List "5" practice

List 5
List 1
1. In my ASL class, there are 3 boys named Jack: 1 had black
hair, and 2 have red hair.
2. My brother has two children: the oldest is a girl named
Tabitha and the youngest a boy named Joe.
3. My mom works with a woman named Sissy, she has 4
children, the oldest is in my ASL class.
List 2
1. Jerome has 2 children: the oldest is a girl named Patty, the
other is a baby boy named Jeff.
2. Your sister wants to meet my Mom and her 2 sisters. My
mom’s youngest sister is over there with the gray hair and
3. My dad has 5 brothers, the oldest and youngest are Deaf,
My dad is the middle child.
List 3
1. Your teacher wants the 4 boys with mustaches to show
their homework to the 3 girls with red hair.
2. Would you get my books please? There is a blue one and 2
black ones.
3. Where is your family? I wanted to meet your 2 younger
brothers and older sister. You are the second born right?
List 4
1. I know 3of your teachers: 1 is a man named Jan and the
other is a woman named Jan and the other is a man named
2. What are you r 3 favorite colors? Mine are red, blue and
3. Do you have a Deaf teacher? I have 2: 1 teaches ASL the
other teaches PE.
List 5
1. John has 4 dogs: 1 is tan, 1 is black and 2 are brown.
2. I like school, my 2favorite classes are: ASL, and English.
3. Do you want to go with me to school? I know 3 boys who
know you. There is Gary, Sam and Gabe.
List 6
1. I am my teacher’s favorite student, 2nd is a boy named Max.
2. Do you like the black coat with the hood, the white coat
with the separate hat, or the black jacket with no hood or
3. My ASL teacher has 5 cats, 2 are black and 3 are white; the
black ones are both deaf.

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