The Sixth Amendment

The Sixth Amendment
The Fair and Speedy Trial.
By the end of this lesson
Define what the Sixth Amendment is.
To be able to understand the Sixth Amendment
And why the Sixth Amendment was created.
The Sixth Amendment is…
The Right to a speedy trial.
The Right to a Public trial.
The Right to an Impartial trial.
A Jury made up of other U.S. citizens that are fair.
Who created it…
The Speedy Trial clause was designed by the Founding
Fathers to prevent defendants from
languishing in jail for an indefinite period before trial,
to minimize the time in which a defendant’s life is
disrupted and burdened by the anxiety and scrutiny
accompanying public criminal proceedings, and
a prolonged delay before trial will impair the ability of
the accused to prepare a defense.
The longer the commencement of a trial is postponed,
the more likely it is that witnesses will disappear, that
evidence will be lost or destroyed, and that memories
will fade…
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