The Throw-in

The Throw-in (15)
U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program
Grade 8 Referee Course
Competitive Youth Training
Both feet on ground
On/behind touch line
Both hands
From over head
Facing the field
Within 1 yd. of exit
o Provided all requirements of Law are met, the
following throw-ins are permitted
o Non-traditional deliveries (i.e. flip throw)
o Player who lacks the use of one or both
hands may perform a legal throw-in
o Throw ball at any player to play ball again if
not careless, reckless, or with excessive
Other information
o Members of the opposing team:
o may not unfairly distract or interfere with a throw
o must retire at least 2 yards
o Throw-in is in play when:
o Ball enters the field and
o Ball leaves the thrower’s hands
o Cannot score directly from a throw-in
o Direct throw to opponent’s goal – goal kick
o Direct throw to own goal – corner kick
o Double touch by thrower
o IFK to opponent
o Defender distracts/fails to retire 2 yards
o Caution
o Ball does not enter the field
o Re-take the throw-in if it was otherwise legal
o Throw in for opponent if not a legal throw
o Any other infringement
o Throw in for opposing team
Review Question
At a minimum, how far away must all opponents
be from the location of a throw-in?
o There is no minimum distance required
o 1 yard
o 2 yards
o 10 yards
Review Question
o What is the correct restart if the ball goes
directly into the opponent's goal without being
touched by another player from a throw-in?
o Corner kick
o Goal kick
o Throw-in
o Kick-off

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