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Northern Virginia Community College
Training Agenda
• Explanation of Roles & Privileges
• Description of Flags & Kudos
• Demonstration and Hands On
• Accessing SAILS
• Updating Your Profile
• Progress Surveys
• Flags & Kudos
• Clearing a Flag
• Closing the Loop
• Student View in SAILS
• Business Process Review
Student Assistance and Intervention for Learning Success
SAILS is the VCCS name for the Early Alert System
The proprietary name for the Early Alert System VCCS is using is
• Go live on September 30, 2013 for Developmental Education
• All college courses Spring 2014
• Starfish Implementation Team
• AL: Rhonda Myers
• AN: Joann Credle, Ray Orkwis
• LO: Jeremy Cook
• MA: Lynn Bowers
• MEC: Beatrice Veney, Kim Nicely
• WO: Bryan Brown
• ELI: Preston Davis
• CS: Keri Bowman
• IT: Sue Liller
VCCS Flags
Flag Name
Attendance Concern
In Danger of Failing
Low Participation
Low Quiz/Test
Never Attended
General Concern
Raise this flag if you have concerns about a student
receiving low scores on assignments.
Raise this flag if you have concerns about a student
missing class or being late to class.
Raise this flag if a student is in danger of failing your
class and requires immediate intervention.
Raise this flag if you have concerns about a student's low
participation in class.
Raise this flag if you have concerns about a student
receiving low scores on quizzes or tests.
Raise this flag for students who have never attended the
course section.
Raise this flag if you have a general concern about a
student that does not fit one of the other flag categories.
Comments will be required to describe the concern.
VCCS Kudos
Kudo Name
Keep up the Good Work
Outstanding Academic Performance
Showing Improvement
Raise this kudo when you want to
encourage a student to keep working
hard and producing positive results.
Raise this kudo to congratulate a
student on producing excellent
academic work.
Raise this kudo when a student is
showing improvement from previous
performance or behavior.
All Flags and Kudos are disclosable under FERPA
Specific Expectations
• Raise flags
• Submit a
survey when
Services Staff
• Receive email
notifications or
login to SAILS
to view activity.
• Record follow
up actions in
• Add notes
• Clear flags
• Close the
• Receive email
when flagged.
• Contact
support office.
For training
Accessing SAILS – My VCCS (Test)
• SAILS training URL –
• Use your My VCCS username and password for the test
Logging into SAILS – My VCCS (Test)
Accessing SAILS - Blackboard
• Login to Blackboard
• Click on SAILS listed
under the Tools menu
Configure Your Profile
1.Click the arrow next to the
instructors name for Institutional
2.Modify default login page or
phone numbers if necessary.
3.Upload your photo to help a
student put a face to your name.
a.Select the Upload Photo link.
b.Browse for a photo on your
desktop (JPEG, GIF, PNG).
c. Click the Upload Now button.
4.Click the Save button.
Email Notifications
1. Click the arrow next
to the instructors
name and select
Email Notifications.
2. Check or uncheck
email notification
options to select
3. Save changes.
Progress Surveys
• Email sent to instructor with reminder to complete
progress survey(s).
• Click on Progress Survey tab to access survey(s).
• To complete survey, check the appropriate boxes and
click Submit to raise flags.
Example Survey Reminder to Instructor
Dear Instructor Name,
As you know, we are utilizing the SAILS (early alert) system to help us make the process of reporting on the
academic progress of our students as easy and efficient as possible. Through a Progress Survey you have
a quick way to inform us of your students' progress in class.
To access the Progress Survey for your course(s):
Go to:
Click on the SAILS link to access the system.
Login using your MyVCCS credentials (same credentials used to log into Blackboard).
You will see a link(s) to your Outstanding Surveys at the top of your SAILS homepage.
Once you reach the survey, simply check the box next to the particular student's name for whom you would
like to report progress. You will have options to add comments.
Click Submit. If you don't have any progress to report, it is important that you click Submit, so we know you
reviewed the survey. You will receive a confirmation email.
Items you raise will be addressed by the appropriate individuals from our institution.
You have # surveys, which need to be completed before date survey closes.
Outstanding Surveys:
Name of survey(s) to complete
Your responses will help us know which students to reach out to and offer help.
What if I want to add more details?
When you check off a box to raise a flag on a student you will see a small yellow icon appear next to the
student's name. Click that icon to add a comment.
Name of Chief Academic Officer
Raise a Flag or Kudo
1.Click My Students tab.
2.Search for a student by
Typing the student’s name into the Search field.
Choosing your Connection to them
3.Click the student’s name then select Raise a Flag or
Add Kudo.
Raising a Flag - Instructor
• Tracking item is the type
of flag being raised.
• A comment is optional
• The student will see the
• Notes can be subpoena.
• A course contact must
be selected.
Raising a Flag – Student Service Staff
• Only General Concern flag available
• No course context
Taking Attendance
Clearing a Flag
Clearing a Flag
Closing the Loop
Student Flag Email Notification
Student View in SAILS
Business Process for Flags Raised by
Having trouble?
Please contact your campus
Implementation Team member
or Alison Thimblin at [email protected]

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