LLR 5 Year Health and Care Strategy Summit

5 Year Health and Care
Strategy for LLR
Assumptions about NHS real terms growth funding
4.0% p.a. (historical NHS levels)
2.4% p.a. (Office for Budget Responsibility assumptions) £12bn
0.0% p.a. (“Flat cash” scenario)
Leicestershire demographic changes
Leicester City – population growth
NHS local financial challenge
NHS providers - £190 million
West Leicestershire CCG - £51 million
East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG - £46 million
Leicester City CCG - £41 million
Source: McKinsey (adjusted for transfers from CCG baseline into Better Care Fund)
Assumptions about Social Care c/f Nil growth
Current patterns of care remain constant: Cost =£21bn by 2021/22
Increasing age/ gender related chronic conditions: Cost =£23bn by 2021/22 £9bn
Social care local financial
challenge 2017/18
Leicestershire County Council £51m
Leicester City Council £16.5m
Rutland County Council £2m
Framing everything we do - enablers
Empowering people
Expanding the role and scale of general practice
Developing a more flexible and integrated workforce
Making the best use of our estates
Having an IT/digital platform that makes it easy for
information to be shared across the appropriate health
and social care organisations
6. Adopting evidence-based best practice, using research
opportunities to find out what works best and ensuring
that there is a learning culture in organisations which
makes staff want to work there
7. Single, common and shared approach to finance activity
and capacity planning

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