Management Reporter: 50 tips in 50 minutes

Management Reporter:
50 tips in 50 minutes
June 24, 2014
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Dave Washabaugh
Include averages by using PERIODS
in a column calculation
Calculate controlling interest by using If, then else
and @UNIT functions
Explicit columns for non-printing columns
Subtract eliminations by using dimension
filters and calculations
Create weekly reports by using days instead of dates
Create a rolling 12 months in a single column by using
BASE-11:BASE for fiscal periods
• Create dynamic headers for CALC columns by using
autotext headers
• Create trend reports showing future periods
Print subtotals in specific columns by using
column placement
Create side-by-side reports using COLUMN format
• Refresh the report from the Web Viewer
• Publish the report from the Web Viewer
Keep report formatting consistent by using
default font styles
Generate reports to the same place by using default
report link location
Get the data you want by using report group overrides
Jumpstart report design by using default reports
Build row definitions by using insert rows from
dimensions multiple times
Create report sections by using boxes around
column headers
Group rows together by using the indent option
in row definition
Emphasize data by using column and row shading
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