Using a Graphing Calculator in an Algebra 2 Classroom

Using a Graphing Calculator
in an Algebra 2 Classroom
By Kim Bonifield
Academic Instructor: Math Specialist
Tulsa Tech – Lemley Campus
Build confidence with technology and math
Calculators are a tool for learning mathematics
Teaching math through discovery
Skills needed in other courses – Common Core
Why we need to
teach these skills
1. Graph a function in an appropriate window.
2. Solve equations numerically, use Solver, find
intersections, and graph functions.
3. Find the numerical value of a derivative at a point.
4. Evaluate a definite integral.
The Four Calculator Skills
Required on the AP
Calculus Exam
Teach the math concepts using the calculator
Always connect calculator skills to the math*
Allow time for them to play and practice (project)
Make it fun
Don’t be afraid that you don’t know how to do
something. Ask them. Discover together.
• Have students communicate what they are learning
to their fellow students.
• Put a calculator in their hands as early as Algebra 1
• Simple math – learn the keyboard, On button
• Instruct then practice, or use guided activities, or
group work
• Practice, practice
Tips for
• Linear functions
• Window (no zoom)
• Finding intersections
• Quadratic Functions
Finding zeroes, maximum/minimum
• Matrices
• Multiplication
• Solving Systems of Equations (RREF)
Sample Algebra 2 Topics
Practice Sheet – Calculations
Window Calculator Exercise
TI – 84+ Caching Games
Make These Designs Project
Transformation Project
Sample assignments
and projects
YouTube videos
Apps – IPad graphing calculators
Quick Reference Sheets
TI – Classroom Activities
TI – Classroom Projects
Calculator functions also used in Calculus
Resources online
• TI Smartview Emulator Software– very helpful even
without a smart board
• Class sets of calculators
• TI Posters
Tools to help
Kim Bonifield [email protected]
Email me and I will send you a copy of my PowerPoint
and handouts.

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