Flag Football History
• The object of the game is to score
touchdowns by advancing the ball up
the field by running or throwing the ball,
and crossing the end zone line.
• Flag football is a version of American football, but instead of
tackling players to the ground, the defensive team tackles a
player by pulling their flag. American football has been played
since the mid-1800s. The first college game of football
occurred between Princeton and Rutgers in 1895. The game
of flag football has been around for as nearly as long as tackle
football. Flag football was played as a recreational activity for
American military personal in the 1940s. Flag football is
popular among college and adult recreational leagues.
How to Play Flag Football
It can be played by four, five,
seven, eight, nine
players to a side. The field
size can vary.
Games are generally composed of four 15
minute quarters. The team
with the most points = WHS PE= most
Touchdowns at the end of the game wins.
• Game Play: The kick-off starts the first and third
period of the game. Teams exchange goals after
the first and third periods. During play, the flag
of the ball carrier is targeted.
How to Play Flag Football
• The Player that removes the flag must hold it
above his head for the official to declare the
ball dead and the play ended. WHS PE
RULES=First down: 4 downs to advance the
ball to the mid-field for another set of 4
downs. All players are eligible to receive a
pass. The quarterback CANNOT run the ball
out of the backfield.
How to Play Flag Football
• Kick offs will be made from the kicking team's
15 yd. line (No re-kicks): spot ball where
downed by defense, or spot where went OB,
or sport at 15 yds mark if ball goes
through the end zone or offense
can run ball back. An offensive team can
choose to punt after three downs. During a
punt, one team kicks the ball to the other
team who has the option to run the
ball back.
• A down begins with one player on the
offensive team (the center) hiking the ball to
another player on the offensive team called
the quarterback. Varying rules require
different number of players to line up with the
center on the line of scrimmage, and serve as
blockers. Blockers must use a screen blocking
technique (hands in, No arms pushing out).
• After the ball is hiked, the quarterback has the
option to throw the ball to a receiver, hand
the ball off to a running
back, or choose to run with
the ball*WHS PE= quarterbacks
the backfield.
Depending on the rules, the defense can go after the
quarterback as soon as the ball is hiked, or they have
to wait an allotted amount of time.*WHS PE=
Rusher MUST have a “3 aggie” count before rushing.
Runners may not straight arm or
knock away defensive hands
reaching for the flag. Runners
should SPIN! Defensive players
may NOT hold, push, or knock
the ball carrier down in an
attempt to remove the flag.
A fumbled on a snap-ball is dead. Other fumbles
the ball is alive and the defense can gain
possession. Play stops when passed ball hits the
ground, Carrier- one knee touches ground, Flag is
removed or falls off. (Flags= Each player
must wear a one-piece belt at
the waistline with three
flags attached, One flag on
each side and one in the
center of the back.
NO clothing may cover any
portion of a player's flag.
You May NOT tie belt.

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