…
• Do you agree with Mr. Frank’s
statement? Do you disagree? WHY?
conspicuous adj.: noticeable. The Nazis required all Jews to wear a
conspicuous yellow Star of David on their clothing.
unabashed adj.: unembarrassed. Anne’s unabashed comments
sometimes embarrassed her mother.
loathe v.: hate. Anne loathed having her mother treat her like a baby.
indignantly adv.: with anger caused by something felt to be unjust. Anne
indignantly claimed she had not been rude.
fortify v.: strengthen. Mr. Dussel took pills to fortify himself.
zeal n.: great enthusiasm; devotion to a cause. The Maccabees showed
great zeal in their fight against tyranny.
tyranny n.: cruel and unjust use of power. The Maccabees’ fight against
tyranny and oppression two thousand years ago still inspires people
gingerly adv.: cautiously. Peter held Anne’s gift gingerly, afraid it might jump out
and hit him.
ostentatiously adv.: in a showy way. Peter held his coat ostentatiously to pretend
he was hiding his cat there.
appalled v. used as adj.: horrified. Dussel’s alarming news was met with a
moment of appalled silence.
disgruntled v. used as adj.: displeased; annoyed. Mr. Dussel, disgruntled,
listened to the conversation.
inarticulate adj.: unable to speak. Peter was so furious at Dussel that he
became inarticulate.
forlorn adj.: abandoned and lonely. Dussel felt forlorn when Peter and Anne both
closed their doors on him.
animation n.: liveliness. Anne’s animation could both delight and annoy her
remorse n.: deep feeling of guilt. Mrs. Frank felt remorse for her angry outburst.
 Kagan
o I/O Circle
o Mix-Pair-Share
 Multiple
o Cardstock Activity
(Picture Activity)
o MI Body Smart Activity
o Picture/Word Smart
Line 1 - your first name
Line 2 - "It means" then 3 adjectives that describe you
Line 3 - "It is the number" then any number you choose
Line 4 - "It is like" describe a color but don't name it
Line 5 - "It is " and name something you remember experiencing with
family or friends that makes you smile to recall
Line 6 - "It is the memory of" and name a person who is or has been
significant to you
Line 7 - "Who taught me" 2 abstract concepts (such as "honesty")
Line 8 - "When he/she" then refer to something that person did that
displayed the qualities in line 7
Line 9 - "My name is" your first name
Line 10 - "It means" and in 1-2 brief sentences state something
important you believe about life.
It means dedicated, caring, & fun,
It is 2012,
It is like the ripest blueberry,
It is rolling down the hill at my grandma’s house,
It is the memory of my dad,
Who taught me love and humor,
When he played “Tiger” during halftime while watching
My name is Amber,
It means having a good time while taking on
Complete the character name poem
and create a name poem using your
own name.
1. Take out your name poems from homework.
2. Journal entry 5:
o At the end of Act 1, Scene 4, Anne
describes the first thing each of the
people in the secret annex would like to do
after getting out of the hidden quarters.
• If you were free after many months of hiding,
what would be the first thing you would like to
do? WHY?
 Kagan
o I/O Circle
o Mix-Pair-Share
 Multiple
o Cardstock Activity
(Picture Activity)
o MI Body Smart Activity
o Picture/Word Smart
1. Anne is a dynamic character; that is, she changes in the
course of the play. How does she hurt her mother in Scene
4? How do her gifts to her mother and Peter show that she
has changed?
2. Many events in our lives involve rituals: birthdays,
wedding anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukkah. When we
take part in those rituals, we remember the past and look
to the future. How does the Hanukkah celebration contrast
with the harsh reality outside the hiding place? What is the
mood of this Hanukkah scene?
3. The events that take place in Scene 4 reveal tensions
between Anne and two other members of the household.
What tensions does the scene reveal?
4. Describe how the Hanukkah celebration in Scene 5 is
interrupted. What does Peter do that makes matters worse?
According to Dussel, how will this incident lead to the
household’s discovery by the police?
your vocabulary terms for
test Friday. (only 1-10 from The
Answer questions 1-4 from page
410. (review of Act I, Scenes 4 &
Journal entry 6:
Prepare a holiday gift list for your family
as Anne did. Include only items that
cost no money. Select 2 family
members and 1 gift you would give
Write an explanation of why each gift is
just right for the person receiving it.
 Write
the letter of the correct definition/synonym for
each of the following terms:
____ 1. conspicuous
A. anger
____ 2. unabashed
B. enthusiasm
____ 3. loathe
C. hate
____ 4. fortify
D. in a showy way
____ 5. gingerly
E. horrified
____ 6. ostentatiously
F. strengthen
____ 7. appalled
G. cautiously
____ 8. indignantly
H. displeased; annoyed
____ 9. inarticulate
I. unembarrassed
____ 10. zeal
J. noticeable

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