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Engagement, Service-Learning
Peace Corps & YSA– An Intuitive Partnership
Welcome & Introductions
Chris Wagner
• Currently Manager of Outreach for YSA & its
international programs
• Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Thailand (2002 – 2004)
• Email [email protected]
• Twitter @YouthService
• Skype williamchristianwagner
Zach Tilton
• Youth Development Volunteer in Morocco
• Email [email protected]
• Twitter @zachtilton
• Skype zach_tilton
• Instagram @ztilt
Youth Service America
At YSA, we believe in youth changing the world.
Working with partners around the world, YSA helps
young people find their voice, take action, and make an
impact on vital community issues.
And Trainings
Global Youth Service Day
• Friday April 17 to Monday April 19,
• Established in 1988 GYSD is the largest
youth service event in the world
• Celebrated each year in more than 135
• Youth work together with Peace Corps
volunteers, youth clubs, NGOs,
schools, adult mentors, etc., to
address the world’s most critical issues
and change their communities
• Community youth-led service projects
and youth recognition events
GYSD Peace Corps Project in
Balalila Primary School South Africa
Peace Corps & GYSD
Peace Corps Director
Carrie Hessler-Radelet
spoke at the
Monumental Day of
Service GYSD kickoff
event on the
Washington Mall last
Peace Corps & GYSD
Harris Wofford
former US Senator from Pennsylvania, Peace
Corps Ethiopia Country Director and Associate
Director is a YSA Board Member.
Peace Corps, YSA & GYSD Resources
• GYSD Project Ideas
• Register & Map Your
• Discover Other GYSD
• Resources, Tips, Ideas,
Social Media Tools
• Share Stories & Pictures
• Translated resources
Peace Corps, YSA and GYSD Resources
Volunteer Action Guide
Peace Corps’ Volunteer Action
Guide assists PC volunteers
and partners to facilitate
service-Learning and volunteer
activities in their communities.
YOUth Changing the World
YSA’s YOUth Changing the World
Toolkit is a step by step workbook
designed for youth ages 14+ that
Peace Corps volunteers can utilize to
facilitate youth-led community
service projects.
YSA’s Service-Learning Resources
Classrooms With a Cause
Classrooms with a Cause is a simple framework that guides
teachers, facilitators & students through the process of
addressing a community issue through service-learning
Semester of Service
Strategy Guide
Semester of Service Strategy Guide is designed to help
educators & schools develop high-quality service-learning
projects aligned to academic standards.
These and other free downloadable resources are available at and
YSA’s Translated Resources
These and other translated resources, project tool kits &
promotional tools are available at &
Peace Corps Morocco
• Global Youth Service Day
– First widespread
concerted effort
– Over 800 youth
– Over 100 youth leaders
– Over 30 events, from just
3 the year before
– DPT encouraged two
work groups to develop a
toolkit for the Moroccan
Peace Corps Morocco 2014 GYSD playground project.
Peace Corps Morocco
• Moroccan Resource
– Spectrum of service
models and options
– Attempt to not reinvent
the wheel
– Pointed to other
resources and how they
could fit in the Moroccan
YD context
– Served its purpose for
the time at hand
Peace Corps Morocco
• What we walked away
– Repository of Volunteer
– Lessons learned
– Having champions was
– The potential of GYSD
compliment strategic
Peace Corps Morocco 2014 GYSD playground project.
Peace Corps Morocco
• Moving Forward
– Apply lessons learned
– Asset-based approach
to lead up
– Culminating
– Springboard for further
– Community Organizers
– Utilize YSA service
learning curriculums
Next Steps: GYSD Community Partner Program
• Open to Peace Corps volunteers and
host country partners
• Most any local organization, school,
ministry, including Peace Corps
Volunteer organized youth clubs can
• Raise the Community Organizer’s
national, global and local visibility as a
leader in youth development
• Be recognized as a GYSD Community
Organizer on
Next Steps: Peace Corps and GYSD Two-Pager
Thank You for Participating!
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